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Stars for Christmas Lights by WritingMage


Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, and in truth, I only own the interpretation of a certain narrator and some characters and perhaps bits and pieces of the nonexistent plot. Also, this is melancholy and kind of about Christmas but not really.

Kagome looked up. Above her, an infinity of stars stared back. How far were they? How long would it take to reach the farthest star? Idly, Kagome fingered her pendant, her last physical reminder of her family beyond the well. How long would it be before time erased even this pendant was gone? Kagome sighed, and all that left was the vapor of her breathe. Sending her last prayers, Kagome looked over the frozen over landscape before walking back to the hut.

It had been three long years since the well had closed, and somehow, Kagome couldn’t quite believe it. Some last vestige of her girlhood insisted that it couldn’t be right. She was a modern Tokyo girl! She had a family! She had school! With each passing day, those vehement denials became more of a burden rather than a source of hope, and if Kagome’s eyes were a little duller, no one noticed. With one last frowning look to the landscape and Kagome was gone.

Inside, InuYasha blustered to Kaede about their latest exploits in the shard hunt. “Old lady, it was intense!”

Kagome frowned. Since when had InuYasha called Kaede old lady? Eyes squinted, Kagome tried to remember when. Meanwhile on the other side of the hut, Sango and Miroku whispered quietly, and Shippo entertained himself with trying to master a new trick. All in all, it was a good day. The fire kept them warm, and all the chatter was almost enough for Kagome to pretend that she was among her family, that they were all chattering and preparing for Christmas. Kagome leaned closer to the fire, watching the dancing flames.


Original Posting Date: December 26, 2017

Prompt: N/A

Word Count: 274

Note: This is by far not my best writing, but I really wanted to write something. It's always about Kagome missing the fuedal era, isn't it? What about missing her native Tokyo, her family? It's an interesting thought. There's four more chapters, all fully written. Will be posting within the next few days. Tell me what you think! This is NOT a ONE-SHOT. ;) Lol, in case you didn't notice, it'll be told in small bite-sized chapters. Enjoy!
***I have the dreadful habit of writing for fandoms I know nothing about. Let it be known: I have never actually read the InuYasha manga or seen the anime.


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