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A Sweet Treat by Xenoky

Chapter 1

This is the first story in a line of stories to have a Halloween, or fall theme, just to give some more content for people who enjoy small stories, enjoy!


On a cold crisp Halloween night, trick or treaters were out in their costumes, shivering on a quest to capture both candy and pokemon on their phones. Kagome looked out of her window watching them walk past, reveling in their childish laughter as she drank out of a mug of steaming hot chocolate. She hadn’t had any time to go to the store and get herself a costume, so she chose to wear a black and white collared dress, with black pumps, hoping that she would be around other adults who would get that her costume was Wednesday Addams. 

“Mommy!” Someone yelled. 

Kagome looked around, and saw her son Shippo running towards her with their dog Yasha on a leash, with a huge grin on his face. Yasha was a good guard dog, when Kagome was pregnant with Shippo, he would not let any males he didn’t know around Kagome, and once Shippo was born, he slept right next to the crib every night. As Shippo got older, the bond between the two got stronger, as you could always find one with the other. 

“Look, look, I found some chocolate, and it’s even got Yasha on it!” Shippo held out the Chocolate bar out to Kagome proudly. Kagome bent over to look at the chocolate bar closely and smiled. 

“Well look at that Shippo, you’re absolutely correct.” Kagome giggled and ruffled Shippo’s hair. 

The dog on the chocolate wrapper was not the same breed as Yasha, and they really looked nothing alike, but Shippo was so happy that she didn’t want to ruin Shippo’s mood. 

“It’s so super cute I’m not gonna eat it.” Shippo said, putting his chocolate inside his Halloween bucket. 

“Yes, it is so super cute, but you know what’s even more super cute?” Kagome asked, getting close to Shippo’s face. 

Shippo gasped and moved closer and whispered, “No, what Mommy?” 

Kagome smiled wildly, and started kissing Shippo all over his face. “You!” Shippo laughed, and then started groaning.

“Mom you’re gonna get your girl germs all over me!” Shippo whined. 

“Shippo you don’t have to worry about that, Your mom is far too old to be considered a girl anymore.”

Kagome stopped kissing Shippo and glared at Sesshomaru. “What are you even wearing?”

Sesshomaru was dressed in all black, with a cardboard red magnet over his neck, like a neck pillow, with rubber ducks glued on to the ends. “I, Kagome, am a chick magnet.” Kagome continued to stare at sesshomaru, and then stared over at Yasha.

“Yasha, attack.” Kagome said, as Yasha pointedly ignored her, and laid down.

“Ugh Shippo why are they being so mean to me today?” Kagome whined pretending like she was about to cry.

Sesshomaru rolled his eyes as he went to go put his shoes on. 

“Daddy, if mommy kisses me, doesn’t that mean I get girl germs?” Shippo asked, as he sat next to Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru smiled and rubbed Shippo’s cheek, before pinching the tip of his nose, causing shippo to laugh. “No Shippo, both mommy and daddy kisses are drug free. The law made it that way.” 

Shippo nodded with a serious look on his face, before getting excited again. “Mommy, Daddy, I see Kohaku, Aunt Sango and Uncle Miroku can I go outside and say hi? Can I please? Pretty Please?” Shippo hopped up, and begged while pointing out the window. 

Kagome sighed, “Shippo it is rude to point at people, but as long as you take Yasha with you, we’ll be right there okay?” Shippo nodded fast, and grabbed Yasha’s leash. “Come on Yasha! We have to hurry and get out there!”

Kagome laughed as Shippo ran out of the house, in his excitement forgetting his Halloween basket, and picked it up. 

“Do you know where we’re trick or treating tonight? The house that normally gives out the free candied apples are out of town this week.” Sesshomaru sighed and walked towards the door. 

“Hmm well not exactly, but I was thinking walking in our general neighborhood should be fine enough right?” Kagome asked, looking around to make sure they had everything. 

As Kagome and Sesshomaru walked up to Shippo, he was in a heated discussion about pokemon go with Kohaku, and Sango and Miroku were looking at their phones. 

“Sango, Miroku, Where are you guys going trick or treating at?” Kagome asked, handing Shippo’s bucket to him. 

“Well we were just looking at that, Miroku want’s to be home by 9:00 to watch some ghost hunting show, so we were just trying to plan a path, are you guys gonna join us?” Sango said, lightly hitting Miroku. 

“Hey, it’s a special Halloween edition of Ghost Adventures! You can’t get more Halloween than Ghost Adventures!” Miroku protested. 

Sango smiled, and Kagome laughed. “Yeah sure, we’ll join you guys, did you hear that Kohaku and Shippo?” 

By now, Kohaku and Shippo were both watching some pokemon video on youtube, and Shippo barely looked up to say “Yeah mom.” 

Kagome sighed and leaned in to Sesshomaru. “I miss when he was smaller, and more obsessed with what were were doing, can’t we just have another one?”

Sesshomaru lightly chuckled, and shook his head. “No absolutely not.” 

Kagome sighed and kissed Sesshomaru. “Well it was worth a shot I guess.” 

Sesshomaru smiled at that, but then grimaced in pain, clutching his chest. “Ahh.. Owwww” Sesshomaru hissed, walking backwards half a step, and closing his eyes. 

Kagome moved over to Sesshomaru, while everyone else just stared at him, “Oh my god are you okay? What’s wrong Sesshomaru?”

Shippo’s face was frozen in fear, and tears started to well up in his eyes. “Daddy are you okay?”

Sesshomaru let out some more labored breaths before saying “I thought that your mommy was too old,” he paused to gasp again, “for girl germs, but I think they’re spreading!” 

Kagome started to hit Sesshomaru. “You stupid jerk I was so worried about you!” For good measure, she hit him again. 

Sesshomaru laughed, and then puckered his lips. “The only way to get rid of these girl germs is to give them to someone else!” Sesshomaru yelled, as he ran towards Shippo.

Shippo ran, shrieking with laughter, but didn’t get too far before Sesshomaru caught him in his arms, and kissed him all over.  

Miroku, laughing after reassuring himself that nothing was really happening turned towards Kohaku. “Kohaku, aren’t you worried that you’ll catch girl germs too?” 

Kohaku looked confused. “No. If Uncle Sesshomaru has them, I can’t get them, and besides, I’m too old for that anyway.”

Sango looked over at Kohaku and raised her eyebrows. “Well Kohaku, you wouldn’t be catching the girl germs from Sesshomaru or Kagome. You catch them from ME!” Sango yelled as she kissed Kohaku all over his face. 

Kohaku started laughing, and pushed himself away from Sango so he could try to runaway from her. “You can’t escape my germs Kohaku!” Sango yelled. 

Kagome smiled, and thought to herself we’re having another one, no matter what Sesshomaru says.


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