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In The Bedroom by kb

Chapter 1

A/N: So I don’t normally do these kinds of oneshots… but the idea for this fic came to me while I was out house hunting. Hope you enjoy it!

Kagome pulled up into the driveway of yet another house. A for sale sign had been hammered into the lawn of the sweet one story house, and the sun shone upon the house adding to its charm. She pulled out her phone, clicked on her realtor’s name, and typed a text message stating she was here.

A quick second later and her realtor texted back, “Nearly there, at the stop sign down the street.”

The swoop sound of the incoming message made her heart race. She had been looking at houses for a month now, but nothing seemed to fit what she was looking for. Her realtor showed her everything he could find that matched what she wanted, but it was a slow time of year for real estate so the listings were few and far between. Still, she didn’t mind the time it took to find the right house when it meant getting to see her handsome realtor.

Sesshomaru pulled up along the street curb in a sleek black Lexus. He stepped out and smiled apologetically, “I apologize for the way I’m dressed. This house just came on the market while I was running errands, and I wanted you to get in right away to see it.”

Kagome shook her head, “No worries, I actually like the jeans.”

She watched as Sesshomaru walked up to the house ahead of her and bent over to pull the key from the lock box hanging around the front door knob. As he bent over she couldn’t help biting her lip, his jeans showed off his backside more clearly than his suit pants did, and it was definitely a sight to see.

The door swung open after Sesshomaru successfully unlocked it, and he held open the door for her to take her first steps inside. As she walked in Sesshomaru followed giving her his usual run down of the property, “This property is move in ready, the family that was here already moved out. The furniture you see is just staging furniture, but can be purchased if need be.”

“That’s great actually,” she laughed. “My cat reduced my bed post to splinters last week.”

“Another reason why I prefer dogs,” Sesshomaru joked. Their first meeting was at a different house and had been awkward until Kagome started making jokes of all the odd things she found in each house. One particular house had a rubber chicken hiding in the kitchen pantry to which she joked she was glad to have never eaten the food this family cooked.

As always, Sesshomaru followed Kagome around the home while taking notes on what she liked and disliked. This time she didn’t point out one single thing she disliked, and kept mentioning all the things she loved about the house. They walked from room to room until they finally ended up in the master bedroom.

Kagome walked into the bathroom connected to the bedroom and then into the walk in closet that was connected to the far side of the bathroom. The closet was a bit narrow, but that didn’t bother her at all. She was the only one going to be using it anyways. Satisfied, Kagome turned around to walk back out of the closet and accidently bumped into Sesshomaru’s hard muscular chest.

Her heart fluttered out of embarrassment, and she could feel a tightness forming in her stomach from feeling his muscles through his casual, but still nice, t-shirt, “Hah, sorry about that.”

Sesshomaru smirked, walked out of the closet, and waited for her at the set of french doors separating the bathroom from the master bedroom. As she walked through the doorway he lightly placed his hand on the small of her back effectively sending electrified chills up and down her spine. Gods, he was so turning her on without even trying!

It took all of Kagome’s strength to maintain her composure, she didn’t want him finding out about the physical crush she had been developing for him over the last few weeks. Finally she leaned against the staged dresser in the room and said, “I’ll take it.”

“Excellent! I knew this was going to be it when I saw it.”

“So, uh, what do we do now?” Up until now Kagome had only rented, but she was finally in a place where she could financially afford her own home. However, she still wasn’t exactly sure what the entire process was.

“I’ll begin drafting up an offer letter, and then we wait to see if they accept it. If they do we will get the house inspected and…”

Kagome’s attention went out the window as she looked at her realtor and thought, ‘I’d like to inspect him.’

She was so lost in carnal thoughts that she didn’t even realize Sesshomaru had stopped talking. He received no response to his question, saw her hazy eyes, and cleared his throat. Kagome shook her head as she brought her attention back to him, and a deep crimson blush filled her cheeks, “S-sorry. Mind got away from me, I guess.”

“Hn,” Sesshomaru looked at her suspiciously. “What would you like to offer? This listing price is a little high so I think we should offer less than what they’re asking.”

“That’s fine. We can negotiate from there if needed.”

