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Eyes by LadySmurf


This is a oneshot. It is a dark oneshot. You have been warned. All normal disclaimers apply. Please enjoy.


He always made sure to look his opponent in the eyes when he kills them. There is honor in death and a warrior should be respected—even when he falls. Only a coward averts his eyes from the death that he has orchestrated. Only a coward refuses to watch the light extinguish from depths of their adversary’s pupil’s dark abyss. Only a coward kills without acknowledging the death that they have caused.


The eyes die before the body does.


The heart may pump after death, breath may leave the body, and the corpse may twitch in its final throws, but when life leaves the eyes you know that their soul can no longer see the world of the living because it is staring death in the face.


As a warrior, it was not only his duty, but his honor to watch such a moment when a worthy opponent is felled by his sword.


He had never imagined watching the life fade from eyes so blue.


He had never intended to watch her eyes greet death so soon; he had never intended to be the cause for such an early greeting.


He held her in his arms for days after the light left her eyes, Tensiega useless beside him, refusing to move for fear of coming back to a reality without her.


He stared into her glazed over gaze wishing, for the first time in his life, that he could make her stare back, lovingly into his own.

Her eyes shift, seeming to focus upon his own once more, but they are no longer her eyes…there is no life in them.

The jewel has been tainted. A selfish wish has been granted.

He saw his own death within those eyes.


Thank you all for reading.



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