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shards of a half-gone life by Tsuki no Tennyo

when the snow melts

Author's Note: A collection: random snippets of something I don't feel like fleshing out / discarded passages of previous stories & wips / short prompt stuff maybe / Sess/Kag feels rudely attacking me without warning & this is how I cope

Word Count: 155 words


when the snow melts


How many springs had passed, he wondered, seeing from afar the pale pink petals of flowering trees drift down, landing in her dark hair unbeknownst to her. Alone and dutiful, she tended to her daily tasks without notice. So naïve and vulnerable, he could just spirit her away right now and no one would ever know.

How peculiar. He wondered when his disdain for her had transitioned like winter into spring, thawing his heart ever so slightly without his notice.

He stepped, intentionally, on a twig, alerting her of his presence and she turned with a kind smile just for him.

So naïve and vulnerable and trusting. When did it begin, he wondered, that she would welcome him so warmly, her eyes lighting up with joy at the sight of him.

He withheld his own smile, but thought to himself that perhaps one day he would have to steal her away from his unworthy brother.


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