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Kagomes NEW LIFE by SessKagg

The Reckoning

Kagome panted heavily as she ran furiously through the woods, she swiped limbs and vines from her path. She didn't even remember how long she had been running, all she knew was she had to get away form the demon that was pursuing her. She knew she would soon need to find a place to rest and regain her composure. She brushed away a low hanging branch as she struggled through the thick wood. She lost her footing and fell to the ground cutting her leg on a jagged rock protruding from the soil.

"Ouch….. Ouch…. Owwww…" She cried out

"Come out and play priestess" the demon howled

Kagome covered her mouth to hold in her moans of pain as she now crawled with all the strength she had remaining. She noticed a small slit in an approaching rock face. She continued her current heading and grabbed limbs as she was only feet from the small cave. She lowered her body and slid through the small opening and set the limbs she collected to disguise the entrance.

"Where did you go bitch"! her pursuer screamed loudly

She heard crashing as she saw trees falling to the ground and birds scurrying in all directions.

"I will find you and you will regret stealing my shard" he squealed

Kagome quieted her breathing as she slid further into the cave. Her mind raced as she feared what might happen if this beast did catch her.

"Damn it where the hell did you go"? She heard his voice trail off into the distance

Kagome knew she needed to venture deeper in order to find suitable shelter for the night. She stretched her arms out and used her hands to guide her way as she made her way deeper into the unknown. Kagome could see faint light peering through a tiny hole in the roof of the cave. The recess in the cavern was large enough to sleep and rest for the night. Kagome pulled off her backpack and removed her first aid kit, retrieving the gauze and antibacterial gel. She bandaged her wound with medical precision, she has become a master in the art of first aid after taking care of her friends over the years. She patted her hands on the floor of the cave searching for tinder.

"Come on there has to be something around here that will burn" She muttered

She scooped the tiny sticks scattered all around into a pile. She stacked a circle of rocks around the perimeter of the tinder, and pulled a match box from her pack.

"This fire won't last very long unless I can find something else to burn" she whispered to herself

She opened the box and pulled a single match which she struck against the rough side of the box. Light sparked to life as the match ignited and she slowly set the match in the center of the tinder. Light hit the walls of the cavern and Kagome was surprised as she looked around and saw the cave paintings. There were drawings of women battling demons, arrows flying, swords crashing, and blood flowing into a stream of water.

"Heavens there must have been a great battle here at one point in time"

She followed the paintings into a shallow corridor and found a few logs. She quickly drug the logs and stoked the fire as she added the logs. She rushed back to the walls to see what more she could learn of the battle that happened.

"The demons are fighting only women, was this an all female group of demon hunters"?

She walked back to the wall and picked up the story as the women seem to be pushing the demon horde into a corner. There look to be nearly 20 demons waiting above the bluffs in wait for the warriors.

"It looks to be a trap, could the women really be walking into a trap"?

She followed the wall and sees the demons overtake the female hunters. Only 3 women remained on either side as Kagome got to the next picture, a woman and one of the demons undergoing a marital ceremony.

"Could they have reached a treaty and negotiated peace between the two groups, this story is getting strange"!

She searched for more paintings on the walls but nothing could be found as to what happened next. She was upset, she wanted to know what happened next. Alas the walls had all been examined now multiple times revealing nothing new. She decided it was time to retire and rest her body. She pulls a jacket form her pack and balls it up under her head and as she lay her head on the makeshift pillow she falls fast asleep.

7 Hours later

Kagome opened her eyes as she slowly sat up to the now smoldering fire. The sun was letting in enough light for her to see a small glimmer down a narrow passage. She walked cautiously down the passage seeing the light shining brighter as she makes her way to the exit. Kagome drew in a deep breath as she could see a large clearing as she exited the cavern. Her eyes grew as she looked to her right and saw a stream with four women washing their laundry.

"Hello"! Kagome says excitedly

"Hello, where did you come from young lady"? one of the women asked as she turned and saw Kagome dirty and hair a mess

"Ha ha ha ha, well I spent the night in that cave. I seem to have lost my way when I was traveling through the woods" She chuckled

"Well would you like to wash your clothes, I have something you can wear until yours are dry" She offered

"Thank you very much you are so kind, my name is Kagome" She extends her hand to exchange pleasantries

"You are very welcome young lady, my name is Shin it's a pleasure to meet you" She responds as she shakes Kagome's hand

Shin hands Kagome a small bundle of clothes and points toward a small area covered on all sides by shrubbery. Kagome retreats to the small area and removes her clothes in a hurry, and replaces them with the new garments. It was merely a linen skirt and drape halter top that was very revealing, worst of it there were no underwear. Kagome felt very exposed and embarrassed. Her face was red as she walked form the cover of the shrubs. She joined the women at the stream and dipped her clothes into the water. Her new friend sprinkled some washing powder over the clothes as Kagome pulled her outfit form the water.

