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Math Class by Xenoky

Chapter 1

Please give this trash oneshot some love 


Struggling to open her locker, Kagome sighed in frustration, trying to figure out just exactly why she had such trouble with combination locks. “13, 27, 32. It says that’s my combination why isn’t it working.” Kagome lightly stomped her feet and jiggled her locker.

“Hey Kagome, do you want me to do that for you?” Kagome looked over her shoulder and almost cried in relief. 

“Sango please help me I can’t get my dumb locker open.” Sango shook her head and laughed lightly at Kagome, and pushed her out of the way. After a few quick seconds, there was a soft click as Sango opened up Kagome’s locker.

“Sango why does it never work for me! I swear the locks hate me! It’s our senior year and I’ve only ever gotten my locker open one time in our four years of high school.” Grabbing her math textbook and a couple of folders, she shut her locker. 

“Well Kagome it’s not my fault you can not remember that you have to turn the lock three times fully to get it open. What would you do without me, die? Drown? Never make it to class on time?” After saying that Sango lightly pushed Kagome, causing her to knock in to someone and accidentally drop her supplies.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to bump into you.” Kagome said glaring at Sango, as she and the other student bent down to pick up her things. “It’s not a problem.” Kagome gasped when she realized that she had bumped into Sesshomaru. Before she could do anything else he gave her back her supplies, and began walking away from her fast.

“Oh my god Kagome was that Sesshoumaru? Are you okay? Did he say anything?” Kagome looked back at the retreating figure of Sesshomaru and shook her head. “No he didn’t say anything.” 

“Sheesh if that were me I would’ve peed myself I don’t know how you were able to talk to him! He’s so scary, you know they say his father is a mafia boss, and that he knows at least 6 different forms of hand to hand combat to kill you?” Sango said, holding Kagome’s arm. 

“Sango, I doubt it’s that bad. He’s just scary because no one sees him with his friends. I’m sure deep down somewhere he’s a nice guy.”

After finally making it to math class, Sango and Kagome were early enough to be able to pick seats together in the middle of the classroom. After a while Erii came running in panting and holding her chest. 

“You guys would not believe who I found out is in our math class this year. Sesshomaru Taisho.”

Gasps were heard from around the classroom, and Sango tapped on Kagome’s left shoulder. “This is the second time today you’ve have random contact with him, you know they say if it’s a third time, it’s fate”. 

Kagome almost shoved Sango out of her chair for that one.

Halfway into a two hour block, Kagome thought her mind would explode. Kagome has never had to learn so much math before in her life. In fact, Kagome isn’t too sure she’s seen this much math before in her life. Looking over at Sango, Kagome notices that she is busy furiously writing something and wonders what it is. Focusing back on the teacher, she eventually lightly groans and puts her head on the table. “Pssst.”

Sango slides a note under Kagome’s arm and Kagome sits up to read it, trying to be inconspicuous as she does so. 

Hey Kagome, do you think you and your lover boy are going to interact with each other anymore? I need to know when to place my bets. 

Kagome looks over at Sango and forgets for a second where she is and pushes Sango in her chair. “Kagome, Sango, if you keep that up you need to be separated.” 

Kagome rolls her eyes and Sango slips her tongue out and kicks Kagome’s feet, and Kagome kicks back. 

“Ladies. Kagome pick up your belongings, you’re changing your seat to sit next to Sesshomaru.” 

Kagome sits up rigidly in her chair. Not only is she losing her seat next to her best friend, that is comfortably in the middle where she could get away with doing things, she has to sit next to Sesshomaru, in the front of the classroom. 

Sango, for all the grief she was giving Kagome earlier, is shocked and barely raises a hand to wave goodbye to Kagome. 

After teaching for most of the class, their teacher gave them the last 20 minutes to do practice questions, and her mind has been running on overdrive thinking about everything except the homework they’re supposed to be doing.

 Kagome hasn’t slouched since the second her butt touched the bottom of her chair. It feels like every other minute Kagome feels eyes on the right side of her face. Kagome finally works the nerve up to move her head slightly to look at Sesshomaru, and sees that he is in fact, looking at her, and she quickly goes back to attempting but not really doing her work. 

Kagome would not be the first to admit that Sesshomaru is attractive. In fact, a lot of girls and even some boys would say that if it weren’t for his icy persona, they would have confessed to him a long time ago. 

However that’s not Kagome. While yes, she did think he was kind of attractive in a good way, she did not think that she would ever see them in a relationship, even if he wasn’t an ice prick.

