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Someone to Watch Over Me by LightoftheWest

Mortality is Just and End to Another Begining

Sometimes life is funny like that it's so ironic especially when it came to Kagome's love life. Well really any part of her life, here shay lay with tentacles protruding out of her body.

Kagome looked at the battlefield before her and noticed that Sesshomaru took the brunt of Naraku's attack. "Sesshomaru," Kagome said as she struggled to get up.

Kagome closed her eyes and as she did a pink light surrounded her form and lifted her up. Like Sesshomaru's orb, she glided towards the two beings fighting.

As Naraku attacked Sesshomaru he narrowed his eyes at the light coming towards them and knew whom it was. Naraku had to finish this quickly and destroy Kagome once and for all.

Naraku had the jewel in his chest it glowed in time with Kagome's speed.

Kagome landed in between the two with so much force it knocked the both of the males to the ground. Sesshomaru looked towards Kagome and noticed her hands were lifted into the air.

"The Miko is giving me an opportunity for an opening once she takes the jewel from Naraku," Sesshomaru said to himself.

Kagome closed her eyes and meditated and waited till the jewel's heartbeat was one with hers. Once the jewel's heartbeat was one with her's Kagome's eyes shot open.

Bright blue eyes clashed with red ones as she stared down Naraku he shook visibly feeling her aura wrapped tightly around his. Kagome took her hand and pierced it through Naraku's chest.

Taking the Shikon jewel with it and Naraku shrieked. Kagome was holding herself up but she knew she was running out of time "Sesshomaru!" she looked at the Taiyoukai and he nodded.

Sesshomaru charged with baksaiga in his clawed hand and sliced through Naraku. Naraku screeched as Sesshomaru's sword sliced through him 'how could a human and a demon be able to defeat me?' Naraku thought as he faded into nothing.

Kagome could feel the darkness consuming her "Inuyasha?" Kagome whispered.

Inuyasha and the others were fighting Naraku's puppets when Sesshomaru showed up onto the battlefield. They had planned what was to come weeks before leaving, Kagome and Sesshomaru to take care of the spider once and for all.

Inuyasha had rushed when his ears twitched hearing Kagome's voice he carried Kikyo on his back.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha and the others shouted as Kagome collapsed to the ground.

Sango and Miroku were weeping in each other's arms with Shippou on Sango's shoulder.  

Inuyasha took Kagome from Sesshomaru and cradled her against him and as he did Sesshomaru's eyes had bled red for a second.

Sesshomaru looked away from the group.

Kagome took a hand and asked for Sesshomaru he did as she held her hand out Sesshomaru took her hand and held it in his clawed hand.

"Inuyasha, take the jewel and make the wish you've always wanted I won't stand in the way of you and Kikyo anymore," Kagome said with tears streaming down her face.

"I can take you home the doctors there could help you," Inuyasha said frantically a hair fell into her face and he moved it behind her ear.

Inuyasha held her even closer to his chest.

It felt as though her body would fall apart because of the damage Naraku caused. Before Inuyasha arrived Kagome had promised herself that she would save him and the rest. She knew she would die today she could feel it in her heart.

Kagome looked at Sesshomaru "Take good care of Rin and yourself please don't lose more of your heart because of me,"

Kagome said and as she did she took her hand out of his and placed both hands on each brother's cheek.

A bright orange light erupted from her and shook her as if she could feel death calling her. Both brother's held her "I love you both, be good to each other," Kagome sighed the orange light taking over her form. All who witnessed her death had cried out and then she was gone.


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