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The Edge of Fire by Ashley

The Intro

This is my very first story.  Since I'm new to this I apologise for any mispelling or errors. I have revised this story and made a few changes since originally posting it. I had some tragedy happen and was unable to have time to finish it but I'm back on it now!

This story will contain mature themes in further chapters not suitable for children.

Please give me honest feedback and I will update the chapters as soon as I can! I have 2 original characters, Hirokito and

Disclaimer: I do not own any Rumiko Takahashi's stories, ideas, or characters.

Happy Reading!


The Intrigue


The birds chirped and the sun shone just above the horizon, its beams softly creeped over wooden rooftops of the sleepy village. As the sun rose higher, the village began to wake from its peaceful slumber and villagers bustled around their huts and smoke billowed from their chimneys. Higher still the sun rose, warming the grass of the new autumn dew, leading passed the *tori gates towards ascending stone steps. Rays peaked through the shoji doors of the shrine, lighting up the interior and rousing its inhabitants.

"Kagome!", a voice sounded. A blue eye opened and a groan could be heard beneath a layer of cotton blankets. Kagome sat up and rubbed the sleep the from her face. She stretched with a yawn and gave a shiver as the covers fell away from her. The air held a bitter chill, signifying winters fast approach. Kagome groaned again and flopped back onto her futon, burrowing once again in the warmth of her bed.

"Kagome!", a voice shouted louder from down the hall.

"I'm up!", Kagome yelled back. She reluctantly sat up and pushed her waterfall of inky black wavy hair away from her face. Her faced grimaced and gave a pout before she hufted and began folding up bedding.

A knock sounded at her door, "Kagome?", came the soft voice of her mother.

"Yea, I'm up", Kagome responded. Her mother's foot steps receded back down the hall as she moved away from her door, pleased her daughter was awake. Kagome shed her sleeping yukata and dressed in her red and white miko attire. Walking over to the side of her room, she reached for her outfit that hung from wooden rods that served as her wardrobe. Grabbing her white haori, she pulled her slender arms through the sleeves. She stepped into her red hakama, sliding the material up her long smooth legs and rounded hips before tying them at the waist. Reaching for her brush, she combed her thick waist length hair and tied it back with a red ribbon.

Exiting her room, she made her way down the short hallway towards the common room. Her feet padded softly on the wooden floor before suddendly pausing. Her brows furrowed in acute awareness. Her reiki pulsed lightly as she felt a distant thred of youki, identifying it quickly in origin as that of a demon, and a powerful one at that. However, before she could probe further it flickered away. She shrugged it off and continued on. It wasn't unusual to feel demonic auras near the village so long as they didn't linger. Her reiki barrier kept any potential dangers at bay but something about this particullar aura had felt odd for some reason. 

Rounding the corner she spotted her grandfather seated at the table for breakfast, a fire lit in the chimney keeping the room warm.

"Morning Ojisan", she said to her grandfather with a smile as she came to sit at the table.

"Ah, Kagome. Good morning", her grandfather replied as he rubbed his hands together for warmth. "Winter be fast approaching child, best make sure to bundle up, hn?"

"I will grandpa, here drink some tea", she said while grabbing the tea pot and filling his cup before her own, "We have to keep you warm too! You wont get better don't look after yourself." He had developed a rather nasty cough recently and Kagome made sure to keep an eye on his health, especially with winter nearly upon them.

Her grandfather waived her off, " Gah, you worry needlessly for my sake."

"Morning", came her brother's voice from the doorway. His hair was unkept and his voice groggy from sleep.

"Hey Souta, slept well?", Kagome asked.

Souta made an unintelligible noise as he plopped across from Kagome at the table.

"Alright everyone, breakfast", Mrs. Higurashi announced as she walked in with a bowl of porridge and set it on the table.

"Souta, I need you to help clear out the storage room today..." Mrs. Higurashi started as she went about serving everyone a bowl and began eating.

"The storage room? That place is a wreck!" Souta exclaimed. It had been left unattended for quite some time. With their grandfathers advancing age, some of the shrine duties had been neglected....the storage room was no exception. It was disorganized and dusty, scrolls, food rations, and decorations piled high and strewn about.

