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Counter-wish by NovemberDoll

Cupid's Arrow

A/N: Okay, so I'm posting this here again. I'll only say this once, for this story I don't aim to be geographically or historically accurate. So if there are any inaccuracies then forgive me, but this is only meant to be a light read. The props and settings I use are for comedic purposes only.

Relaxxxxxx..... chillllll....


Cupid's Arrow


She was supposed to have a happy ending. The last time she saw him, he was sailing away in the sky, while she and Inuyasha were waving goodbye. She even called him big brother, assuming she was supposed to marry the love of her life afterward, and have many babies, and become the village healer. What went wrong?

She dare not move a muscle. She didn't even breathe.

His voice dragged her back from her lament.

You shot me.”

He stared at her in disbelief. He had practiced his stoic mask for three hundred years, but he could not help the twitch in his brows. She only stared back at him with wide eyes, like a dumb deer caught in a trap. He could hear the suppressed, mocking laughter erupting from behind him. He could not believe.

You shot me,” he said again, very slowly, as if trying to convince himself this was not real. But the arrow that jutted painfully on his chest verified the truth that yes, she had shot him.

"In the heart." A newcomer's voice clarified, stepping out of the shadows, raising a finger to prove his point. The suppressed laughter grew louder. Two more figures stumbled out of the concealment, clutching their stomachs. Kagome knew these people- the Daiyoukai of the North, East, and South, and she felt cold all over.

I... I-” She fell on her knees, prostrating. “I'm sorry!!” She did not mean to do so. She was practicing her aim when she felt formidable auras around her, and she released. The suppressed laughter burst into a guffaw. She dared to raise her eyes.

She dared.

His death glare made her regret her decision. “Please don't kill me!!!” She eeped. He won't kill her, she reassured herself. He was way past that practice, they were allies! And he was her future Onii-san!

Hn.” Sesshomaru raised his haughty chin up. “I was going to kill that woman, anyway-”

Kagome gasped. Inuyasha where the heck are you!

What are you talking about!” The Northern Phoenix- Daiyoukai strode towards her hunched form, apparently taking her side. “Sesshomaru, what a shame! Is that how you treat your... fiancee?" He dragged the last part as slow as possible, and the suppressed laughter erupted again.

It was getting on Kagome's nerves. What the heck were they laughing about? Why were they acting like annoying drunk brats? And why were they saying that she was his fian-

Wait a minute,” she pushed her face off the ground. “I think I misheard something.” She cleaned her ears. “Okay, about the last part-”

"Silence!" Sesshomaru snapped, bringing Kagome's face back to the ground. She clenched her teeth. How dare he speak to her like that! But he was apparently angered about something. She had to be rational.

There were four freaking Daiyoukai before her.

The Southern Daiyoukai took a deep breath, finally finished with her fit of laughter. “So? What is your decision, Great Dog Demon of the West?”

No.” Sesshomaru was about to fold his arms in front of his chest but balked. He forgot about the arrow sticking out of his chest. The mere sight of it made his brow twitch again.

Are you willing to give up the Western Lands, then?”

The Demon Lord grit his teeth. The whole idea seemed infallible at that time. FAILPROOF.

Until today, when she shot him with an arrow. TO THE HEART.

Kami save him from all this stupidity.

Then congratulations!” The young Eastern Daiyoukai announced, slapping Sesshomaru's back with such force the Demon Lord lurched. The Southern Daiyoukai stretched and yawned, her fangs showing. “That was all good! With all that concluded, isn't it time for dinner?”

The Northern Daiyoukai nodded in agreement. “Let's go, I'm starving.”

Whoa... just... whoa. Hold your horses.” The group turned to see the woman closing her eyes, trying to comprehend. The poor thing was obviously confused. “I don't understand. What is happening?!”

The Eastern Daiyoukai shrugged. "I'll explain in dinner. But long story short, we made a waiver two hundred years ago, Sesshomaru here tried to be a smart ass, and now he lost, and he has to fulfill his end of the bargain."

Kagome breathed in relief. A smile broke her lips and she wiped the cold sweat from her forehead.

But why was Sesshomaru still glaring swords and daggers at her?

Oh,” The Eastern Daiyoukai paused. “And his end of the bargain would mean you are now engaged to fluffy here.” He turned and sauntered away as if it were nothing.

Her jaw dropped on the floor. She could feel the Southern Daiyoukai's hand snake around her wrist as she dragged her with her. “Let's go, dinner will be cold by the time we arrive!”

Kagome did not even budge.

What in the dumbest plot twist had she gotten herself into?


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