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How much worth the distance! by weirdlykagome

A thousand year

1000 years ago~ the winter

A chilly wind swept through the folliages, freezing the skin and the blood. A woman, her hair tied in a knot of flowing raven silk, clutched her bleeding limb in a desperate hold as she kept walking, her feet creating small depressions on the white pure snow, being otherwise painted by her red dripping blood. She dragged herself forward, hands clutched around her bow strings and face scrunched into agony. 

She halted in her steps, her hair flying wildly in the harsh winter wind. She came face to face with her enemy, a demon with skin as white as snow and hair as green as the spring meadow. He sneered at her bearing his fangs and narrowing his red-rimmed eyes. The tattered clothes and numerous scratches on his torso gave away the secret of an impending death battle. She looked at him with hatred filled eyes and her body glowed, the colour of amethyst in the wake of her superior holy powers, sending him a few meters back in his terror.

"I will take you as my mate Midoriko, whether you like it or not. That dog will be eliminated if you so please."he sneered, a throaty mocking laugh leaving his brutally battered mouth.

"You will do no such thing Magatsuhi. You will not lay a finger on the Inu no taisho, Hiroshi-sama. If you so much as step forward you would be purified of you vileness without a second chance!"she bit back, her voice filled with anger and her aura consuming her small yet muscular figure.

"Hiroshi was once my best ally, but that was all in the past, now he has you and the title of the western lands and that of the dog-general. I can give up everything, but not you Miko, not you. Hiroshi will have to die or better yet, both of you will die!"he bared his fangs, as a black mist of soul churning miasma engulfed him.

The two engaged in a heated battle, amethyst clashing with pure black and leaving a smoke of grey soot behind. Their weapons clashed, blood sung and bodies hummed with power and looming death, each not ready to back up from one another. The white snow covered forest was soon engulfed in a sickening bright flame of poison as a massive dog emerged from behind the numerous canopies, howling in pure anger, the sound vibrating with resonance and sending the forest into a massive avalanche. The dog leapt into the air, tearing the head of mighty Magatsuhi apart form his body. 

The battle stopped as the severed head fell on the ground, blood pooling on the white snow, and the black mist forming a tornado in the sky before disappearing, But this did not bring any peace in the clearing as the white Inu changed back into his normal human-form of an attractive man with hair as white as snow and eyes as golden as the burning sun before the dusk. He placed his hand on the shoulder of the hunched down woman, a smile creeping on his face as he engulfed her in a comforting embrace.

"Riko, you have done well. Now rest! Your work is over, he is dead!"he tilted her head so that she was looking into his eyes.

Midoriko drank in the beauty of her chosen lover, his defined jawline, beautiful twin green stripes arching and defining his jaw, his petal like lips and his burning eyes filled with passion.

"No Taisho sama, I will have to fight, I will have to seal him forever, into the ancient seal of the Tama!"she tried to smile weakly, but failed as she took in the sight of his eyes shrouded in fear.

"No Midoriko, I will never allow this. Do you know what it means to cast the spell of Tama? Your body will have to become the medium, the jewel to seal the spirit of the evil! I will not lose you Riko. Not after going through everything to have you again. Please don't do this to me."he cried silently into her shoulder, trying to coax her with his hands, stroking her long hair.

"This is not about us Taisho sama, this is about the world. Now Magatsuhi is a spirit and he would bring destruction without a doubt. Forgive me my lord! Hiroshi, we will meet again and then we will be with each other no matter what."she used her holy powers to lull the demon lord into a temporary state of unconsciousness as she made her way towards the thick snow covered forest, her doom, her sacrifice.

Ever since then the lord Hiroshi waited for his death so that he could meet his beloved in another life, in another time.


200 years later~ the birth of Edo

In a small village on the eastern part of Japan, a war was brewing, the war against the west. The present Inu no Taisho of the west , Lord Touga was busy in the preparations of the war. He was expecting his heir in line and was waiting for the destruction of the eastern dragon lord, the lord who had been terrorising the humans in the eastern part of Japan. Lord Inu no taisho led a force, a powerful force consisting of demons of unfathomable power and sang victorious with his acquired blade fordged from his fang, a blade that killed a hoard of hundreds in a swing. 

A week passed by and in a small hut by the river of the eastern village of Japan, now renamed as Edo was filled with the ear splittig moan of a woman in labor. The village mid-wives fanned her to ease her pain and sang sweet soothing songs of courage, coaxing her to give a last push. One final push and her small joy of bundle was born. But all was no well as the mid-wives declared a still birth. The woman was in tears, crying in hysterics. She took her dead baby from the mid-wive's hand and raced her way towards the shrine, ignoring her immense pain and bleeding genitals. She crashed infront of the Shikon, and taking it in her hands prayed to the legandary miko to grant her wish. 

In a swirl of bright light, a form of pure golden appeared in front of the broken mother and smiled down at her form.

"Mother of the child, you have wished upon the Shikon for the life that has been taken. I hold no power over dead souls but I will honour your wish and give this child half of my soul. But in return, she will be entrsuted as the protector of the Shikon. The very first Shikon no miko!"smiled a very cheerful Midoriko as she blessed the child and the mother nodded vigorously not understanding the consequences of her wish.

A white glow overtook the child as she took in a deep breathe and an ear splitting cry left her throat. The mother smile down at her, "You would be named Kikyo, the first protector of the Shikon."she cooed into the baby's ears as she giggled in joy.

In the western part of Japan, the entire empire celebrated the birth of the seventh Inu Lord. The royal mid-wive was ecstatic and called upon the Inu no taisho to give reports on the newly born lord. 

