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Blind Love by Scar

The making of a Yokai

Disclaimer: This is a blanket disclaimer for this ENTIRE fanfiction. You will see certain factions depicted as racist and warmongering, this is my depiction not fact. If you are Japanese, please know that I do not think this is true about your government or any other familiar bodies.

Also time skips are indicated with *****


The summer was oppressively hot. Even for him, his eyes narrowed annoyed with a fly buzzing around his head. Scrunching up his nose he let out a growl which went ignored by the bug. Suddenly his tiny claws came up and smashed the bug. “Ha!” the child exclaimed in triumph.

“Lord Sesshomaru mind yourself,” an elderly voice cooed from above him.

“But—I  got it,” Sesshomaru said, his amber eyes narrowing again.

“Very good,” the female cooed again, her white eyes staring down at him. The pair turned back to the courtyard, Sesshomaru noted the woman’s forehead beginning to sweat. It was hot. The sun blared down on them as the Court waited. Sesshomaru glanced over at his father, his face masked. He liked watching his father. Since his birth he was the prize of the West, the heir.

His mother had died giving birth to him, her body not rejecting the rest of the birthing fluids correctly. He has been told his father lost himself that day.  Servants still spoke of the angry red eyes of the great Inu Tashio. As Sesshomaru looked up at his father, he suddenly had the urge to reach for his hand. He was seventy now, a mere pup. Large fingers wrapped themselves around Sesshomaru’s hand.

“Your mother would be proud of you,” the deep husky voice of his father said.  Sesshomaru’s fingers could not grasp his father’s properly, but the young pup smiled up at the great Lord of the West.

“She would be proud of you father. You have brought peace once again to our lands,” Sesshomaru said, a ghost of a smile played on Inu Tashio’s lips. 

“Sire! The Miko has arrived!” a guard shouted.

“Finally,” Sesshomaru grumbled under his breath. His father chuckled at the impatient pup beside him.


Sesshomaru was curious to see this Miko, this “protector” of the living. It was late and he had been sent off to bed. However, his curiosity won out. He did not even get to see her that afternoon. He was shooed from the courtyard before she had entered. The pup snuck past one set of guards, grinning like a dog who had snuck a treat. The great hall of his father’s Shiro were open. Sesshomaru could smell roasted meat and sweet wine.

A cough roused him, his eye grew widened at the sight of his father.

“Father,” Sesshomaru said, his eye suddenly trained on the floor. The dog general chuckled before picking the pup up and placing him on his shoulders.

“Come Maru my boy, I want you to meet someone,” Inu Tashio said, entering the loud room. The occupants smiled and bowed as the two Lords entered. Sesshomaru perched on his father’s shoulders nodded to those he recognized.

“Midoriko-sama,” Inu Tashio greeted with a small bow. Sesshomaru’s eye widened. His father was Lord above all else! He gave this Miko the respect of a Lord!

“Inu Tashio-sama, I am grateful to see you again old friend,” she said with a smile before bowing.

“Oh? And this must be Sesshomaru-sama,” Midoriko said softly, her blue eyes watching as Inu Tashio placed the pup on his feet. His clawed hand took a hold of his father’s pants. He could feel her aura, crackling the in air, it made his hair stand up.

She knelt before him in a white kimono. Her hair was loose around her for and was longer than his fathers. She smiled softly and stuck out a hand, there in her palm was a plum.

“I will not harm you little one,” her voice smoothed over him like silk.

“Thank you Midoriko-sama,” Sesshomaru said with a bow. His tiny hand reaching out for the plum.

“You look like your mother,” her tone still soft. Her words surprised him, she laughed as he knitted his eyebrows in confusion.

“I do not age like normal mortals,” she said with a laugh. He liked her laugh and found himself smiling at her.

After their meeting, Sesshomaru was taken with the Miko. She sat beside him telling him her tales of travel and how she met his father. He would ask questions, hanging on to every word from the woman beside him. She smiled and indulged his childish curiosity.  Someone from the hall screamed, silencing the room. Inu Tashio jumped up and drew his sword his men were backing into the room. Midoriko stood, her aura dancing in the air, like the flashing lights when it rained.

“Well, well, well,” a crackling voice came from the middle of the room. Suddenly in a flash of smoke, a woman appeared. Sesshomaru hissed softly, he knew that face.

“My dearest Inu Tashio, tsk. You wound me at not inviting this one to your party,” the female purred out.

Sesshomaru’s claws extended slightly. His eyes trained on his aunt, his mother’s sister It was not till he was older did he realize how much the bitch hated him and his father. She was looked over when Inu Tashio and Inu Kimi mated. She was the jealous bitch, lusting for her sister’s mate. It was shameful. 

