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Not Your Type by LightoftheWest

It's a grey world after all

Hello Dokugans!

Another story coming your way and no this is not a vampire fic.

You're just going to have to wait and find out.

Also, I do not own Inuyasha or its characters.

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Grey, grey was a sickly color that she got tired of very fast.

She found early on that it was her least favorite color.

Hemophilia- Is an inherited bleeding disorder. 

She had read the definition once somewhere once. 

The difference was that the blood she inherited was from her father how Ironic the one thing she inherited was what caused by her Hemophilia. 

He was a demon he had died at a very young age he too suffered from the disease. 

She would bruise easily and lose blood the first thing she noticed were the constant nosebleeds. 

She first noticed when she was 10 years old and from there on it just got worse. 

Her blue steel eyes looking around the room for some indication of where she was. She suspected it was a hospital and oh how sick she was of being here she couldn't go one day without collapsing. 

She could feel herself fading before she hit the floor when someone called out her name in surprise.

Her midnight blue hair sprawled around her, Her body was pale her usual hue was a stark white. 

Her cheeks were a rosy pink along with her lips which were now in a frown.

Her mother had finally come into the room waiting for her to wake-up and found herself hating the grey room even more. She was putting her families finances at risk for always being like this and she wanted to throw a tantrum.

She looked away as her mother pulled out something from her purse and a laid it on a table that was attached to her hospital food. "Kagome dear, you must eat" her mother would say but all Kagome could see were the dark circles under her mother's eyes probably staying up way too late worrying over her.

Her energy was depleted and there beside her was a blood bag it was a special kind of blood to sustain her loss. Her reiki was slowly building back up but she just was tired. Tired of fainting, tired of being a burden to her family she just wanted to end her pain.

Then her eyes sparkled with determination.

Kagome would kill herself she would no longer be a burden she would cease to exist and nothing would make her happier than her end. Kagome's mother noticed the spark in her daughter's eyes and thought that maybe something good was about to change.

How wrong was she going to be?

They left the hospital the next day she left the shrine she lived in with her family and went for a walk.

There she stopped by a familiar bridge that she would take to go to school. That was another thing she hated about her life she never finished.

Dropping out at a young age because of her body's complications.

She missed her friends and her school work.

Kagome looked over the edge she was mesmerized by the water's ripple under the bridge was a river that she would throw rocks in just to see it skip.

Kagome could feel herself falling forward.

It was as if time froze and everything in the world was quiet and all she could think was..'I'm finally at peace.'

As soon as she closed her eyes she could feel cold water enter her body. Through her nose and her mouth as if she was drowning she never thought that the river was as deep as this.

No one was near it was as if this was the perfect place she could off herself.

Then she felt as though everything was being ripped from her when she felt strong arms around her waist.

The next thing she knows is darkness.

Kagome awakens in a strange place.

The shadows were rippled from the light from a nightstand that was next to her.

Kagome felt hot. extremely hot.

The blankets covering her was too much so she lifted them and threw them aside and moaned from the cool air.

She noticed too that someone had changed her into a pair of silk PJs and was grateful for a moment.

Kagome's eyes widened "I'm not dead," Kagome sighed and shook her head.

"Of course not I would not have let you die so pathetically," a deep baritone voice said as a door swung open from his entrance.

"You are a strange one Miko," Sesshomaru said as he placed a tray of food and tea next to her bedside.

Sesshomaru took his clawed hand and pressed it to her forehead "Your fever is gone and your body has cooled," he stated as he went to the bathroom and came out with a washcloth.

"Here, wipe your face it is dry," Kagome took the washcloth and wiped it down her face and neck it was refreshing.

"What was it that you were looking at so intently in the river?" Sesshomaru asked as he took Kagome's hand and lifted her from the bed so he could fix it.

"It's none of your business," Kagome said then as Sesshomaru looked closer at her body he was shocked.

He felt youkai around her body for sure he felt it this time.

When he carried her from the river he thought it was a youkai nearby but no it was definitely her.

"What are you?" He questioned as she took some the teacup from her bedside and sipped it.

"I am something that is not human or demon," Kagome explained.

"My blood is something that should not exist," Kagome put down her tea the next thing she knows the youkai in front of her pulled her close.

"You are a rare one indeed," Sesshomaru said as he lifted her chin there on her mouth was a cut. 

The cup must have been broken and he had not noticed. 

Blood trickled and left a purple mark. 

His eyes turned a deep red with need. 

Kagome stood frozen and wrapped his arms around her. 

The next thing she knew he was kissing her. 

Kagome's eyes widened not in fear but in surprise how could someone love a being such as her? 

A monster. 


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