“Absolutely,” Sesshomaru pointed to the bed and jested, “So what about the bed? Still need a new one?”

Laughing, Kagome nodded and sat down on the mattress, “Well this mattress is awful, but at least mines still in good condition.”

“Really?” Sesshomaru sat beside Kagome to test out the mattress. Sure enough it was a cheap box spring mattress that swallowed them uncomfortably, “Interesting, they usually put the good and expensive mattresses in here so they can charge the big bucks. Not that I’ve, ya know, tested a lot of their mattresses or anything.”

Without thinking Kagome bit her lip and thought, “I’d offer test any mattress with you.”

Sesshomaru turned a soft shade of pink. His arm rose until he was able to rub the back of his neck shyly, “Heh, well I can’t exactly put that in the offer letter.”

Kagome’s eyes grew wide, did she say her thoughts out loud? Judging by Sesshomaru’s sudden color change and shy demeanor, the answer was yes. Yes she said her thoughts out loud, and yes she had just admitted she wanted to pounce his bones.

Sesshomaru stood from the bed. For a moment he hesitated, then Kagome squealed in surprise when he swiftly turned and brought his lips crashing down onto her own. He moved himself between her legs that dangled off the side of the bed, and placed his hands on either side of her face as his lips moved frantically with her own.

Her eyes rolled back as she closed them, gods she just loved when a man grabbed her like this. It was a turn on to feel his hands entangling in her hair as they passionately lost themselves in their quick moving lips.

Before she knew what she was doing, Kagome had reached out and pulled up on Sesshomaru’s t-shirt. He briefly separated his mouth from hers as she pulled his grey shirt over his head, and returned as soon as it hit the floor with a soft thud. Sesshomaru had to admit he had fantasized about this moment with Kagome since their first meeting, but never dreamed this could actually happen. She was a client after all, and he did take his professionalism quite seriously.

Sesshomaru reached out for the buttons of Kagome’s shirt and pulled it open. As soon as it was free of her, he through it, along with his care for professionalism, to the ground. Then he reached around and unclasped her bra which she hurriedly tore off her body as soon as it relaxed around her breasts.

Tired of standing, Sesshomaru disconnected his face from Kagome’s and picked her up off the bed. Then he knelt onto it and laid her in the center on top of the covers. He laid himself on top of her and felt a shock of electricity shoot between them as his bare chest touched hers.

Kagome’s head rolled back at the sensation of first contact. She couldn’t pin why, but feeling a man’s strong chest touching her own for the first time was undeniably pleasurable. Her throat became exposed, and suddenly she felt Sesshomaru’s lips trailing kisses and sucking on every bit of her delicate skin that he could. It didn’t take him too long to move from her neck to her breasts, and when he did her mind went crazy.

Sesshomaru was attentive to one without leaving out the other. As he sucked on one nipple, he also massaged the other with his hand. His large hands were skilled as they firmly, yet not harshly, massaged her mounds.

He released her breast from his mouth and trailed his tongue to the other while looking up at her. His golden eyes lustfully penetrated her blue ones, and a wicked smirk pulled up the corners of his mouth upon seeing her flushing cheeks and hazy eyes. One of his hands moved down to pull open her pants, and when they did he traced circles around the top hem of her black thong.

Kagome whined, she wanted him to explore farther down, but he was content with teasing her for now. She reached down and inserted her thumbs into her pants to pull them down, but Sesshomaru stopped her and released her nipple from his mouth, “Not yet.”

She whined again, “Ungh, but I want you down there so bad.”

“Patience, we have an hour booked for the house showing,” Sesshomaru said while trailing his fingertips over her hip bones. He replaced his mouth on her flesh, however this time he ran his tongue down her chest, circled her pierced belly button, and followed the her pantyline from hip to hip.

Kagome groaned her desire eagerly, “Please, Sesshomaru.”

A smug grin pulled on Sesshomaru’s mouth. Fine, he’d give her what she wanted, but not in the way she expected. He inserted his fingers between her skin and underwear, and pulled them along with her pants off in one clean sweep. Kagome gasped as the cold air hit her hot body, and gasped even louder as Sesshomaru’s tongue suddenly licked her womanhood.

