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A gentle breeze played with white strands of hair making them dance in the glistening sun. An elegant clawed hand quickly swept the flying strands back behind an elven ear, turning to face the wind as the sunlight shifted around with the ruffling leaves. This was one of those days where it seemed to be just right. The sun was warm, the wind played and not a cloud in sight. He was pleased to have such a peaceful day to patrol his lands. The soft humming of Rin made a very calming effect on the traveling group. Even Jaken was quiet for once being oddly content to Rin's soft tune. So why couldn't every day be like this?

Gold irises scanned the seemingly peaceful forest as something caught his gaze from the mountain's peak, lazily his eyes shifted... what was that? Perplexed, Sesshomaru focused in on an object being shot out of the mountain and crashing into the vast forest. The sound of impact he could hear but Jaken walked a few steps behind him unaware. Pausing to watch the telling sign of an object hitting the earth as a mushroom of dust grew over the trees, fading as soon as it had appeared. Here he had thought his day would be smooth as silk. Who would possibly cross his borders? A sensation tingles up his spine as curiosity caught his tongue.


"Yes Milord". Jaken scurried over and bowed hastily to show his respect, glancing back up to await orders.

..."Camp here. I will return" he instructed. Who would dare? Silent footsteps carried him away from Jacken's babbling to investigate.


It should have been around here, he continued on. It wasn't like him though, to be this curious. This was strange indeed, maybe he was actually bored by the lack of stronger foes. No one was brave or foolish enough to cross his path anymore, it wasn't his fault that they all perished with ease. Perhaps after finding this poor unfortunate soul that came into his territory, he could track down his half-brother for a long overdue reunion. Grinning with the idea of a fight made his claws itch with anticipation. Yes, it had been far too long.

He stopped, narrowing his eyes as he glanced over at the innocent barrier that he couldn't feel with his youki while being lost in thought. He had almost walked past it, yet there was no scent in the air or sound out of place. A thinly placed barrier was erected with a small shine of color, reminding him of a bubble made of soap. Stepping closer only to vaguely making out that a person was inside but the image was blurred as if his vision was impaired. The sharp outline of the trees surrounding the barrier gave it almost a mirage effect while it blocked his senses from finding out anything more. How was it made? Rin popped into his mind, wondering how she would react by playing with floating soap bubbles. Wondering if it was as delicate as one, a clawed finger hesitantly reached out to touch it.


Airburst out of the barrier. His mask of indifference was blank in his surprise, frozen as a statue with his hand still suspended in the air.  Taking long blinks while his hair whipped around from the force. He didn't even get to examine it completely, why was it so easy to pop?

Sesshomaru looked a few yards ahead to a figure crouched on the ground. The female stood up slowly, a kitsune mask in place that covered her face but it did not hide much of her eyes. A brilliant blue shining out from behind the white mask. Her appearance was not current, it lacked modesty and was savage's clothing at best. Beads and feathers were braided onto a strand of black hair that matched the battle staff she held. A leather hide binding held her breast in, the females legs were on display from the slits on both sides going up a dark skirt made of the same material. Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes in disapproval, that skirt in a passing glance could easily be mistaken for a loincloth. Clearly, a being untouched by humans or any form of civilization. A lecture repeated in his mind at the theory of hunters and gatherers. Mentally shaking his head, this was nothing more than a mindless creature that was able to take a humanoid form.

His internal debt stop at the thud of her staff hitting the ground, the sound of soft bells rang from the movement.


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