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Silly, Silly Kagome and Much Too Serious Sesshoumaru by WritingMage

The Cute-Clumsy Beginning

Discalimer: I don't own the characters, just maybe their out of chararcterness. Maybe. Also, this is meant to be funny and quick, and a break for all of you from my angst-y tendencies. I can be funny... Sometimes. Or at least, probably??? D: Also, I reserve the right to name this fic with a super long, not cool, not even slightly (ok, just slightly) related title that may or may not induce some readers to lose their minds ;)))))

Cold winds ripped through the campus of the high school, and most of the student body was carefully bundled in layers. So bundled that you could only see their red noses and watery eyes. However, there was one girl less bundled, in fact, she wasn't bundled at all. That girl's name was Kagome Higurashi, a second year in class C. Instead of woolen layers, she only wore a little red knit cap, a thin windbreaker, and school mandated uniform. If her friend’s asked about her lack of layers, Kagome smiled coyly with a slight blush. “The cold doesn’t bother me much,” she’d say despite the shiver that  she kept fighting throughout the day. In fact, it's this exact conversation that she was having with her circle of closest friends, as they congregated under a tall, leafless tree.

“Ah, if you say so Kagome-chan,” Eri said, knitting her brows.

“Eh, it’s not so cold, guys! I mean, the sun is out and everything!” Kagome smiled bravely.

Ayumi shook her head. “I hate the cold. I would never be able to wear as little as you do on a day like this! What if I got a cold?” Ayumi shivered.

All the girls nodded sympathetically. When Ayumi got sick, she got sick. The last time she’d been sick, she had to be taken to urgent care.

Suddenly, Yuka’s eyes brightened mischievously. “Kagome-chan, are you sure you aren’t trying to get sick?”

“Eh?” Kagome cocked her head with a small frown. “Why would I ever want to be sick, Yuka-chan?”

Yuka wiggled her eyebrows. “Hojo-kun does want to be a doctor, you know. What better excuse for him to take care of you?” Yuka dived to tickle Kagome.

Tussling together for a moment, all the girls broke out in a giggle. Only Kagome wore a deep blush. “Ah.” Kagome sifted a hand through her hair. “It’s quite alright,” she said diplomatically, “Hojo-kun, needn’t take care of me. I won’t get sick.”

“Sneaky, sneaky Kagome,” Eri sang. She bowed quickly. “We need to get to a meeting, Gome-chan, but that’s fine. You won’t miss us too much while you try to catch our local knight in shining armor.”

Giggling together, Eri, Ayumi, and Yuka waved, whispering amongst each other as they walked away.

Sighing again, Kagome twined her hair around her fingers. As embarrassing as that had been, it was true that Hojo-kun would probably take it as an opportunity to approach her. Grimacing, Kagome could already imagine it. “Would you like my jacket, Kagome-chan? We wouldn’t want you to get sick. Maybe I should walk you home.”

It was a miracle Hojo hadn’t already appeared. Suspiciously, Kagome glanced left and right. Her mouth set into a grim line. Mission: Don’t get noticed by Hojo. Quickly, Kagome ducked to the other side of the building before glancing again. When the coast was clear, she made a dash for the stairs. From experience, Kagome knew that the only true hideout she had left from Hojo was the roof top. For whatever reason, Hojo never thought to look for her there.

Original Posting Date: April 7, 2018

Prompt: N/A

Word Count: 515

Note: I've been holding out on this one for a bit, not because I haven't wanted to post it, just because I've been busy,etc. Lol, I hope you guys have as much fun reading this mini series as I did writing it. It's just something silly and cute and fun, because in reality, I don't like angst. When I see things, what I love most is comedy and slice-of-life. I just CAN'T have enough. D: So, there's my mini-confession ;) Also, this is NOT a ONE-SHOT, it's a mini series of ten chapters, and you want to know what makes it different than most of my posted work???? No self-imposed word limits or making chapters the exact same word-count! Which is like the first time in forever and it's basically like I'm saying something crazy!!! ...*insert sly look* Get it????

P.S. All the chapters are written ;) And watch out for updates on my actual fics ;)))))))

ALSO! EXTRA NOTE FOR DOKUGA: Sorry for disappearing, you may not know, becuase I posted this on a different fandom fic, I was temproarily gone because I was on vacation :) Aaaaaand, the title is actually supposed to be: Silly, Silly Kagome and Much Too Serious Sesshoumaru: An Almost Love Story


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