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Song Of Fate by nightsangel8989

Song Of Fate


Please be advised that there is strong content. Language and Sex.

I own nothing. All rights to Inuyasha belong to its owner. Sadly. 






     She sat by the fire and realized she was only getting hotter. The weather was beautiful and the heat outside was comfortable. The nights were cooler enough to need the fire burning over night. But the heat she felt inside her was to much. Being next to the fire didn’t help all that much either. She had moved away from it earlier but still she felt its heat. It was like she couldn’t get far enough from it. She turned and looked around and watched as one by one her friends fell asleep. After a long day of fighting and gathering three more jewel shards, Inuyasha finally agreed to let the small group take a rest for the night. But sleep was the furthest thing from her mind.  

     ‘I need it. Now. I need it. I need it. Now. Now. Now! Get me out of here!’ The voice in her head screamed and she frowned. It was getting louder and louder. Half the time it was the only voice she could hear. Sango and her were trying to have a conversation earlier about Naraku and her suggestions on defeating him. But no matter how hard she tried to listen the voice kept screaming and whining to be let loose! It would rattle in its cage deep inside her some times. And every once in a while it would rattle so hard it would cause her to stumble and gasp in pain. It would feel as if someone had stabbed her low in her belly. 

     ‘I said wait. I’ve been trying to get away from everyone at the perfect moment. You will be free soon. Just give me time!’ She begged in her head.

      It rattled against its cage so fiercely she winced.  

     It quieted down and in that moment she thought she won this argument. 

     ‘No,’ it said and dread filled her being, ‘Your out of time.’ 

      Damn it. She thanked the gods that Inuyasha killed the demon when it pinned her to the ground. Doing that made all the blood and guts spill all over her. She hated walking around and stinking but it gave her every excuse to leave the small group. She needed any excuse to leave them long enough to do what needed to be done.

     ‘I really hope he doesn’t go looking for me’ she thought.  

     The heat she felt had been getting worse over the last few days. Her mother had warned her this would happen. But, naturally, Kagome didn’t listen to well. She needed to deal with this. Tonight. Otherwise it’d be to late. Slowly she moved Shippo to lay next to her rather than on her lap which was where he fell asleep. Her son, who just recently started calling her mama, didn’t care much that she smelled of dead demon guts. He tried hard and to her surprise, succeeded in falling asleep even though the smell really did bother him. She bent down to kiss her son. He couldn’t be apart from her no matter what. Stubborn boy. She smiled. 

     “Mm, love you mama.” he mumbled. Her heart flipped in her chest. Her smile grew and she whispered back “I love you too” and got up and gathered her things and started walking towards the hot springs.

      “Inuyasha, I’m gonna go bathe in the hot springs near by. I’ll have my bow and arrows with me.” She said softly so as to not wake her friends.

      “Hnn.” he frowned “Don’t get yourself killed. Or kidnapped. I’m to tired to save your ass tonight.” he growled. “And will you please unmask your aura and scent! How will I know if your okay if something does happen?!” 

      “Hey! I don’t get kidnapped that often! And no! If I keep myself masked than no one will know I’m in the hot springs. If I unmask myself its like I’m saying ‘Hey I’m naked and unarmed! Come and get me!’. So no. Not happening. If something happens I can handle myself.” She raised her voice and Shippo stirred a little. Realizing this she lowered her voice again and walked away. Starting this with him would only make things worse. 

      All he would do is compare the fact that Kikyo wouldn’t have gotten her self kidnapped. Her chest hurt because it wouldn’t be the first time he’s compare her to Kikyo. Constantly having to live in the shadow of the great priestess was becoming more and more tiresome. Not that it bothered her anymore that Inuyasha was comparing her to his former lover. To be honest she was over trying to get him to see her and not the other priestess. She realized that a while back. She can’t change his mind. When you love someone you just do. Kagome understood that. Thats why it was so easy to let go of Inuyasha, she realized it wasn’t love she felt for him. She did love him. It was just the love that she felt for him rivaled that of a brother. Maybe she felt something for him in the past but over time it changed. They became family. And it stayed that way.

