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Flowers Like Honey by Xenoky

Chapter 1

 I’ve had this idea floating around since I woke up.

*****although Kagome is still in school, everyone involved is a legal adult. 

It started out when she needed a last minute gift for her homeroom teacher. 

She was getting married to their gym teacher and as class president, everyone had pooled money together and given it to Kagome for her to buy something. 

So, Kagome being Kagome, she initially put it off, and then casually just forgot about it. That’s why 10 minutes before she was supposed to be in class, she was panting outside the door of a flower shop, trying to catch her breath. 

Opening the door, the jingles of bells were heard, causing the most beautiful man Kagome had ever seen to come out from the back to greet her behind the counter. 

“Thank you for coming to honey bunches, how may I help you?” The man said. 

Kagome sighed. Even his voice is the most beautiful thing I’ve heard. He’s a god amongst men. Kagome realized that he was still waiting for an answer, and she was still ogling at him. 

“I have $200, I need the fanciest bouquet that will get me.” 

As it turns out, $200 can get you quite a lot, even after picking a very nice vase to go with the flowers. Looking at her watch, Kagome screeched, seeing that she only has seven minutes to get to class.

Thanking the gods that she had recently received an Apple Watch for her birthday, she was able to message Sango to tell her that by any means necessary their teacher needed to be distracted until she was able to get to school, fifteen minutes later.

After fighting with the very nature of gravity to ensure that the bouquet arrived at school safe and sound, kagome breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m literally never accepting such a big responsibility ever again, I honestly can’t deal with it.” Kagome said laying her body across Sango and Erii’s desk. 

Sango rolled her eyes and looked at Erii. “Kagome, you literally just had to buy flowers.”

“Yes and it was too much.” 

Erii pushed Kagome off her desk.

So when Kagome found herself going to the flower shop every day, she tried to tell herself it was because the atmosphere in the shop was nice, or that she really did just like flowers that much, because going to a flower shop every day for flowers that she didn’t want or need, just to see the ~flower boy~ was honestly lame.

And maybe a little embarrassing if she was telling the truth.

After two weeks of going to the shop every day, Sango finally found out that Kagome was literally wasting her money. 

“Kagome, why don’t you just talk to him? Like what are you going to do when you don’t have money?” 

In all honesty, she didn’t know what she was going to do. In fact, she was honestly reaching that point.

She was blowing through her savings at an alarming rate. 

And the absolute worst part was, aside from the fact that she was spending all her money, she didn’t even know flower boys name, and she was positive that he didn’t know hers.

So, that’s why today, after buying her last batch of flowers, she was just going to get on with it and confess her feelings, run out, and never come back. Although it wasn’t the best solution, it was the solution that Kagome was going with.

While watching the boy wrap up her daisies, kagome was freaking out on just what exactly she was going to say.  

“Here are your daisies.” Kagome’s eyes shot up and met flower boys eyes. This is it Kagome, this is the moment. 

Grabbing the flowers, Kagome let out a shaky breath, and had to force herself not to run out of the shop. 

Clearing her throat, kagome ran her fingers over one of the petals and then looked up at him. “This is the last time I’m buying flowers from here, because I can’t afford it, and because I want you to know I like you.” 

Kagome began to gather all of her belongings to start walking out of the door when the boy started speaking “How can you like someone, when you don’t even know their name, Kagome.” 

Kagome froze. He knows my name how does he know my name what is this am I dead? “I Uh what? Name? How do you know?” Kagome asked, her voice increasingly getting higher.

The boy chuckled and pointed at Kagome’s shirt. “Your uniform has your name on it.” 

Kagome gasped and looked down and covered her name tag, wondering just how exactly she could have ever forgotten that she wore one. 

“Since I know you’re name, you won’t even ask what mine is?” 

Kagome nodded. “You won’t ask me?”

Kagome then shook her head. “Which one is it?” He asked chuckling some more.

Clearing her throat, and moving her hands to ensure her name tag was still covered, she spoke. “What’s your name?”

Smiling he looked Kagome in her eyes. “Finally, I’ve been waiting for you to say something for weeks. My name is Sesshomaru.” 

Sesshomaru. His name is just as perfect as him I can’t deal with this wait — “weeks? What?” Grabbing a piece of paper he wrote on it, and handed it to Kagome. “Yes weeks. I get off at seven, so you can text me after that and I’ll respond quick.” 


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