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Broken Screams by Sarah Redfield

Chapter 1

I originally posted this on FF on December 6th, but decided to put it here.  My first time posting on this site.  Yeah me!  Anyway, hope you all enjoy.  Updated when possible.

Thirteen years to the day, is how long it's been since my father passed away. Now, I normally take this day to be with my family and just remember my father, but I decided that I wanted to great a little one-shot (no it's not in dedication to this) because I started to feel sad, angry and a lot of other emotions. I found myself just writing this one-shot real quick and well…here you guys go. But yeah…don't have much else to say about it other than because of today and all that, this came about.


She found herself collapsing to her knees, tears flooding her vision and screams filling the silence as well as her ears. They would all pay for this. All of them! She had worked so hard, done everything that she was supposed to do; made the wish that helped prevent the ending of all things and this is how the Gods repay her?! By allowing the one she loved most of all to die?


Hell no!

That was just NOT acceptable in any way, shape or form.

They had gotten so, so close after her first love had broken her heart, practically leaving her for a woman who technically wasn't even alive. And now because her second love, her true love decided to protect her from an unseen enemy…the Fates, the Gods themselves decide to forsake her by allowing him to be taken away from her.

It wasn't fair.

Her rage grew the more she thought about it. The darkness that had been so small inside her heart, grew into an inferno that she did not know how to quell; that she didn't care to extinguish in the first place. If the world had not seen fit to take her whole world away from her than this would not be a problem. But life…and the Gods, it seemed, just did not care.

Lifting her face from the ground, Kagome gripped the ground she had collapsed on, anger evident within every pore on her face. Blue eyes lighting with a rage that was never before seen held within. Her power flared around her wildly, yet calm at the same time. It was a testament to her control and gave everyone else the ability to see that this was one miko that you did not want to mess with…

"I will get you back," she whispered, voice hoarse from her screams, from the rage. "No matter what…"



Hm…as you can see this is a very different story from what I write. Meaning that I normally like to write stories where I insert an OC that's told from that OC's perspective, so again, when I write a piece like this, it is very odd for me.

(Originally this was to be a one-shot, but obviously it won't be.)


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