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The Ugly Priestess by zodiak023

Depression's physical form

She was the ugly duckling, having to switch schools so often because of bullies. One school had a ‘no bully’ policy, however it was in Japan and ran by Mr. Taisho, also the school was a private school, mostly for prominent families in Japan. Mr. Taisho had talked with the girl’s mother and with her daughter’s high test scores and grades and seeing as Kagome, Ms. Higurashi’s daughter, had trouble with bullies Mr. Taisho decided to allow her to attend the school, on a scholarship of course. Kagome Higurashi was her name, she was an overweight 15 year old, not only that but she was Japanese and from the states and she had sky blue eyes.

She never really tried to talk to the other kids because they were so cruel, her father had been her idol but he died when she was five years old and left her mother with a two year old son. Kagome was always trying to help her mother out with her younger brother but since this school was going to be her sixth school in three years she shut completely down again. She would have to get used to the kids staring at her and whispering about her behind her back again, but most of the time that wasn’t just all they did to her.

They would trip her in the halls, knock the books from her arms, interrupted her when she had an oral presentation, even ‘boo’ at her in the talent show. Kagome had kept to herself and tried to ignore the other kids and she was just getting comfortable with ignoring them in the school she was recently in, but her mother had to go and remove her again.

“This school is different sweetie. They have a ‘no bully’ policy at this school. We are meeting the principal tomorrow and you can start your classes on Monday. You’ll have a better time here. Even Mr. Taisho was impressed with your test scores.” her mother Amiki explained, Kagome didn’t want to worry her mother over her,

“Its because Dad and you taught me I do and be whatever and whoever I wanted to be if I worked hard for it. So I listen in class and I stick with my studies.” Kagome quietly explained from the back seat of the car.

“I am really proud of you and I know your father is proud of you too sweetheart.” Amiki explained,

“Why did I have to switch schools again?” Kagome asked,

“I think this school will be a lot better for you.” Amiki explained with worry in her voice because she was horrified that one day her daughter would end her life because of the bullying.

“Mom, you don’t have to worry about me. I am much stronger than rude comments. You also said that when we moved to Japan that the last school would be better for me.” Kagome mumbled as she got out of the car and stared at the 40 steps she would have to climb to get to her grandfather’s home. She would be living here during the week since her mother lived on the other side of town and her grandfather’s place was closer to the school, she could ride the bus. Kagome sighed, she had three bags of stuff, clothes, shoes, books, and female hygiene stuff. She grabbed the largest bag and threw it over her shoulder and started with the first step, after the twentieth step she had to sit down for a break.

Kagome wheezed and coughed a little due to the physical exercise she had to endure. Soon she finally reached the top stair, she couldn’t believe she would be living with her nutty grandfather, sure he had some good bedtime stories with how they were descended from a famous miko but she didn’t want a priestess life. A life of helping heal the injured or frail people when she was always made fun of by people, sure she didn’t wish any harm against the ones that bullied her but she didn’t want to go out of her way to help them when all they did was hurt her.

She had always knew her grandfather lived on a shrine and hoped and prayed that he wouldn't make her dress as a miko for the shrine tours he put on. She had already had to digest the ‘pregnancy’ jokes from bullies and he would want her to wear some silly stupid costume that would make her look pregnant. When she walked into the house she slipped off her shoes,

“Your room is upstairs, its ready for you if you want to put those bags down and join us in a family dinner in a little while.” her grandfather explained.

“Of course grandfather.” Kagome softly, she headed up more stairs, and finally got to her room. There she threw her bag of clothes by the bed, with a sigh of exhaustion. She hated her health, just a walk up 40 steps and to her bedroom had her so tired that she laid on the bed and fell fast asleep. Her mother and grandfather started talking about Kagome’s health,

“She lost her father, the girl has been depressed ever since she lost him. She needs help, she needs to talk to someone about it. I am sure the kids that pick on her in the schools she has been in does not help either.” her grandfather explained.

“Yes but she wont talk to anyone about it. She hardly talks to me about her father.” Amiki explained,

“Because my daughter, her father was your husband, therefore, she knows it hurt you more than anything. She wont talk to you about it because you never moved on. You never opened your heart to anyone else.” Amiki’s father explained,

“We had it all, how was I supposed to open myself to anyone when I have the kids, I had to protect them as well. They come first.” Amiki explained.

“I know it takes time, but you have to communicate with her, show her its okay to talk about him.” Kagome’s grandfather explained, Amiki nodded,

“Things will be better at this school. You will see.” the old man tending to dinner.


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