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Fate Finds A Way by Xenoky

Chapter 1

Kagome knew that she wasn’t supposed to be in the well house. Her mother told her that it was not a place for little girls to play in, especially once Kagome began to show a fondness for climbing into dangerous places, such as the top of the Goshinboku. Although trees were her current favorite thing to climb, the forbidden aspect of the well— the fact that her mom had to leave the shrine to go shopping and the fact that her grandfather was taking care of visitors at the shrine, meant that she had time to climb on top of the well. Looking conspiratorially back and forth across the clearing from her house, Kagome decided that the coast was clear, and sneakily ran towards to well house door. 

Sliding the door open, Kagome’s eyes gleamed in triumph as she quickly tried to slide the door shut enough to look like it was closed, while still letting light in. reaching for the ledge, Kagome struggled to pull herself up, eventually using her feet to give her the extra boost she needs to be able to get one leg over the ledge, and then the other. Looking down into the well, Kagome felt a little fear begin to gather in her stomach, making a shiver start from her toes and spread all throughout her body.

The light is so sparse that she can not see the end of the well, it is covered in pitch black darkness. Because of this, Kagome’s young mind began racing, and placed all kinds of boogymen at the end of the well, just waiting for a misstep, to gobble her up. Feeling her hands get clammy, she unclenches her hands from the well, and wipes them on her shirt. With a shaky breath, Kagome begins to get up from the ledge to try and climb back down. 

Kagome! Kagome where are you?” Kagome quickly sits back on the ledge. “Oh Mama, I’m gonna get in trouble if she see’s me!” Looking around, Kagome doesn’t see any place to hide, and knows that if her mom looks in here, she would for sure receive a spanking, and would not be able to get any ice cream after dinner. 

As she is beginning to put one of her legs over the edge to climb over, the well house door slams open, and Kagome’s mother is standing in the doorway. Kagome, shrieks in fright, and looses her grip on the well as her body involuntarily jerks back, and falls into the well. 


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