      As she walked down the path towards the hot spring she started to hum the song her mother used to sing to her as a child. The song had helped her lately. When things became to unbearable and the heat seemed almost crippling she would hum the song that gave her peace. A beautiful melody. It was sung to her mother when she was a child as well. And her mother before her. And her mother before her. She long since forgotten the words. Her mother knew them by heart. She would have to ask her mother what the words were soon. It bothered her that she couldn’t remember them. Something about walking the path of fate . . . towards the man . . . something. Ugh. She couldn’t remember.

      Oh well. Soon she came upon the spring and she dropped her bag at the edge of the water. Kagome started to remove her clothes. Over time being here she wore more traditional clothes. But they fit her loosely. She didn’t want to bring attention to herself anymore. The more people that didn’t notice her the better. The voice fed off of attention. Craved it in fact. It would make holding it down so much more harder at times. So she did everything in her power to make sure that it didn’t get what it wanted. But she was losing control lately. This would be the first heat she has gone through without anyone to help her through it. Her mother had said there would have been no point. Her powers were to strong for her time. It would draw to much unnecessary attention to the shrine and if she wasnt careful . . . someone could get hurt. Badly. The thought of hurting someone she loved pained her. At least here there were options. It wasn’t as populated here in this era. She can simply put up a barrier and wash up and finally be free.

      Free. The word alone made the voice inside her rattle harder in its cage. She winced in pain. 



      He really needed to kill something. That would make him relax. His claws needed to feel the flesh of something ripping from its bone. 

       Sesshomaru left the high councils meeting livid. He needed a mate. Someone to birth him an heir to his thrown. His fathers legacy wouldn’t be fully his if he didn’t. If he didn’t mate, the other lords would fight to see him off of his thrown.

     ‘Damn them all to hell!’ He thought. ‘To think that they can threaten me. Why would I need a mate? I have to much to do and no time to deal with a whining woman. A bitch in heat who simply wants my power so she can show me off. Fools.’

     He flexed his claws and growled. 

     “Uh-h. M-my Lord Sesshomaru? What ails you?” Jakens annoying voice rang out and it only made him want to kill something even more. 

      “Master Jaken, I think Lord Sesshomaru’s in a bad mood. I really think you shouldn’t bother him or ask questions. But if it helps My Lord, maybe a refreshing bath will help soothe your mind and body? You have been working way to hard lately.” The human child said while she lay down in her make shift bed. Sesshomarus fur pelt lay under her and a blanket on top to keep her warm. He glanced at her and watched as her breathing grew steady and she soon fell asleep. As Rin grew, she became wiser. Taking after him, she only spoke when necessary. Not that she was sad or unsociable or not energetic. She was pretty much the same. Just smarter. She took everything in around her. Assessed any and all situations. He had sent her for a few weeks back to his home to study. He made sure that she had the best teachers and even taught her how to fight with a kodachi. He made sure that as she grew in age, she grew physically as well as mentally. He wouldn’t have a mindless human following him around. He would have only the best at his side. The thought of Rin and how much she had grown made his mood slightly better.  

     Not enough though. He still needed to kill something. Slowly he got up and left his pelt behind so she could sleep. 

     Maybe he would try to take her advise. Maybe bathing would help him clear his thoughts.




    When he got to the springs he stopped just at the edge of the tree line. His mood no better than before. He hoped on some level that Rin was right and that bathing might help him calm down and clear his head. He also hoped that he would be alone. But seeing that he wasn’t alone when he arrived all hope flew out the window.

      At first he was two seconds from doing both killing something and bathing. He’d get the best of both worlds. Killing the girl for trespassing on his lands and bathing to clean up and calm down.