"Milord, Inu no taisho, your heir has an immense aura, an aura that surpasses all the previous lords. We believe that he might be the re-incarnation of the founder of the Inu clan, the most powerful demon in history, Lord Hiroshi sama. There is one problem but, it seems like  the prophecy might set in motion in a few years."the mid-wive nervously chewed her lips as she informed the lord about the most feared prophecy in history.

"I understand. I will call upon you once I have sorted the mattter with my mate. Now you may leave Moriko-san."Touga nodded his head for her dismissal as he made his way towards the pup weaning chamber in his castle.

"This has to be a mistake Touga, our son is not the one. I will kill my own son before he is subjected to such a fate. I will not let him suffer."Inukimi, the lady of west shouted in pure rage. Her energy swirling around her, causing the small pup to cry out in fear.

"Stop it Kimi, you will hurt the pup. You will do no such thing as killing the heir. As your mate I order you to raise the pup as the future lord and we will find another way to end the prophecy."Touga tried to cool his mate's anger.

"You are correct Touga the only other way is our son killng his dreaded mate. Our son will kill his own mate. She will not bring down our son. I will name him Sesshomaru, the ender of life. He will be the perfect killer, I will personally train him to loathe humans the most and to kill without second thoughts."Inukimi smiled, a threatening gleam in her eyes as she ploted the perfect way to mould her son into the perfect demon lord, her expression and cold exterior caused a shiver to run down the spine of the Inu no taisho.

250 years later~the birth of the protector

The winter wind howled, blowing past the two demons standing, a son and a father.

"Father are you leaving?"Sesshomaru asked, his face scrunched up in a frown with a look of pain etched on his perfect features.

"Do you intend to stop me Sesshomaru?" Inutaisho's voice boomed as his blooddroped on the snow covered ground. His wounds from his previous battle taking a tole on his body. 

"No, but before leaving you must entrust the Tetsusaiga and the Sounga to this Sessshomaru!"Touga laughed, a raspy laugh.

"Before that you have to kill me. Do you desire power so much, Sesshomaru? Tell me, why do you desire power?" Touga questioned the pup without even turning to spare a glance.

"I desire power because I walk the path of supreme conquest!"Sesshomaru's voice boomed in pride.

"Supreme conquest?! Tell me Sesshomaru, do you have anyone to protect?"Touga tried, he wished that Inukimi had not acted upon her promise. He wished that Sessomaru might atleast have some form of compassion.

"Someone to protect? Pathetic!This Sesshomaru neds no one to protect!"Sesshomaru voiced in finality as his sire transformed into the form a huge snow inu and jumped into the air, sailing the clouds to reach his beloved, Izayoi.

The mighty dog landed on the snow covered ground acroos the forests and withdrew his fang, singing with power, and brought in down in one swipe slaying the entire hoards of guards that stod outside the castle sperating him from his beloved. 

Inu no Taisho entered the castle only to find his beloved already gone long ago, gone from the land of living and his son dead in her womb. He sheathed out his heavenly fang, the Tenseiga and brought them back to life in a swipe of blue flames and termination of the spirit eating demons. 

The lord extracted a red haori from his armor and placed it on top of his beloved, to protect her from the fire that had before some minutes engulfed the entire castle. He coaxed hsi beloved to leave the castle with their new born son in her arms.

"Call him by the name of Inuyasha, he will be her protector, the one to protect her from her own mate. Now leave, leave Izayoi live on."those were his last words before being engulfed in the burning flames, fighting till the last breathe of his life, defending his honour agianst the Takemaru of Setsuna.

435 years later ~ the rebirth of the greatest miko

The hospital was in a rush hour, the maternity ward busy with the multiple patients on waiting for their time of delivery. In the operation room 7 of the Tokyo city hospital, a woman with short raven hair writhed in pain as she was nearing her time of delivery, her water had broken and her labor pain had intensified. The nurses coaxed her to push and so she did. With a final drawing of breathe and a final push, the baby was out. She sighed but her face immeadiately tensed up as the doctor shook her head in denial. She broke down, 9 months of waiting and her child was a still born. 

The nursed left the room and the doctor placed her dead baby in her hand to take a parting look . She sobbed to the heavens.

"Oh! My baby! The shikon miko, our shrine has worshiped you for so many years. Please not my bay, not her, please give her back....not her..she did not even see me once......I have waited so much to see her face...please, please take me away, but not her. Please return her!"Manaka Higurashi sobbed, her voice broken and desperate, her throat constricted in a painful heartbreak. 

The room was filld with a glow as a very cheerful  Midoriko appeared in the middle of the room, smiling down at the small head filled with raven curls.

"Finally, finally I have found the perfect vessel to hold my vast soul. Finally I can be with Hiroshi-sama. Don't cry young mother, I Midoriko would be reborn as your daughter. But in turn she has to fulfill a very big destiny. Are you ready for that young mother?" Midoriko asked Manaka slowly, a beautiful smile painted in her face.

Manaka nodded vigorously. She smiled widely as the glowing spirit changed into a small pink jewel and entered the body of the child, her heartbeat thrumming with the beat of the jewel. 

The child cried, a heart wrenching cry as the jewel merged with her soul.  She looked at her mother with wide blue eyes.

"I will name you Kagome, the greatest miko reincarnated. " Manaka smiled at her daughter as she craddled her close to her chest.

On the other side of the well, in the past a demon lord clutched his heart as it burnt his soul. He cried out, a screamless whisper leaving his open mouth 'mate' as his eyes rolled back into his head and he was knocked out cold.



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