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Callisto by Princess Azula


A/N: This takes place just after Kagome decides that she’d like to return to the Feudal Era when the well stopped working in the last chapter.

***** This Chapter Contains Rape (not Kagome)******

Ch 1: Time

“Yes my master, I am aware” The dragon demon dropped the unconscious body of the maiden he stole for his master unceremoniously on the tatami.

“They will kill you, you are the one who stole her, even if it was by my orders” The demon lord looked down at the precious creature his minion had taken from the celestial pool.

“Leave us Ryukyu. Enjoy your last few hours on Earth. Take the money from the table. No doubt the keepers of the maidenpool will come for you” The guard left the room and drew a deep breath.

Dragon lord Ryukotsukai was the son of Ryukotsusei and his mainland wife. He was raised in the mainland with his mother and had never visited until about 5 years before the defeat of Naraku and he was there to stay. There were rumors of his activities on the mainland and whispers of an exile.

Ryukyu had drawn the short straw when their lord had asked for one of the personal guards  to come forward and perform a dangerous task that they would not live through.

He had been relieved at first when lord Ryukotsukai asked him to procure a female. It was normal for the dragon demon to ask his personal guards to take women for his particular…..proclivities.

Demonesses, humans and everything in between. He had taken a liking to priestesses recently and had raped and murdered them by the tens and twenties. By his count the demon lord had gone through 35 non-magic human females, 174 priestesses and now a celestial maiden.

Everyone knew the maidens were heavily protected by the ancient keepers of the maidenpool and once one entered, even if they successfully took a maiden out, it would be only a matter of time before the keepers of the pool would come for them.

“I shall enjoy my last breaths” The demon whispered to himself as he surveyed the vast lands of the East. He looked west and huffed.

‘Damned western dogs, they’re so smug now that one of their lords has defeated Naraku. That priestess who was ultimately responsible for the defeat is lucky she disappeared after the fight’ The demon thought back at the incredible hunt he and his comrades were sent on looking for the Shikon No Miko.

Their master threw fitful tantrums when they came back empty handed. Forcing normal human females to wear miko robes while he raped them to death.

He’d even gone to Midoriko’s cave with two of the most powerful witches from the mainland. He was given an amulet made from the petrified remains of the priestess and secured with a shard from a meteorite.

The amulet  would take him directly to the Shikon No Miko and would glow green if she were to ever appear. Of course it never glowed green and never worked when he muttered the incantation they taught him.

He had the witches murdered and thrown in the sea.

The demon’s thoughts wandered to the celestial maiden on the ground in his Master’s room. Poor woman. She was in for one rough night.

*****************************Back at the Castle********************************

Ryukotsukai knew from the legends that if a demon took a celestial maiden and impregnated her, the offspring would be unparalleled in power. It was why they were so hidden and why when most of them did their Earthly work, they would disguise themselves as priestesses.

At first he was sure the the Shikon No Miko was a celestial maiden ,however, his sorcerers found a bag of her belongings in the new slayer village and were able to procure her energy, confirming she was just a priestess.

He wanted to prove to his clan that he should be the new leader of the Dragons and he would do that by creating the strongest offspring. His ten brothers stood no chance once his mother got wind of who he was about to mate.

He looked down at her slumbering form. His minion had managed to capture her during her hibernation period. It was perfect, she would not wake easily and he was up for the challenge.

He would have to mark her immediately so that she would be tied to him, unable to escape. He would finally be able to fuck a woman as rough as he wanted to. Celestial maidens were immortal and could not be killed or injured by ordinary means.

It was how he knew all of the priestesses he raped were not celestial women in disguise. As soon as he would get too rough they would die. He would finish with his pleasure anyway and discard the soiled bodies from the cliffside.

His erection was already throbbing upon looking at the beautiful face of the creature on the floor. She was radiant. Glowing pale skin, white silvery hair and a body shaped so perfectly he was sure he would orgasm just seeing it naked.

He began to kiss her neck, running his hands up her thighs to find her warm perfect cavern. He could smell her purity and it drove him mad. He tore her dress off with his claws as she groaned softly. She would be awake soon.

He pressed his face between her legs hungrily spreading her folds with his fingers and licking her up and down, sucking her perl into his mouth gently.

His hands ran to the outside of her thighs gripping them in his clawed hands as he lapped at her core hungrily. He was ravaging her sopping wet slit with his mouth, digging his claws into her skin. He could smell the blood.

She moaned hard, still slimbering. She was so wet and she tasted like no other female he had ever encountered. He knew he wouldn’t last long so he would not wait for her to wake.