      Looking at the girl he saw that she was so into her own thoughts she had not even seemed to notice he was even there. He moved towards her. When he got just to the edge of the hot springs when he realized that this was no girl. She was a woman. Human yes. But still a woman. A celestial woman. With hair so long it bushed just the top of her butt and so dark it rivaled that of the night sky above them. The steam coming from the hot springs seemed unnaturally thick tonight. It covered the area around them like a barrier. 

      He had not sensed her. Not even smelled her. So how did this woman in front of him slip past him so easily? Her naked back was to him and her hands ran through her hair cleansing it of any dirt. The only scent he was able to pick up was the soups that ran along her body. He watched as the soup ran down her body following every curve of her. He slightly wished it was his hand running down her body at that moment . . . 

      Maybe it wasn’t a kill or a bath he needed . . . 

      Woman threw themselves at a chance to be with him. He would use their bodies and screw them senseless to get what he wanted then leave them wanting more when he left. They begged for him. For his power. For his cock. 

      She to will beg him . . . she will scream his name.

      She lowered herself in the water to wash her hair and when she came back up she turned and faced in his direction where her bag lay at his feet. Gasping, her eyes widened and her mouth fell open.

     “Se-Sesshomaru?” Her voice was light. Almost like a whisper. 

     That voice . . . why . . . why did it sound familiar? 

     He frowned as he took in her face. As beautiful as she was and as much as he wanted to rut with her and screw her into oblivion, something ate at him. Why did he feel like he knew her?

     “Who are you? And why are you on my land?” He growled. She watched as his eyes wandered over her naked form and she cocked her head to the side. She didn’t seem at all bothered by the fact that she was naked in front of him. In fact if he were to guess, the little glint in her eyes made him think she wanted him to see here. 

     “And,” his gold eyes found her bright blue ones. “what are you hiding? Why did you mask yourself?”



     She hadn’t sensed him! To wrapped up in her own mind and problems. But how did he pass her barrier? Was he really so strong that he passed through it with so much ease?

     “Your lands? I had no idea! Had I known I wouldn’t have trespassed. I’m sorry Sesshomaru!” She said in a small voice.

      His eyes wandered her body again and her body heat flared. She thanked all that was holy that she was good at masking herself. But this situation was bad. She was hoping to let off some steam! Now with him here things were only bound to go down hill. She needed him gone. But Sesshomaru wasn’t the type to just leave because you asked nicely. And if these were his lands . . .  

     Damn she was screwed. She didn’t have time for this right now! Her heat flared hotter. 

     “You talk as if you know me . . . and yet you still haven’t answered my question. Who are you? Why do you hide yourself?” he crouched down in front of her and she was at eye level with a certain part of him. He was within arms reach. All she had to do was reach out. Judging by the heat in his eyes, she didn’t think he would mind. In fact he looked almost welcomed to the idea. This was bad. Sesshomaru was an Inu. He was strong. Inu’s were known for their sex. They were powerful. The power between the two had to be as close to evenly matched as possible though. If not it could leave the female feeling completely crazy for more. They’d be so mindless for more . . . 

     ‘I need it. I need him. Kagome, if you don’t reach out it will only get worse. I can’t take this heat anymore. You know you need to let me loose, Kagome . . . Even I have my limits.’ The voice in her head said. ‘And this is mine . . .’   

     Heat like nothing she and ever felt before flared through her chest and her core. Like a wild fire that was impossible to put out.

     Without thinking she reached for him and grabbed his arm. “I-I’m sorry S-sesshomaru!” 

     A puzzled look crossed his face, “Woman, what are you-” 

     Then it happened. It all happened so fast. One second they were talking and the next . . . she unmasked her aura. He gasped slightly and watched as her eyes went from blue to red in a matter of seconds. He saw something inside of her snap. Two of her human teeth gone replaced by fangs. His eyes widened though when her scent was released. She was in heat. And she wasn’t just some human. She was an Inu and a miko. And not just any Inu. She was a Black Inu. Her power, he sensed flared in her so much so that he could tell it finally consumed her. Sesshomaru watched in amazement as her holy self battled her demon self. The heat he could smell coming from her, which if he guessed correctly she must have suffered for the last few days from based on how strong her scent was, was her two powers battling each other.