"Alright just scrub the garments together until it is soaped up and then rinse thoroughly" She smiled

"Thank you again"

Kagome smiled back and roughly scrubbed her clothes into a nice lather. She dips them into the stream and rinses the soap from them. Kagome feels a breeze as she bends down to dip her clothes in one more time. She feels somewhat freed not wearing any under garments, this was a first for her. She wrings out her clothes and makes her way to a low hanging branch and drapes her clothes.

"Oh young lady come, bring your clothes. Our way is much quicker"!

Kagome quickly retrieves her clothes and approaches Shin. She takes the clothes from Kagome and feeds a forked branch into the shirt and another through her skirt.

"Fan theses over the fire in a sweeping figure eight pattern like this"

She fans the clothes over the fire and Kagome watches, baffled by the sheer ingenuity of these women. She grabs the branch and continues to wave her shirt over the fire until it's warm and dry. Her skirt was next, she grabbed the next branch and started her pattern of fanning. She quickly noticed she was missing her panties.

"Shin, pardon me have you seen my panties"?

"I am not sure what Panties are"

"Ha ha ha ha, they are what I wear under my skirt"!

"Why would you wear anything under a skirt"?

"It's just something we do where I come from" Kagome giggles

"I don't remember seeing anything like that, I'm sorry Kagome" Shin said sadly

"Well I guess it's ok I'll just have to get some more when I get back home" She responds reassuringly

Kagome continues drying her skirt which takes only a few more minutes. She slides back behind the cover of the shrubs and put her clothes back on only missing one thing but feeling very freed at the moment. She emerged from the cover and had the borrowed clothes folded neatly in her hands. She approached Shin and held her hands out.

"Thank you so very much for your kindness , you have been amazing" Kagome bowed before Shin

"You are such a polite well behaved young lady Kagome, would you please join us for lunch"?

"Yes I would be honored to join you for a meal" Kagome stays in her bow

Shin giggles as she turns around and grabs her dried clothes and places them into a basket. She slings the basket over her back and leaves the stream and the other women still washing their laundry.

"I had some stew I started before I left it should be ready by the time we arrive at my house"

"You are so kind I don't know how I will ever be able to repay you"!

"Oh Kagome, that shouldn't be a concern"

Shin hums as she walks along a well beaten path through the woods. Kagome's mind wondered as she looked through the trees and was mesmerized by the lovely melody.

"We're here"!

Shin approaches a small shack and opens the door.

"Do come in Kagome, allow me to put my clothes away and then we will have lunch"

"Thank you very much Shin" She bows again

Kagome walks through the doorway and is guided to a table and sits in one of the four chairs. Shin disappears into an adjacent room and continued her humming. Kagome was looking around the small quaint space and was admiring the décor. This was such a cute little space and she has done so much with it. Shin darts around the corner and returns to the table

"All done, lets eat"!

Shin grabs two bowls and two spoons from a nearby cupboard. She places the bowls on the table and places the spoons into the bowls.

"It smells delicious, I can't wait"!

Shin removed the cauldron from over the fire and placed it into the middle of the table. She dipped a ladle into the stew and poured two scoops into each bowl. Steam spewed from the bowls as the scent filled the room that much more. Shin points to a shelf behind Kagome

"That is my secret ingredient"!

Kagome turns her head and she spots an herb shelf and she notices at least 20 different herbs and spices sitting on and hanging from the shelf.

"You sure know how to make a wonderful smelling stew"

"Lets dig in"!

Kagome picks up the spoon and scoops her first bite and raises it to her mouth and softly blows across the spoonful of stew. She takes the spoon into her mouth and sips the stew, tasting the blend of meat, vegetables, and herbs. She quickly returns the spoon and takes down another spoonful.

"Thank you soo much for this, it's been some time since I have had something so tasty"!

"Oh, don't thank me yet Kagome" She winks as she shot Kagome a devilish smile

Kagome was put off at the gesture and felt a strange tingling in her body as she struggled to keep her eyes open.

"Wh… Wh.. What is…. Hap… Happen…. Happening…." She finally let out

"Don't fret my dear, you'll soon find out that you have been living a lie"!

The room went completely black as Kagome lost consciousness


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