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As Told By Buyo by kb

Chapter 1

Some say Kagome’s adventures began when she was pulled into the well on her family’s shrine grounds. Other’s will argue that it began after she landed in the feudal era and set Inuyasha free. However, I know better. Kagome’s adventures truly began when I, a seemingly normal house cat, tricked her into setting foot into the well house.

The day began as any other day normally would. Kagome had just turned fifteen years of age, and I had just turned approximately eight hundred years old. Time slips by without much notice after the first hundred years or so, so I might have been a few decades into my eighth century at this time. Kagome, on the other hand, knew exactly how old she was and where her life was headed. She was going to be successful, a real entrepreneur, until I stepped in and made her face her destiny, that is.

That girl, let me tell you, was a real pain in the ass as a kid. She grew up to be a sweet young woman, but her terrible twos were indeed terrible. Still, I remained by her side. I knew what future awaited her and I knew it would begin with me luring her into the well house. Honestly, I’m still amazed her family never questioned why I never showed signs of aging, but I wasn’t here for them. I was here for her.

Kagome, oh sweet Kagome, she was who I adored. It was my responsibility to protect and care for her, and I certainly did. Her power was so raw and enticing that many demons were naturally drawn to her. It was because of me that nothing ever crept out of her closet to nibble on her sugary flesh, and it was because of me that no real harm ever befell her. I was her protector, her guardian, and best friend. Nothing would harm her, a promise I made to her and Sesshomaru approximately five hundred years ago.

However, there was one morning, the morning I knew it was time to play my part, when terrible scratches could be heard coming from inside the well. Mistress Centipede had been thrown into the Bone Eater’s Well and now she was crawling back out into our present time. I went inside the well house while making certain Sota saw me, and waited. The scratching from within the well grew louder until Kagome finally came into the house. It was time.

Mistress Centipede sprang out from half assed charms placed upon the well, and grabbed Kagome. Down the two of them went, a blue sparkling light engulfing them both, and soon they were gone. Kagome was on the other side of the well, and I had fulfilled my promise to Sesshomaru.

The dog demon knew what was to become of this. Kagome would meet his brother, defeat Naraku, and she and Inuyasha would fall in love only to find out they actually loved each other in a platonic way. Then Kagome would find Sesshomaru.

Oh I remember that day, what a fine summer morning that was! I still remember the way the sun bounced off Kagome’s wavy hair, and I remember the way Sesshomaru looked at her as though the sun would never hold a light as bright as her. She was a spectacular beauty with the loyalty, kindness, and intelligence required to capture Sesshomaru’s attention. I, a feline youkai, had spent many years as Sesshomaru’s personal tutor. It was wonderful to meet a female as intrigued by science as he was.

Now that Kagome was on her way toward Sesshomaru, I could spend the rest of my life enjoying the gentle strokes on the head from my owners, and endless cans of tuna. Being a demon in disguise isn’t all bad, and I can’t wait for Kagome to return. I saw how Sesshomaru reacted after meeting her, now I cannot wait to hear how she reacts to meeting him.

A/N: After an interesting discussion on the Sesskag Discord app, this idea for a short one shot series kept knocking around my noggin. Hope y’all enjoy!


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