     The beast inside her needed release. The powers clashing together inside her was intoxicating, sensual, and pain. The powers clashing together made her hot. Made her crave a mans touch so much . . . she finally lost control. She needed to fuck hard and gods above . . . he was more than willing. Black Inu’s were known for being powerful. But she was a miko to. Her holy power flared around them in a dance that made his skin burn with desire. He didn’t care who she was. He found a solution to his problem. He smirked and pulled her out of the water and she jumped up to wrap her long legs around his hips. She eagerly ripped his armer away and his shirt off. He pushed her against a tree and ground his hips into hers. She pushed against his grinding hips and he nearly lost it. Her woman hood was burning and dripping with desire. This was going to be the best fuck of her life. His claws made quick work of helping her with the rest of his clothes. She growled when he grabbed her wrists and held them above her head against the tree.

     “Let go! I need it. Give it to me!” Said her beast.

      His own beast growled inside him from his cage. Which quite surprised him. Never does his beast get riled up by a woman. But this one made him shake at his cage. Like she called to a deep dark part of him and his beast. He lowered his lips to her neck and used one hand to hold her two wrists together while his other made its way down the length of her body where he pinched her nipples and than moved down to the space between her legs. What he found made him growl with need. The bitch was wet! The thought of sliding inside of her and pounding away in her tight, wet, cunt sent a shiver down his spine and his cock harder than he ever though possible. His beast wanted out now more than ever. Who ever this woman was, she was definitely going to have a hard time walking for the next few days. He planned on fucking her so damn hard she would feel him so deep inside of her even when he was gone days later. He felt his teeth lengthen and his claws lengthen also. He was quite surprised with how quickly he was loosing control with this onna though. Something about her . . . he still couldn’t get it out of his mind. He knew her. But from where? All thoughts flew out the window though when her wet cunt slid over his cock nice and hard. His hand slid between her legs and found her clit and rubbed her little button nice and rough. She threw her head back and screamed. 

      “Yes! Ah! More! Give . . . more! Fuck!” Her tiny body shivered. “Ses-Sesso-ma-maru! Fuck . . . me. Need it! So hot . . . to hot! Help . . . please! The fire . . . to . . . much . . .” she panted like she had run miles.

     “Woman. I will make sure you take every . . . single . . . inch . . . of this cock. You will ride me. I will ride you. I will take everything and you will not fight me. Do not expect this to be gentle.” he growled. “Before I take you, you will get on your knees. I want to fuck your mouth. 

     She wasted no time. Once he let her wrists go she dropped her legs from his waist and she pushed him around so that he was leaning against the tree. Her mouth found him and she took him in her mouth. Her eyes watered at first. Was it natural for it to be this big? He must have saw the look on her face. “You will take it all. I want to see my cock slide all the way down your throat!”

     She grabbed the base of his cock and started to stroke him but he pulled her hands away. “No need. You will take all of me in your mouth. Now suck.”

     She couldn’t do it. She tried and at first it was to much but soon she got the hang of it. But she struggled. He was to big. Her mouth stretched around him just to take him in her mouth. But soon she felt his hand on the back of her head and he thrust forward and she gagged. He held her there for a second then pulled back and thrust forward again. And again. She had to fight to catch her breath. Inside she screamed to stop but her beast didn’t. She wanted this. Needed this! So she sucked his cock and bobbed her head back and fourth until she got it right. His hips soon thrusting forward because of the pleasure and not because he was forcing her to take his length. “Fuck!” his growl made her shiver. He grabbed her hair and held her still and soon started to fuck her mouth hard. His eyes started to glow red. His beast slowly taking over.  

