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Death by LadyNita

Death becomes her

Hey Y'all. So this started out as a one-shot and it has become so much more than that!

This story only be a couple of chapters long!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything!

Reviews are loved!

Word count: 1,416

Chapter one: Death becomes her

His wide golden eyes stared down at the woman he had come to love with every fiber of his being. The woman he promised to make his for well, forever. But with approaching sounds of police sirens he wondered about love. Black raven feather hair sprawled out on the bed sheet, its once pristine white slowly turning color as her blood soaked the fabric. Once startling sapphire eyes full of cold fire and life stared accusingly at him. Glazed over in death, a frozen scream trapped on slightly pink lips. She lay nude on the blood-soaked bed, a picture of perfection, or would have been if her throat didn't look like it did. Slashed and torn at till the white of the bone showed as if a rabid dog had gotten a hold of her.  Hell, even in death she stirred a heat in him that made him feel both aroused and ashamed of himself. Perfect, she had been utterly perfect in life and even in death, with the swell of her breast were perky and taught with pink nipples a shade darker than blush. A flat and tone stomach that lead to a swell of hips, wide enough to draw any man's attention. Golden eyes travel lower over her exposed sex and legs that were spread apart. Awaiting him and only him, he was a selfish man and took her away from the world.

Banging loud banging was coming from the door, a shout from the other side brought him out of his stupor. “Police, open the door”  head turned from the body of his lover to the front door. Police? Why were they here? Slowly feet padded against the cold wood floor, reaching the door and yanking it open. Two uniform officers stared at him in abject horror, mouths slack as words failed on their tongues. His golden eyes lifted from their faces to that of a large man behind them. It was like looking at a reflection of himself. After all, it was his father, family genetics being strong.

“My God boy, what have you done? Where is she? Where is the girl?” Touga managed to speak while looking at his son.

“Sir, please step aside and let us in” the oldest of the officers spoke before pushing his way past, making sure he didn’t touch Sesshomaru. “Corva stay with him!” He shouted back to his partner before slipping further into the house, heading for the bedroom.

“Sesshomaru! What have you done?” Touga stepped inside along with officer Corva, his golden eyes tracing over his son before searching the room. Heart pounding in his chest at the sight that was before him.

“Father?” he spoke softly, almost not heard by the elder male. Hand lifted off of the door to rub his tired face when he noticed the red substance that had dried on his hand. It was dark and began to flake in some places. Blood was almost unmistakable, some movies and tv shows made it look darker than what it actually was for dramatic effect. But Sesshomaru knew true blood when he saw it, after all, he was a successful surgeon.

Slowly horror began to leak into those eyes of his as a shout from the bedroom made the other two males in the room jump slightly.

“Corva arrest that man!” It was what caused the ball rolling for the rest of the night as the young officer slapped his cuffs on the male, detaining him until the detectives and the crime scene arrived. The older cop stumbled out of the bedroom looking green around the face as he tried to keep his dinner down. Touga slipped past the commotion of his son being placed in handcuffs to go and see what made a man turn green like that. Oh, how he wished he hadn’t as he peered in from the door frame. The body on the bed looked out of place in all of the blood that had cooled and gelled in place on the white sheet.

Sesshomaru, on the other hand, had slipped into his own mind as he watched other uniforms arrive along with a few detectives and what appeared to be crime scene techs. They milled around the home and even asked him questions, questions he simply couldn’t answer at the current moment. His father bellowing from behind the wall of cops that he says nothing till their family lawyer got there. It all happened so damn fast as he was marched out of his home into the elevator, paraded through the lobby as the media swarmed them all. Cameras flashing as cops did their best to shield him from their nosey inquiries. Someone shouting at them to back up before they were arrested for interfering with an investigation. Touga bringing up the rear, a reporter trying her best to get him to talk about what was going on. The standard ‘no comment’ was given.  

Sliding into the back of a squad car Sesshomaru peeked a glance at his father, gold clashed with gold before the door closed and the sound of everything faded out. What had he done?

Two hours later Sesshomaru had been picked apart by the crime scene techs, given a whores bath and dressed in the standard issue orange jumpsuit as his father and lawyer talked back and forth. Waiting for the detectives to come and take him to an interrogation room.

“Touga, one more time, explain to me what occurred?” Naraku stated from his seat next to his childhood friend. His red eyes, peering from father to son as he tried to figure out what had happened and why he was called out of his bed at two in the morning. His black hair thrown into a tangled mess at the nap of the neck.

“I received a text from Sesshomaru and it caused me some concern, he stated that there had been an accident and the police were on the way. I jumped into the car and headed his way, thinking Inuyasha had gotten himself into more trouble.” A knowing look was passed between the two of them before Touga continued on. “I managed to meet the cops in the lobby and rode up with them. It took them two minutes of pounding on his door for Sesshomaru to finally answer it. He opened it up covered in blood and dressed in a pair of lounge pants.”

“Then what?” Naraku urged the pacing male.

“The older one, Yanking or whatever barged into the apartment. Headed straight for the bedroom, he found her laying there. He called for Corva to arrest him, by that time I was heading to see what the hell was going on. The rest is as you know.”

“Wait you're saying the police had been notified before you?” Naraku wrote that down in his notepad. Eyes glancing up to the younger version of Touga, well not a full younger version he surmised considering he could see that wretched woman in him. The attitude and cold demeanor were all Kimi. But for now, Naraku put his thoughts away and focused on the case at hand.

“Touga do the police have his phone?” Naraku asked.

“No...I might have swiped it before the techs got there.” He stated before hands automatically reached into the pockets of his dress pants.

“Good, without a warrant they do not touch that device till we comb through it.” Setting down his pen the brunette rubbed the bridge of his nose. What a mess.

“Sesshomaru tell me what happened, I am bound by attorney-client privilege and whatever you tell me won't leave this room.” Eyes darted towards Touga before flickering back to Sesshomaru.

He just sat there looking down at his hands, stained with what remained of her blood. The silver glint of steel around his wrist was the harsh reality he was facing. But still, he didn't say anything just staring down at his hands. Images of her naked body lying in bed running over and over in his mind. The fact that his father and lawyer were in front of him meant nothing at all. Nothing mattered until the door to the room opened up and in the doorway stood two detectives with grim faces. “This way gentlemen” the fatter of the two spoke before nodding down the hallway.

As Sesshomaru stood up his body acting as if on autopilot a single thought ran through his mind.

‘What have I done’


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