Her back arched she felt him circling her clit with his tongue, and he used the opportunity to take hold of her hips with his strong warm hands. Sesshomaru swirled his tongue around Kagome’s pearl and tortured it until she began to feel tingles building up from her nether regions. She moaned in pleasure as she felt his tongue skillfully work on her clitorous, but just as the tingles were about to explode he relented his ministrations.

Again, Kagome shuddered at his absence, but it only spurred him on. Sesshomaru enjoyed seeing a woman in pleasure because of him, however he loved hearing it more. Without delay he inserted his middle finger into her causing her to loudly vocalize her pleasure.

Kagome bit her lip as he slowly moved his finger back and forth, and she rocked her hips urging him to move faster. Sesshomaru leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Don’t bite it back, I want to hear you.”

Gods, his voice was so seductive in her ear that she felt immediately a coil beginning to tighten in her belly. Sesshomaru applied pressure to her walls while using his palm to massage her clit causing her to moan louder. Sesshomaru bit his own lip and felt his already hardened member pressing against the front of his pants, “Louder, Kagome.”

He inserted another finger and pushed them in and out more rapidly earning him more loud calls of sexual enjoyment. Kagome couldn’t fight it, the coil in her belly had tightened completely and was beginning to heat. It was going to snap at this rate, and it seemed like Sesshomaru knew it. He pumped his fingers harder and faster until finally the coil snapped and she felt her burning release rush from head to toe.

Kagome panted as she waited for her mind to clear enough to return the favor, but then she heard a zip followed by thud. Then the sound of something plastic ripping, and suddenly Sesshomaru was pressing his condom wrapped member against her entrance. He wiggled his brow, “Are you sure?”

Kagome nodded, and felt herself stretch around Sesshomaru as he gently pushed himself inside of her. He moved slowly at first to allow her to accommodate to his size, gently rocking his hips in small rhythmic motions, and began moving with growing speed once she indicated she was ready.

Sesshomaru held onto Kagome’s hips as his brow knitted together. He perfected his motion based on what made her moan the loudest, a lazy in and out never truly satisfied any woman, and maintained his motion while increasing his speed.

The bedspread balled into Kagome’s fists as she cried out her pleasure. She never imagined Sesshomaru could be this great in bed, and now she could see how pathetic her self care when thinking of him had actually been. He moved inside of her with skill, and was enjoying her body as much as she was enjoying his.

Tired of keeping her in one place, Sesshomaru pulled out and guided Kagome off the bed. He instructed her to lean over the side face first, and entered her from behind. The new position caused Kagome’s mind to explode. Sesshomaru moved with fast firm pounding into her, and once again the familiar coil grew hot in her belly.

Kagome grew louder, her hands entangled in the bed sheets, and she called out, “Oh gods, harder!”

Sesshomaru didn’t have to be told twice. He moved with inhuman speeds in and out of her, and felt his own lower abdomen tightening in response. This woman felt too amazing. She was so wet and velvety, and he was going to lose himself in her at any moment.

He firmly pressed his right hand into her back as his left helped him move her body against him. Kagome’s burning tightened coil exploded causing her to cry out in satisfaction, the muscles in her back tightened beneath Sesshomaru’s hand and he, too, released inside of her.

The muscles in Kagome’s legs were on the verge of giving out as she climbed onto the bed again. She sat facing Sesshomaru who leaned toward her with his hands on either side of her while holding himself up. He looked up at her and smirked upon seeing her hair in disarray and a pleased smile growing on her face.

“I definitely can’t put that in the offer letter,” Sesshomaru teased. He brought one of his hands to Kagome’s face, and tenderly kissed her before heading to the bathroom to clean himself up. When he returned to the bedroom he looked at the clock on his phone, and looked back up at Kagome who was redressing, “You know, we still have a half hour before we have to leave.”

A large smile overtook Kagome’s cheeks. She ripped her haphazardly buttoned shirt off again, pushed Sesshomaru onto the bed, and climbed on top of him with a mischievous glint in her eye, “It’s my turn to hear you moan.”

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