     “Swallow,” was all he said before she felt his body tense up and his cock thicken came down her throat. And she took every drop. But rather than deflating he only got harder. Longer. Thicker. He wanted more. Without asking or even saying another word he she got on her hands and knees and bent forward and exposed herself to her lord.  

     “Please! Now! Master please!” She begged him. As the sound of her calling him ‘master’ he snapped. His beast was now in control.  Without a word he got behind her and used one hand to hold her down and his other grabbed his cock to align himself. Then he thrust into her breaking the barrier that made her a virgin. Blood ran down her legs lightly. The pain though was masked by her pleasure at finally being filled by his incredible length. Oh damn. Oh this was perfection.

     She screamed at being stretched and so full. 

     Her heat wrapped around him like an inferno. Like a volcano ready to explode. He pulled back then thrust again earning him a moan of pleasure from the onna. He thrust again and again until he was pounding into her so damn hard she saw stars. She screamed her ecstasy. He howled his. Never had a bitch ever felt this good! Never had a bitch ever made him feel this good! As he thrust into her he soon started to feel her power rise. It enveloped him and his own power rose to the challenge. He thought her power was trying to subdue him. But no. Slowly it licked up his spine and around his neck thank made its way to his stomach than went to where they were connected. His own power following the trail just incase . . . but what he felt where he was connected was unlike anything he had ever felt. He could feel it start to burn. It was like being touched all the way down to they soul. Their powers fused and battled for dominance. In a violently passionate way that made him see stars. His hips thrust forward and he fucked her so damn hard his claws dug into her hips.  

     “You like getting fucked hard don’t you little one?” he growled. “Your so damn tight. The tightest cunt I have ever felt before!” A moan was her response. “Take this cock, woman. Take every inch. I want you to feel me so deep inside you that you will feel me even days from now.” One hand out in front of her held her from flying forward while the other reached back and held on to his wrist for dear life. She finally opened her eyes and to his surprise they were blue again. His own eyes still blood red. His beast in full control. 

     “Mmm! YES! Oh damn! Oh! Ahhh! Se-se-SESSHOMARU!” She closed her eyes and screamed her release and the sound of his name on her lips broke him. He roared his release and came deep in her and spilled his seed into her waiting cunt. His beast took advantage of this moment and pulled her back and did the one thing he knew his master wouldn’t do if he had been in control. Inside he heard him yell at him. Telling him to wait. ‘Not yet!’ he heard his master scream. Hmm. Yet? So his master planned to. Just not now? ‘Why wait? The bitch is ready now.And with that he placing his teeth over the junction between her neck and shoulder he bit down and poured his power into her. He thrust into her again and made her gasp. He put her open mouth to his wrist.  


     And without question she did. Not really understanding why or caring. The feel of her now blunt human teeth sinking into his wrist made him continue his thrusting into her. He couldn’t remove himself anyway even if he tried. He was locked between her legs in her core. He would not be able to remove himself until she was pupped. Seeing this as a perfect solution to his masters problem the beast felt pride. He looked down to where they were still connected. Their bodies were sweaty and her core still dripped with both her juices and his. The sight was beautiful. He continued to rut with his new little mate. She thrust back against him meeting him thrust for thrust. She would bare strong heirs. Now knowing what she was, he was one hundred percent certain they would be full demons with holy powers and a mixture that the two most rare bread of demons. The black and silver Inu. His legacy, his land, and his power. The answer to his problems were just handed to him on a silver platter by the gods. He smirked as he watched his little mate moan in pleasure. Because of this woman . . .

     He slowed down the pace and savored every bit of her now. And they continued. It was hours later before they finally stopped. She had fallen asleep. He had thrown her clothes over her as a blanket to cover her from the night air. His beast had long since let him gain back control. He sighed and a rare smirk crossed the ice lords face. 

     Rin was right. Coming to the hot springs was a perfect idea.


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