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The first time that he saw her, he hadn't known that she was the heir to the Higurashi line. In fact, at the time, the only impression she had made on him then was ordinary: She'd simply brushed past him on a crowded street. The only thing even worth remembering was that she had broken a heel as she ran. This is what Sesshoumaru tells anyone who asks him about Higurashi, and like most things that he says, it isn't the complete truth. Not that anyone knew that.

Pulling his hair back into a tight ponytail, Sesshoumaru stared at his reflection. In the mirror, he saw his eyes rove, taking in each detail, making sure that no hair was out of place. His eyes narrowed momentarily at free strand of hair that lays on his shoulder. Sesshoumaru untied his hair. With clawed hands, he meticulously combed through his hair before re-tying it once more. Shrugging on his kendo uniform, Sesshoumaru stared at himself again, eyes narrowed before leaving the locker room.

When he entered the gym, Sesshoumaru simply stared straight ahead and walked to his place at the front of the kendo team. Even though, Sesshoumaru did not look, he knew how oppressive his aura was. Like distant echoes, he could hear the little fluttering hearts of his teammates. If he cared too, he knew he would be able to hear their short breaths and rushing blood. Blinking, Sesshoumaru called out the first kata.

Silently, Sesshoumaru observed his team. His sharp eyes were constantly taking apart each of their movement. As he patrolled around them, the gym was completely silent but for the sound of clashing bamboo and soft grunts.

Suddenly, the monotony shifted. Instead of silence, all Sesshoumaru heard was a distant conversation from the school ground. If someone were to ask him how he managed to distinguish this conversation when he was completely engrossed in leading the kendo team exercises, Sesshoumaru would say that it was coincidence. As for the kendo team, they continue until someone finally realized that their team captain is gone.

Racing through the corridors, Sesshoumaru's eyes are narrowed into slits. Only when he was one hallway away from the soft conversation does Sesshoumaru stopped running. Instead, he paused and then continued at a sedate gait. All the while, Sesshoumaru could only pay attention to those abominable words being whispered in the hallway. He could focus on nothing else, not even the jagged mark his claws left on his bloody palms.

Turning the last corner, Sesshoumaru walked calmly. Then, he saw them.

"Kagome," Sesshoumaru said, quietly. His voice reverberated through the empty hallway.

As soon as she heard him, Higurashi turned, already an ugly frown on her lips. "What do you want, Taisho-kohai? I'm very busy."

"Flirting," Sesshoumaru asked.

Then, Kagome raised her chin high. In that moment, Sesshoumaru remembered a little girl he once knew, with sparkling blue eyes who could bring out pink fire from her hands.

Kagome- no, Higurashi- then turns back to the boy standing behind her. "Sorry you had to see this," she said, stretching her face with a smile.

Then Sesshoumaru remembered a little more clearly: It wasn't that the little girl brought forth pink fire from her hands. No, what she channeled through her little palms was reiki.

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