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Pack Law by LilBitz

The Laws and a Wedding


 The Laws of the pack have been set in stone since ancient times, all of the demon pack use these same three in some form or another. The first is Respect the Alpha pair and the Chosen. The Second is The Pack before all else. Finally the third, Trust your instincts.



It had been a beautiful ceremony, blush pink and silver grey tons made up the color palette of the wedding reception. Everything was so tastefully done, Sesshomaru's had to wonder his brother's bride had picked any of it. Her dress accentuated a lot of her assets but that was Kikyo’s style.  The bridesmaids and maid of honor looked very uncomfortable in their dresses. But her maid of honor Kagome took it all in stride.

He made his speech at the reception and did all other duties a best man does. To say he had fun was an understatement. The couple had splurged on an open bar, his brother and himself matched each other shot for shot and he was very drunk. As he stumbled to his room that night he realized he was leaning on someone.

“Wait…who are you again?” His intoxication evident in his voice.

“ Holy hell Sesshomaru, I’ve told you 4 times now. I’m not telling you again” The female replied angrily. She was not supposed to be helping the best man to his hotel room, she was supposed to be making sure her cousin Kikyo’s didn’t make a fool of herself at her wedding. She had just married into one of the most influential families alive. Her new brother-in-law’s father was a cardinal lord for tying out loud!! They continued along the hall as Sesshomaru started to do the drunken lean. He pulled her with him and they crashed into a vase.

“ Ow, son of a…” She cursed at him when she realized she had a 4 inch cut on her arm. He started to laugh hysterically. “What is so funny ?”

“ It’s true you know.” He snickered at her his words slurring.  “ I am a son of a bitch”

“ Ha ha ha Now come on. I have to get you to bed and then go clean myself up.” Using her good arm she tried to pull him up.

“Why go to your bed? Join me in mine.” He had flirted with her shamelessly all night. Scenting her blood, his eyes started to bleed red. Due to his inebriation, his demon had more free rein then normal.  Taking her arm he looked at her. “ your hurt.”

Sighing deeply, she knew now there was no getting out of what was going to happen tonight. May Kami have mercy on me... “ Yes, when you tripped into the vase you pulled me with you. Now please, I need to get back to the party.”

“ We will fix you.” His beast took over fully as he shakily stood up. He smiled a very toothy smile. “ Master, should not drink so much.”

“ No he shouldn’t but it is a night of celebration.” She replied to the beast who was examining his hand, with wide eyes.

“Which room is ours ?”

“ 3 more down. Come on.” She helped him up which was much easier now with his beast in control. Walking 3 more doors down, he tried to open his door annoyed that it was locked.

“Here let me.” She shuffled around in his pockets. He purred at her, as a roses blush covered her cheeks as she located his key card in his pants pocket. Unlocking the door she opened it for him.

“ Alright, in you go and off I go. Have a good sleep. Drink lots of water.” She tried to get out of the door only to find her way blocked as he swung it closed on her.

“ We will heal you.”

“ That’s not needed”

“ Yes…it is,” He Told her in a husky voice advanced on her pinning her to the wall beside the bathroom. He inhaled her scent, hearing the flutter of her heart as he invaded her space. His beast hated the woman that his father had picked for him. Everything about her was wrong but that engagement was 2 centuries old and out of duty Sesshomaru felt the need to uphold it. Then he scented her, she walked into the room and down the aisle towards him and everything felt right. He knew he had to have her.

“ Fine, I’ll wash it in the bathroom then I’m leaving.” She tried to reason. Don’t get her wrong Sesshomaru was an Adonis even among the demonic population of the world. His markings stood out against his pale skin and dark suit. His silver hair was like the finest silk, and if the rumors in the tabloids were anything to go by he was…exquisite in the boudoir.  She wriggled free of his gentle grip and ducked into the bathroom. Taking a deep calming breath she started to wash her arm. She looked into the mirror and realized he had followed her in.

“See, I’m cleaning it, it’s not even that deep.”

“ We will see” He approached her and took her arm out of the sink. Turning off the sink and drying it with a towel he started to lick it clean. Gasping at the intimacy of what he was doing she tried to pull away but he used his hips to pin her to the sink.

“We aren’t over yet Miko, the night is still so young.” His saliva had long healed her cut but he let his hands wander her body. Turning her around he kissed as if she was the air he breathed. He needed her.  She didn’t kiss back, she hoped if she didn’t engage he would get bored and leave her be. Suddenly a gasp was ripped from her throat as he picked her up and wrapped her legs around his waist. He pinned her to the wall, he used the gasp to deepen the kiss.

“You're not going anywhere tonight Miko of mine.” He said she started to kiss him back. For the last 2 years, her sister had occupied her life with this wedding. She decided to be a little bit selfish.

“I’m not yours but I will indulge you this one night” he smiled with joy as he carried her to the bed. He would make this the best night of her life. She was beautiful inside and out. She deserved to be treated like a queen, he would do just that.


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