He pulled himself up, his chin dripping with her juices. He freed his erection and wasted no time thrusting into her, letting out a roar so deep he was sure the whole castle would hear.

He began thrusting madly pounding her small body roughly, pinning her arms down with his hands.

She woke violently, her silver eyes fixed on him in confusion as he violently thrusted, pounding her mercilessly.

Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she tried in vain to fight back. She was taken from her hibernation period therefore she was weak. Had she not been woken from hibernation she would have easily thrown the demon off of her and slit his throat with her sacred dagger.

She panted and let out a sob as her body began to betray her. Her core felt hot and the pangs of pleasure caused her to throw her head back as the demon pricked up his pace.

“Ohhhhh YESSSSS you like it don’t you whore?” He groaned out as he could feel her tight muscles clenching him.

He moved one hand to her neck and he choked her hard as he thrusted even more violently, blood pooling beneath them from her shredded body.

Her body betrayed her again. She was disgusted and angry fighting the pleasure but she soon lost the battle. She cried out in pleasure as her eyes went white and her body shook, her bare nipples throbbed causing her to squeeze a breast with her own hand to stop it.

“You love this, you disgusting whore. You love how I make you scream” The demon couldn't handle this woman squeezing her own breasts. He spilled into her grabbing her legs violently and thrusting into her as deeply as he could, digging his claws into her skin as he screamed in pleasure, pressing himself into as he pumped her full of his thick seed.

She looked up at the demon, he was handsome, very handsome but rotten inside. She could feel his wicked soul and it made her sick. She wanted to vomit, she felt her body bleeding. She waited for him to release her. Surely her dagger was in the hidden pocket in her cloak. She eyed her cloak just next to where she lay.

She would need to be fast.

He rolled off of her but narrowed his eyes when he saw she was not crying or cowering from the violent rape.

A human would have died long before he reached his pleasure. She sat there quietly only examining her wounds as they healed quickly.

“I am to be your husband” He said sternly waiting for her expression to change but he waited in vain.

“Do you speak my language?” He asked a bit too loudly.

“Oh this is perfect” He grinned maniacally.

“She can’t speak and I can fuck her as roughly and as often as possible and she’s beautiful” He was on cloud nine as the woman sat staring at him with the same blank expression.

“ You are “Whore”….”Whore” that is your name” He said slowly as if talking to an idiot.

‘Imbecile’ she thought to herself. She would wait for the right moment to strike.

The rape of her earthly shell really didn’t bother her. She was an ancient being and had seen and experienced many centuries of human and demon suffering. Having been brought to orgasm was an interesting experience  but she was about to kill her attacker so she was sure justice would be served.

Her sacred dagger had the power to kill any creature on Earth. It also had other powers, mainly tied to her job as a celestial maiden. Harnessing the magic in the light of the moon and purifying the sacred waters on Earth and bringing purification energy to humans.

She was thinking about her exit plan when suddenly the imbecile’s attention was caught by a strange object that began to glow a faint green.

“This is the most important day of my life” he breathed as he frantically picked up the glowing object. He muttered the incantation softly and in the moment he felt a searing pain in his arm as the maiden missed his chest and plunged the dagger into his arm. Simultaneously he plunged the magical object through her chest.

Suddenly they were both carried away magically and everything went…….pink

***************************************Just seconds before *************************************

It had been three years since the defeat of Naraku. Kagome looked down at her robes. There was a festival that day and she wore the robes of a priestess. She gripped the edge of the well

“I wish I could see you all again” She whispered and suddenly her eyes widened as she felt the familiar pull

Soon she was surrounded by pink light. She always loved the pink float through time but there was something strange

She was knocked to the side by a body as she struggled to see what was infringing on her time jump.

It was a naked woman holding a dagger with one hand and the other hand over her chest as a strange amulet was spreading black mist through her middle and a man …. A demon….screaming in pain as his arm was being purified.

The woman grabbed Kagome’s arm and looked her in the eyes. Kagome could hear the woman’s voice in her head even though no sound came from her.  

“Shikon Miko, I am dying” She said clutching her chest.

“This amulet is sealed with a shard of meteorite, it is the only material which can kill my kind….our kind… you I transfer all of my power . Protect yourself, you have a great destiny. I….I can see it… must defeat Naraku ….he…...he is ...AGHHH” The woman was breathing raggedly and struggling to speak as a sharp pain overcame her.

“Wear this amulet, it will….It will….hide your power from those who would wish to misuse it. This dagger wi...will protect you from any creature. Plunge it into the chest of your foe and he will fall no ma….matter...what it is. You ….you are a celestial maiden now. Find Bokusenou the tree demon, he will explain that which I do not have time to say. And with that a silver light engulfed both women and the celestial powers were transferred to Kagome along with the amulet.