“Maru my dear little nephew,” Inu Asha purred, catching sight of the boy. A snap of his father’s jaws warned the bitch to back off. She took a step forward and Inu Tashio took a step towards her.

“Leave him Inu Asha,” his voice low, his eyes trained on the woman, sword still drawn.

“You are not welcomed here,” Inu Tashio snapped again, his growl was low and deadly. Sesshomaru has only heard it a few times in his short life. Usually when someone was about to die.

“Pity. He is such a lovely child, you have sealed his fate though,” Inu Asha replied, a smile spreading across her face. Inu Tashio’s eyes flickered to his son for a moment, the boy’s nose was scrunched. It was a habit he inherited from his mother when something was displeasing. His claws had extended and Inu Tashio could tell that the boy’s aunt had angered him. He had never liked his aunt, especially after she tried to have him killed twenty years ago.

“Pity your weakness will kill him,” Inu Asha said again, ignoring the Miko and the boy.

“Leave,” Inu Tashio commanded, his men inching towards the women.

“This treaty with the humans will be his downfall. Lord Sesshomaru, the Killing perfection will fall in love with a filthy human. His fate was sealed when you turned your back on your own kind!” Inu Asha said, her voice dropping in tone.

“KILL HER!” Inu Tashio’s anger lashed out. His voice vibrated off the walls of the Shiro. Other Inu yōkai leapt after Inu Asha, but suddenly became dosed in an acid like poison. Yelps of pain mixed with Inu Asha’s laughter before she disappeared on the spot.


Sesshomaru shook his head and scrunched his nose up. Why had he thought of that now? Was it due to the female now carrying his brother? No, he did not love her. He hated the woman. She somehow bewitched his father, her kind words making him angry. His nose flooded with the smell of death. Blood. His father’s blood. Sesshomaru took off down to the burning Shiro. A growl ripped from his throat as he burst through a door. She was crying in the corner, his father’s fire rat cloth hanging from her head. A child screamed from her arms, frightened she looked up to Sesshomaru. She was like a rabbit. Her pointy nose twitching, her throat moving with a hard swallow.  She could not speak, but he did not need her to. He had smelled it. The great Inu Tashio had fallen, the smell of his father’s blood making him dizzy.

His anger screamed to lash out at the women. Blood pounded in his ears as he stared at the woman. His face void of all emotion. Yet, inside he was a swirling vortex of hate, anger, guilt, and sorrow. He growled out, scaring the woman again before sweeping her into his arms and taking off into the night. This human, this lowly human with no power had bewitched Inu Tashio. Sesshomaru fought to scrunch up his nose. Her sobs rang out in the night as her babe slept. Do you have someone to protect?  His father’s last words to him would haunt him till he was old.


How lowly had he fallen? His brother had all but killed him that day. His lust for the Hanyou’s blood grew in that moment. The pair had battled as that cursed Miko stood on the side. Her chocolate brown eyes full of worry. Pathetic! She was just like the boy’s mother. Weak and bleeding Lord Sesshomaru had set himself up against a tree. Closing his eyes, he waited. For what he was not sure, death perhaps? A sudden rustle in the bushes caught his attention. He snarled at the creature and raised his claw. A whimper escaped the child before he could kill her. She shook with fear for a moment, her kimono was ragged and torn. Her face was split open, blood pouring from a wound on her lips. Her face was bruised, so to were her skinny legs and arms. The child grinned at him before disappearing. What was wrong with that girl? Did she not know danger when it was right in front of her?

Later that night the girl returned. Her mouth now bleeding due to a missing tooth. She held out a fish wrapped in a left. He watched her, his eyes noting new scratches on her face. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes. He did not need food from a lowly human. She frowned, saddened by his rejection. He would be like the rest she guessed. She moved towards him then set the food down. She turned and left him for the night. This ritual happened twice a day for almost a fortnight, the human child would come give him food, smile, and then leave. Sesshomaru loathed her. Every day she would come with new wounds and new marks. Disgusting. Yōkai did not treat their young like that. Sure, sometimes they killed them, but to beat a defenseless pup? Dishonor. On the thirteenth day, he rose, semi-healed from his battle with his brother. Cracking his neck, Lord Sesshomaru turned to towards his lands. A scream pierced the air.  He ignored it, it was not his- He paused. Blood.