"We'd be better off just burning the thing down and starting over", Souta complained.

Grandfather glared at Souta, "As if you have something better to do!"

"For starters, I could probably make more effective sutras than you do", Souta snapped.

"Why you ungrateful little..!" grandfather shouted, smacking Souta upside the head. While their grandfather did possess spiritual abilities, they were about as effective as using a stick to put out a fire. Still, Souta himself didn't inherit any spiritual attributes and so the two of them bickered on and on. Kagome sighed.

Mrs. Higurashi gave Souta a stern a look, "Souta, this is important. The first snow will arrive soon and we need to make sure we have our reserves in order."

"Unless of course you'd like to starve", grandfather remarked snidely.

Souta stuck out his tongue and grandfather smacked him again. Kagome chuckled at their antics. *pulse*

She froze at the return of the powerful aura as her reiki reacted in defense. There's was no mistaking it this time, that had been a very direct flare to draw attention. Taking the last bite of her breakfast, she jumped up grabbing her bow and arrows in the entryway. 

"Kagome?!", her mother questioned as she watched her daughter dash out the door.


Kagome dashed down the steps as fast as she could towards the village, bow in hand and arrow at the ready. Reaching out her senses she could feel the demon's aura. Pushing her legs faster, she came just over the hill and in view of the village. No alarms were sounding and the villagers seemed unaware. Closing her eyes, Kagome recited a prayer and formed a protective barrier around herself.

Movement to her right brought her attention toward a flitted just beyond the treeline. The barrier around the village could not be crossed by those with demonic energy. Kagome waited with bated breath for more of a glimpse. White billowing robes and long flowing silver locks shown in light. 

The demon suddenly turned in her direction. Kagome's eyes widened upon seeing his full visage, expensive robes and a polished appearance spoke of aristocracy. 'Possibly a noble, but why is he here?'  

She raised her bow and leveled her arrow. "What business do you have here, demon?"

Citrine eyes gazed at her for long unblinking moments as he came into full view, regarding her stoicly.

"Are you the village priestess?", he spoke. His voice a low velvet timber.

"I am", she replied simply. She watched as his eyes purused her form, taking in her appearance. Raising her bow higher, she pointed it directly at him. "What business do you have here demon?", she repeated calmly with a flare of her aura.

His eyes narrowed on her, "Lower your weapon, Miko. This one comes seeking information. Unlike you, I will not repeat myself."

"This one?", Kagome raised a brow at the peculiar speech. Taking in his appearance more closely, she recognized the colors he adorned were that of the West. "Expensive silks, armour...." Her eyes looked over the magenta markings and the crescent moon on his forehead, adding everything together. "You....are a lord?", she questioned while lowering her bow but keeping the armor ready at a moments notice. She wasn't stupid, if he tried anything, she'd killed him.

"This Sesshoumaru has questions, Miko.", he stated.

While she had been observing him, he had been doing much the same. She was striking, even by demon standards. He would be lying if he said he wasn't caught off guard by her beauty. Pale, creamy skin. Long, thick, obsidian hair; it wasn't spin straight like many mortals of the region but consisted of shiny waves and curls down her back. Her features were prominent against her slender face, petite nose, pouty rose petal colored lips. Long dark lashes that shrouded the most beautiful eyes. Her eyes, pools of liquid royal blue silver, the likes of which he had never seen.

Furthermore, she was immensely powerful. Her aura and reiki swirled around her in pinks and purples. She could gravely injure him with little effort if she felt so inclined. However, it was her scent that nearly drove him mad with lust. It took all of his self control to not ravish her where she stood. Her scent was ecsquisite, vanilla and honeyed blossoms in a thunderstorm. He could feel his member twitch in his hakamas as he inhaled more of her. He was startled to be so aroused by her. He seldom noticed females, especially not human women

"So, your name is Sesshoumaru?", Kagome inquired.

 He had been so absorbed by his thoughts that he nearly missed her question. "Lord Sesshoumaru", he corrected. He supposed it was time get to the matter of his visit instead of ogling her like a pup in heat. "This one has been cursed".



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