Kagome was disoriented when she landed, the demon was already running away at full speed when she got up, not wanting to stick around for the rest of his body to become purified.

Kagome coughed raggedly and looked around for the woman. She ran to the body but as soon as she arrived it began to turn into a shimmery dust.

“Collect my stardust Kagome, it will come in handy” she looked around for the origin of the voice and realized it must have been the soul as it left.

She took a small jar from her pocket. It had nail glitter in it, she and and Eri had been doing their nails earlier. She dumped out the blue shimmery powder and filled the jar with the silver dust.

She felt wetness on her nose and rubbed at it, it was blood. She pulled out her mirror to examine the wound and squealed in shock.

Her gray eyes were now a piercing sky blue. Her hair was shiny, inky black and longer than before. It was straight at the top and hung in loose ringlets at the bottom. The maiden’s starry headpiece was also now on Kagome’s head. It looked like a crown, made of ethereal metal, moonstones sapphires and diamonds laying flat on her head like a headband.

Her skin had a starry glow to it. It was a lot to take in.

She heard wrestling in the bushes and she quickly put her mirror away.

She felt her amulet and noted that It did not change her features ,however, perhaps it hid her scent and energy signature.

“Oh man I look like a taiyoukai. At least my ears are still round” She let out a sigh while rubbing her ear.

She stowed the dagger in her waistband and picked up her bow and arrow which she was happy she’d put on. They made her “costume” better for the festivals.

She drew an arrow and crept slowly toward the treeline

“Who are you?” Kikyo’s voice was firm and strong as she leapt from the bushes and held an notched arrow firmly aimed at Kagome.

“K……..kikyo!” Kagome breathed, dropping her own bow.

“Do I know you ? the woman narrowed her eyes and circled the priestess.

“I...I….” Kagome was too shocked to even speak.

Kikyo looked on at the woman in shock. She was different than kikyo but still the resemblance was uncanny.

Suddenly a spark of realization fell over Kikyo’s face and she looked down shock as she lowered her arrow .

“Father……” She blinked hard in sadness.

“Your father was a priest called Toji Tsujitani” Kikyo spoke softly .

“You’re about two or three years older than me, my father was married before he met my mother. She was a lord’s daughter and they had married in secret. When her father found out, he tried to kill father and ran him from the lands. He must have gotten her pregnant before he was forced out. You look like a royal priestess….or a demoness” Kikyo looked on at her expecting an answer.

“Ye….yes” Kagome said in a sure tone.

“My mother…”

“.....Was Setsuna…...I bet she died. I am sorry for your loss” Kikyou’d finished her sentence sadly.

“Ye...yes” She said trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

“Big sister” a small voice carried over the treeline as a young girl came to the priestes’ side.

“Kaede, stay behind me” Kikyo said holding the young child back.

‘Oh NO!!! I KNOW WHERE I AM” Kagome panicked thinking about all of the things she’d heard about the time of the conception of ……

“Naraku” she whispered.

“What was that?” Asked kikyou.

“COUGH COUGH...Oh you know just a little tickle...haha” She looked down thoughtfully

‘So I  was sent back by the celestial maiden to the time of Naraku, given a bunch of power and let loose near kikyou…..not to mention there’s an armless weirdo running around.’ she sighed hard and looked around with a worried expression.

“So…...are you my sister?” Kikyou looked at the woman with narrowed eyes. She could not believe how much the woman resembled her. It was almost like looking into a mirror.

“I…..I ‘here goes’........YES! I am Kagome, Daughter and Toji….I…..came here my family” She said hesitantly.

“Kaede…...Kaede meet our sister…...” Kikyo pulled the young girl over and held her shoulders cautiously, she knew of demon trickery but something told her this woman was connected to her in some way.

“Uh…. hi….Kaede….I’m Kagome” She smiled softly as Kaede cocked her head and looked up at her.

“She was born of the woman father was married to before he met mother” She added.

“Another big sister! Wow you look like a princess, you’re so beautiful” the young girl exclaimed.

“You may stay with us, no doubt you must be exhausted travelling from so far” She asked.

“Ye...yes... I … travelled so long…..but….I….knew…..I wanted to connect ….with my only remaining family so I didn’t stop” she stumbled.

“Oh….is the rest of your mother’s family gone?” asked Kikyou.

“Ye...yes...a plague” She said.

“SISTER! INUYASHA COMES!!” Kaede shouted, she was always happy to see Inuyasha.

‘Great….what am I gonna do now?’ Kagome mused.  


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