He sniffed the air and suddenly came to the realization that the scream belonged to the little girl. Scrunching up his nose, he sighed. Taking off in the direction of the scream, he became acutely aware that he was not the only yōkai in the area. Wolves. He took off running, the wolves in this area were savage, mindless beasts. She screamed again, then the sound stopped. He burst through the clearing snarling. Something came over him, those words again. Do you have something to protect? Damn that man, Sesshomaru thought before plunging his claws into a wolf’s back the ripping out its spinal cord. Blood. The wolves, his, hers. The area was soaked with it; it would be a long time before the trees forgot this battle.

She was silent. Her heart had stopped pumping, why did is bother him so? Do you have someone to protect? Those words would haunt him. Suddenly a pulse at his hips called his attention. Tenseiga, he thought suddenly confused. A pulse again. Drawing the old rusted sword from its sheath, he became aware of the creatures grabbing at the girl. Another memory bubbled forth from the back of his mind. “Sesshomaru, my little general. Remember those who lead by compassion will rule loved and those who do not will rule in fear.” The wind picked up, tangling itself in Sesshomaru’s long white hair. A whiff of sandalwood and moss floated through the breeze. 

“Chichi,” Sesshomaru said, feeling suddenly alone. It was one swipe of the sword and the creatures from the underworld screamed and dissipated. She was quiet for a moment. Then suddenly a sharp gasp for breath. Tenseiga had healed the serious wounds, but the girl’s body was still littered with bruises. Her eyes fluttered around, still under the impression the wolves were attacking. Then she stopped, her large doe-like eyes softened and she smiled at him. “Hn,” he responded as he turned to walk away. The child followed him, as she would still she found a husband of her own. Even on her deathbed, she spoke of her Lord Sesshomaru.


The final battle had come. Inuyasha’s ears twitched with every sound, he was nervous. Sesshomaru would be a fool to deny he was not nervous. Naraku had plagued this earth long enough. He was a vile and a disgusting excuse for a half yōkai. Sesshomaru placed his brother below himself and Naraku at the bottom of his personal measurement scale. Disgusting beast. Kagura, the wind witch, stood with them, they had been able to free her from Naraku’s hold by forcing her heart back into her chest cavity. Inuyasha’s mate had been the one to do it. Sesshomaru took a slide glance at the priestess.  She was not ugly, but she was plain in his opinion. Her dull dark eyes did nothing for her pale skin. Her long hair had been pulled back, he had never seen it loose. His brother was free to make his choices, but the Miko named Kikyo did not sit well with the Lord.

“Sesshomaru,” his brother stated, barely above a whisper. The boy—no he was a man now. Inuyasha had proven himself to be Sesshomaru’s Beta. 150 years they fought and teased each other, now? They stood side by side, dressed in the color of their lands. Facing unknown peril with the disgusting thing in front of them.

“If I die, take care of Rin,” Sesshomaru said, earning a look from Inuyasha.

“If I die, take care of Kikyo,” Inuyasha replied. Both men nodded and waited.

An oozing mass of flesh pulsed in front of them. Thick puss poured from the skin, green and fowl smelling. Sesshomaru scrunched his nose up.

“Kagura, where is your sister?” Sesshomaru asked, aware the girl had not appeared.

“He’s pulling from the void. If she is not already dead, she will be,” Kagura said, her fan flicking in irritation. She hated the man she was forced to call father. Disgusting vile thing. He had raped her, caged her, abused her. Her pink eyes narrowed. He would die today.

“Ku, ku, ku,” Naraku’s voice crackled over the field. Inuyasha drew his sword, their father’s fang. Sesshomaru drew his, Kagura flicked her fan open, ready to battle, Kikyo notched an arrow and the war began. The rain and mud mixed with blood. The foursome battled Naraku. Wave after wave over lower yōkai sent to delay them. Kikyo was out of arrows. Soon, wheedling her power with her bow she began to slash at the yōkai near her. 

Each in their own battles as the war raged. The sun began to set, the foursome pushed harder. Suddenly a cry for help erupted over the carnage, Naraku had pierced Kikyo with a tentacle.

“NO!” Inuyasha screamed, forcing his way towards her.  She narrowed her eyes and began to laugh, silencing Naraku’s taunts. A burst of pink light engulfed them and suddenly they were gone. Inuyasha fell to his knees where his mate once was. He clawed at the earth screaming, Kagura bowed her head in prayer. Sesshomaru felt suddenly for his brother, this was the second time he watched as a male from that House of the West lose someone they loved. His father had gone through it once before he died.

“Brother,” Sesshomaru said softly, his hand landing on Inuyasha shaking shoulders.

“Why?” he asked, suddenly reminding Sesshomaru of a lost pup. Tears spilled from Inuyasha eyes, his face red and angry from sobbing. His breathing erratic, his heart shattered.

“Because she loved you,” was the only answer given. 


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