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Eternity by HisLadyoftheWest

Prologue 1: 50 Years

“50 years.”

“It's been 50 years.”

She looked out over the town from her shrine.

Things had changed, people died, babies were born...but she never changed.

The wind blew her long black hair, the sun reflected in her blue eyes.

“I’m all that’s left of a time long forgotten.”

She watched her grandfather die, then her mother, death even claimed her baby brother.

“I will need to leave this place soon.”

The well house doors creaked, years of neglect showed.

“50 years and you finally open.”

She picked up her skirt, taking to the well.

“50 years, are you there?.”


Because there is a word limit for chapter stories.

Thank you for reading my fanfiction. It will be a little canon and a little not. There will be a few OCs and many characters from the Inuyasha series! If you think this fanfiction is familiar, it is! I had it up here last year but because of my inactivity on this site, I guess it was removed? Who knows! Disclaimer: I do not own, nor make any profit off of this fanfiction or any other fanfiction that I may or may not write in the future. The OCs are my own by everything else belongs to Rumiko Takahashi. She is a beautiful, creative woman that should be guarded against all evil. 

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