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Shinto Maiden by mokomiko


This is my first sesskag fic (but don't worry I'm an okay writer I promise), it's based off of one if not my favorite shojou manga 'Black Bird', and I hope you enjoy it.

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    Snowflakes fell quickly from a dark, blue sky dusted with gray cloud dusts and twinkling, white stars. Atop a tall shrine house, a chimney bellowed smoke and, lights brightened the entire house in an amber aura. It's doors suddenly slid open letting in a young, tabby cat with an annoyed mewl and letting out a tiny bundle of brown and red with blue eyes twinkling at the sight.

Higurashi, Kagome, a quiet child who had a Mama who told her she was wise beyond her years and a Grandpa who told her exciting tales of the magic in their shrine, showed her fantastic swords and samurai armor and taught her how to read old scrolls. Sometimes, she even got to dress as the shrine's priestess and greet people during holidays, leading them to the well to pray while her Grandpa gave fortunes and Mama did palm readings. On those days, children from her school would play with her, thinking her magical and cool.

Any other time however, when Kagome invited other children over to play they would call her strange, telling her to stop using her 'powers' when they played hide and seek or tease her by playing 'Kagome, Kagome' just to get upset when she won and, call her a cheater.

Kagome preferred it more when they liked her... and she blew big puffs of frosty air to distract herself from such sad thoughts.

“Kagome, don't forget to close the door!” She heard her Mama call from the living room, “And stay in the yard!”

“Yes ma'am!” Kagome responded, sliding said door shut and paddling her way to the first step to sit down and safely making her way down the steps covered in icy patches.

First, she would make snowmen-no, snow angels-no! A whole snow army to have a snowball fight with!

“Hurry up and be born, Souta!” Kagome spoke to herself she knelt down underneath The-Big-Tree-With-The-Name-She-Couldn't-Pronounce and dug her hands in a plush pile of snow to begin her first snowman, “Playing by myself is no fun.”

When her Mama had finally decided what her baby brother's name would be, Kagome wore the name on her tongue as if someone bet her she couldn't; Her Mama told her she was big now, bigger than she was yesterday, and even bigger than she was last week, and that meant Souta wanted to catch up. Kagome was excited to have a new friend, one that lived with her so he couldn't leave, one that'd be just like her Mama and Grandpa and like his big sister just the way she was.

Simply remembering that made Kagome extra cheerful, and she held her red mittens against her mouth to gleefully squeal into them.

Which made her miss the bright, blue light that suddenly shined out of the well house, and mistake her sudden shiver as a product of the cold.


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