The second the bell rings to signify class is over, Kagome jumps up out of her chair, stuffs everything in her backpack, and runs out of the classroom.

“Sango what am I going to do.” Kagome whined and runs her fingers through her hair. 

Laughing, Sango slaps Kagome’s butt as they walk back to Kagome’s locker. “I bet you he’s totally got a thing for you.” 

Kagome tolled her eyes. 

“Don’t lie Sango, it’s not good for your soul.”

After sitting next to Sesshomaru in class for a month and a half, Kagome thinks that it’s really not that bad, because her grade has gone up slightly. Although she still has to take time out of her day, like now, to study in the library, it’s beginning to come to her a lot faster. 

Beginning to get engulfed in her math formulas, she almost didn’t register the soft cough that was made next to her. 

Looking up, she received the shock of her life to see Sesshomaru standing next to her table. “Are you sharing this table with anyone?” Sesshomaru asked, pointing to a seat in front of her.

Kagome shook her head “U-uh no I’m not.” 

Sesshomaru slightly smiled at her, and pulled the chair out that was directly in front of her, and began to read a book.

Kagome has never had more trouble concentrating in her life. This close up, Sesshomaru was the closest thing to perfection her eyes had ever seen in her life. 

Attempting to make it look like she was studying, she was jolted out of her thoughts when someone tapped on the table. 

“I’m heading over to the coffee shop on campus, my treat you wanna head over?” Kagome looked up and noticed that this person was talking to Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru sighed and began to put his stuff in his bag “yeah sure let’s go.”

The boy then turned his attention to Kagome. “Hey your name is Kagome right?” Kagome nodded her head slowly, realizing that this must be a friend of Sesshomaru’s. 

“Ah yeah I definitely thought so. Based off of the description and the fact that Sesshomaru constantly—“ at that point Sesshomaru had begun to drag Miroku away, and he cut himself off to turn around to catch up. 

As Kagome watches them walk further away, Kagome smiles and thinks that maybe Sesshomaru was the same as everyone else.

Walking into her class, Kagome sees their desks are set up for a test, and groans mentally. 

Each student is sitting on an opposite side of the desk, in order to try and stop cheating.

After sitting down and getting her things ready, Sesshomaru eventually comes in and sits directly across from her. As the tests are passed out, she begins to fidget in her chair, nervous.

When the teacher says it’s time to begin she looks up and catches Sesshomaru’s eye, and he gives her a dazzling smile that steals her breath away. Quickly looking down at her paper, she thinks that if the questions won’t cause her brain to short circuit, that smile definitely did.

Sitting in the cafeteria by herself, since Sango decided to play hooky without telling Kagome first, Kagome was eating her lunch and reading a book. She had randomly picked a book about Chinese mythology while she was at the book store, and it turned out to be a pretty interesting book, for a topic she had previously not cared for.

As she picked up a slice of fruit to put into her mouth, Sesshomaru violently sat down at her table, scaring Kagome and causing her to jump and look over at Sesshomaru.

Miroku was standing behind Sesshomaru with his hands on his shoulders. “Sesshomaru, it was cute for the first couple of weeks, but I have had enough, do something about it!” Miroku put pressure on Sesshomaru’s shoulders and walked away leaving them alone.

Kagome looked at Sesshomaru’s face and noticed a tinge of pink on his cheeks.

“Are you okay Sesshomaru?” Kagome asked, putting her book down after putting a marker in so she wouldn’t lose her spot. 

Sesshomaru nodded and looked Kagome in the eyes. “Kagome, I know you don’t like me, but I have to tell you this anyway. Having you next to me in math class made me realize that I want you next to me in my life for other things aside from math, like when I have to make food, or when I watch a movie. I want you in my life aside from when we’re at school, because I like you, a lot, enough that if you liked me back, I would ask you to be my girlfriend. But it’s okay because I know you don’t I just had to say it, since Miroku was tired of me only talking about you and not acting on it.”

Kagome was shocked as she took in Sesshomaru’s confession and then his rambling, thinking that yes, she liked him too.

“Sesshomaru, you misunderstood me, I like you as well.”

Sesshomaru began to stand up. “Yes I know I did, that’s why I said that I knew you wouldn’t— wait what?” 

Sesshomaru sat back down in front of Kagome with shock all over his face.

“I said that I liked you back Sesshomaru.” Kagome said, quickly stuffing a piece of her fruit into her mouth.

Sesshomaru smiled at her, and took her hand. “So you would be okay with being my girlfriend then?”

Kagome smiled and nodded. “Yes, I would like that”


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