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A dogs curse by LadyNita



This fic has the rating of MA for random cussing and strong sexual scenes.

Hello my wonderful readers LadyNita here to bring you another wonderful story... *shuffles unfinished projects to the back* hehe

Anyways these will be a collection of oneshots at random lengths so be prepared.

I dont own anything

Reviews are adored and I hope you all enjoy!

Chapter one: Moons

It was that time of the month again, when her dreams seemed to take on a life like quality to them. They all started out roughly the same, he would come and visit her. When they first started to happen he came in a brooding manner, intent to strangle every ounce of life out of her. Then the next few months he came to her as a stoic beast that refused to answer her, slowly she broke that ice wall of his. He spoke of the past and the events that had lead him to a cursed life. This had gone on for years always once a month when the moon was but a crescent in the sky. Friendly talks turned to heated debates and eventually to sexually frustrating tension between them. Leaving her aching for release in the mornings. This night he had left her panting for want as he stripped her of her clothes and took her by mouth. Gently at first as his tongue tasted her innocent nature. Lapping at clean shaven lips, he sat between her thighs and devoured her, golden eyes fixed on the woman gasping and moaning from a simple touch. All this time he had assumed she would of let the mutt defile her innocence and yet he could smell it. Unbroken as tongue teased that button of nerves that swelled with blood. Sensitive and utterly untouched by time, he would feast upon her till the curse shifted them apart once more.

Tongue diving deep with in her as his hands clamped her thighs down and out, he would enjoy the taste of her on his tongue till she screamed out his name in the quiet of the house. 

Morning light washed over the room as her door was nosed open and a rather large dog trotted inside. His deep golden eyes bore into his sleeping owner's face as she lay tangled in the sheets. The scent of her release stained into the bedding making the dog puff with pride. As he decided to stick his cold nose against the woman's exposed breast. Her tank top having twisted in the midst of her dream. It was enough to earn a soft yelp as the woman jumped from slumber. Wild blue eyes snapped open and looked around her room, coming face to face with none other than her trouble causing dog. 

“Fluff its it's just you! How many time do I have to tell you not to do that?” she said while reaching out a hand to ruffle the dogs head as he huffed in annoyance. 

“I know I know you hate the nickname Sessho" she giggled before managing to untwist herself from the sheets and fit her shirt. 

The clock upon the night stand glared numbers in red, it was almost 8 in the morning and she had to open up the shop no later than 9 o’clock which gave her plenty of time to shower and grab a bite to eat on the way there. 

Life had taken a turn for the once feared Shikon miko of the past, after the final battle with Naraku her life had been turned upside down. Inuyasha had snatched the jewel away from her and made a selfish wish upon the cursed object to live like a demon a full blooded one. It went in motion a chaotic chain of events that sent her crashing back to her own time, forbidden to ever grace the feudal era ever again. She had mourn the lost and poured herself over every history book she could get her hands on. But nothing ever spoke about her friends, myths and old tales told to scare children that was what she had become. So after finishing school and managing college she had taken a part time job at the local animal store. The old couple who ran the place had fallen in love with the beautiful soul that was Kagome, eventually giving her the place before their untimely passing. The Miko had switched her college major to that of business and with hard work and long hours graduated and managed to bring the business up. 

With her shower completed and the girl dressed for the day she gave a short whistle for her white beast and out the door they went. Their morning routine was simple as they headed down the semi busy street towards the small cafe. The girls at the cafe squealed at the sight of the familiar family. And easily made their normal before giving the gigantic dog lovens and a small treat before they were both off again.

“Your such a softie with them" she nudged her dog who growled softly in response before they rounded the corner. 

A familiar crown of black hair leaning against the brick wall. “Look who's on time" she snickered before catching the eyes of her employee. Blue clashes with blue and Kagome felt her stomach flip upside down.


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