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The Waltz Continues by Nile

Lick it Like a Lollipop

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Inspired by Waltz of the Tongue, 1st chapter of Bliss!, by Trouble_In_Shangri_la. I have permission to reference the chapter by the original author for this fanfic. (original link  to story on Dokuga - )

Warning: If you haven't read the manga or seen the anime in its entirety, it is definitely possible to see spoilers in this. Additionally, some chapters may be short and some may be longer.

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"Oh god. I just gotta slap myself," Kagome thought to herself, while trying not to roll her eyes.

She caught herself trying out her seduction skills on another classmate, while on the bus home. She slowly lavished attention on her lollipop, while eyeing the cute upperclassman. She had swirled her pink tongue around that purple sucker, and sucked it like it was going out of style. And the classmate - he was buying all that she was selling, and so were some of the businessmen sitting next to him, especially a few elderly gentlemen.

Once she realized that she had a crowd of aroused oglers, she turned away from them. It was no longer embarrassing to do such things. It just left her as hot and bothered as the boys and men that got a show. She felt a thrill in getting their attention, and keeping it. It was like she was in control. However, she would never take anyone to just have sex. That was the problem. They were just a cheap thrill.

Before defeating Naraku, and being sent back to her home, she tried her skills out on InuYasha. It flustered the hell out of her dog-eared friend, so much that he popped of boner. Her friend ended up being extra grouchy for a few hours. After trying it a few times, it got her nowhere. The desire to be with InuYasha peetered out after Kikyo passed, leaving a Kagome to only have fond friendly feelings for the half dog demon boy. 

In the present, well over 2 years since her life altering quest, Kagome could only think of one being that she'd loved to encounter, and he was 500 years in the past. It wasn't that she was in love with the guy. She was still intrigued with him. It was what inspired her to seek Sesshoumaru out, and interview him for her class project. His views on love fascinated her. Seeing him partially transform during orgasm had been both deliciously terrifying and exhilarating. While, she had always been a hopeless romantic, after that one encounter, it was like her world opened up. 

"It's a useless emotion. Lust is much more powerful and doesn't last as long." 

And she agreed with him. Lust was definitely powerful. The demon lord had lit a fire that burned brightly, but she kept hidden from specific people, namely her family and close friends. She really didn't want them thinking of her as some hussy. And she didn't seducing people for sex, just for the brief thrill or occasional small items, like free candy or ice cream or small trinkets.

"Silly female. I simply let you think you had control. All this time I've had complete power over you. You have no idea how quickly a look, a gesture, or even a word can sway a person."

She couldn't get him out of her head. It was like he was still in control of her. Honestly, she didn't care. That demon was the most beautiful creature she ever laid eyes on. Over the time she spent in the feudal era, she observed Sesshoumaru maturing and becoming something more. The moment that Bakusaiga burst forth with his newly grown arm, he was magnificient. She would never forget it.

Kagome realized that she had been thinking about the long gone demon lord, and shook her head of her thoughts. It made her all hot and bothered, and she really needed to remember to get off the bus at the right stop.

"Next stop, Shinjuku express terminal," the driver called out on the p.a. system.

Kagome's eyes widened as she realized she missed her stop by a long shot. She cursed to herself, but then sighed. At least in Shinjuku, she could pick up something good to eat, before going home. It was obvious that she needed to get some energy out of her system, even if it was window shopping and eating.


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