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A Family Affair by Crimson Rose

Chapter 1

Summary: At just 20 years old, Kagome Higurashi a college student, found herself suddenly becoming a mother to twin 10 year old boys. Raising them well in a loving environment, 10 years have now passed. Now 30 years old and preparing for her boys 20th birthday, love for them overwhelms her heart. But a shocking confession shakes the foundation of family Kagome struggled to build.

Disclaimer & Warning: Inuyasha & Co. belong to Rumiko Takahashi, as you all know. Any OC are mine and there will be just a few in this story. If you’re more into traditional relationships, this isn’t for you. Because it technically won’t be like that. So don’t read if this is against your morals.

Author’s Note: Updates will be random. I’m still looking for a beta for my stories as well. Feel free to PM me if you’re interested! It won’t take too much of your time, as I just update when I’m able to and I don’t have anything set in stone. Chapters will be longer after this one, since it’s just to show how everything started. this is based on a BL manga but it won’t be following everything that happens in it. I’ve been trying to find the name of the manga but it’s gone from my favorites on Manga Rock -_-. 3/20/18


10 Years Ago

Whispers of relatives and the earthy smell of incense filled the room. 

“It’s a shame what happened to them so soon after being married. May they Rest In Peace.” One man said while holding the rosary in his hand.


“Yes it is but Isamu’s 10 year old sons from his first marriage...who can take them in? We don’t have room in our home to accommodate them. What about you and your family?”

“You can’t expect me to take care of two extra mouths to feed and clothe. It’s just too much.”

“Well my wife just gave birth to our daughter and it’d be too stressful...a burden really. Besides they didn’t even leave their sons anything before they died you know?” 

“Then unless someone decides to take them in by the time they’re buried, arrangements must be made with an orphanage. It’s the least we can do”

Two young silver haired boys sat seiza before two photographs of a silver haired man and a black haired woman with gray eyes. The elder boy held the younger‘s hand when he could felt him tremble as he cried. Sesshomaru refused to shed any tears, he would be his younger brothers pillar of strength. He refused to acknowledge the whispers that he could hear behind their backs. He didn’t care what would happen to them, just as long as he and his little brother could stay together. Life would be hard but as long as they had each other, nothing mattered. He could protect them both. Even if it meant being put into a orphanage.

Worry filled Sesshomaru’s young mind at the thought of an orphanage or a foster home. How had it come to this? Their father had just remarried and finally they would finally have a mother. Tsukiko, their step mother had been a stoic woman. Only smiling with their father. But you could tell that she had loved him immensely. Who would have thought that just a few days after the wedding, they would have been hit head on by a semi truck? The world was a cruel and horrible place. There was nothing he could do. But for Inuyasha’s sake, he would find a way. They were all each other had from here on out.

The whispers behind his back died down quickly with the opening of the shoji screen. Curious as to who invoked the sudden hush of the room, Sesshomaru slowly turned around.  

Hair so dark, it carried a blueish tint to it when the light hit it just right. Tanned unblemished skin. But this woman’s eyes, the soulful gray were drowning in misery as her eyes found the his step mother’s  picture. Ignoring everything else in the room. Sesshomaru watched as even more pain and sadness filled her eyes as his eyes met hers.

Striding quickly but confidentially to the altar, dropping to the floor in seiza next to him. She began praying. No words were spoken as her hands folded in prayer. As more time passes, he crowd of people slowly began thinning out, they would come back tomorrow to pray and whisper behind his back  once more. And yet the beautiful woman didn’t speak a word as she continued to pray.

After awhile, Inuyasha lightly squeezed his old brothers hand, waiting till Sesshomaru’s eyes moved from the beautiful woman to him. Shyly whispering, “Brother, who is that?” 

Once more, Sesshomaru’s eyes followed back to the woman, only this time a blush came to his cheeks as his eyes met hers. Ears tinged pink, he opened his mouth to speak with as much authority as he could manage in his voice. “Thank you got coming to my parents funeral. I haven’t seen you before, who are you?”

“My names Kagome Higurashi. I am your step mothers younger sister.” Soft sweet voice, a small smile found its way to her face as she spoke. “I wasn’t there during their wedding, but I wish I was. Tsukiko and I...we hadn’t spoken for years. I wish I had more time to change that.” Laughing, Kagome reached her hand out to grasp Sesshomaru’s one in hers. “I’m not sure how long or how well you got along with Tsuki, but the stubbornness in Higurashi women are well known. But, I am so sorry for your loss. How are you both feeling?”

Sesshomaru’s eyes dropped from looking at Kagome’s face to her hand that held his. The warmth he felt the moment she had held his hand, went straight to his heart. The small gesture, comforted him more than all the other nameless faces that he saw today. Offering their condolences with empty words. He couldn’t stop myself from holding her hand tighter. Clenching his teeth, Sesshomaru could feel the tears that wanted to escape. He couldn’t let that happen. Not now, not in front of his little brother. He needed to be strong.

So focused in his thoughts, he didn’t realize that he no longer held Kagome’s hand in his. Gasping quietly as he felt one arm wind themselves around his shoulder and the other simultaneously did the same on Inuyasha. 

Kagome’s hands cradled the back of the young boys necks. Holding them fiercely to her, shoving their heads on her shoulders. She hoped she wasn’t crossing any boundaries. But they both looked so pitiful. Who wouldn’t? They gained a mother then to just lose their father and new mother at the same time. To endure that and the whispers of the mourners who came today, had made her so angry as she debated outside the door before coming in. If she could hear them clearly, Kagome just knew these sweet boys heard them as well.

“It’s okay to not be strong. No one else is here and I can’t see your faces. Do not take on more than you need to. Cry the pain away, I won’t go anywhere. I’m right here for you.” Rubbing their backs, Kagome started humming. Ignoring the cries of the boys as they clung onto her. Only holding them tighter and giving comfort in the only way she could. She didn’t mind that the front of her shirt was now soaked with tears. Allowing her own to fall, the three of them clung onto each other. Comforting and accepting their pain.

When the boys had calmed down, eventually each of their heads found their place on her lap. Indulging them, Kagome ran her hands through their hair till Inuyasha fell asleep quietly. The first peaceful sleep he had since the accident, Sesshomaru noted. Even he felt the draw of Kagome’s presence. Just as he was about to close his eyes, Kagome spoke softly.

“I’d like it if you and Inuyasha came to live with me. I have a two bedroom condo, so there’s room for you and your brother as long as you both don’t mind sharing a room together.” Kagome smiled sheepishly, shaking her head. The smell of lemons and strawberries filled the air subtly. “I’m only 20 but I’d like for us to be a family. I also have a decent night job, so don’t worry about expenses!. I don’t want you to think of this as anything more than me wanting to take care and love you and your brother. If that’s okay?”

Her question hung in the air as Kagome waited with baited breath, hoping for an answer that would be better for all of their lives.

”Tsuki wrote to me about you all a few months ago, how happy she was to know you all. If i hadnt been stubborn, she Invited me to their wedding. I just thought I had more time to mend things wth my sister. Your father seemed like a great man. I’d really like to know you both. If you’d let me.”

Sesshomaru’s eyes left Kagome’s as he looked at Inuyasha, who was having his first peaceful sleep since the accident. He watched as Kagome continued to run her hands through their hair.

A quiet “Yes.” Stilled Kagome’s hand, a beautiful smile filled her face. With that smile, Sesshomaru knew he would make their new mother figure proud.



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