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The Inuyasha Christmas Carol by NovemberDoll

The Miserly Lawyer


A/N: Hey, I'm not abandoning my current fics, I'm just sitting back, taking a break for the holidays. :) I only plan on making this a short one, to end before Christmas. After watching the Disney version, my hands were itching and I couldn't resist. It's one of my favorite stories.


Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi, and definitely not A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Both works are amazing. 


The Miserly Lawyer


Impeccable Detail. Extravagant taste, a cut above the rest. The president of his own lawfirm, Sesshomaru Taisho lifted the crystal glass from his mahogany desk and took a sip of his 64 year-old Macallan, the heat of the whiskey burning down on his throat, spreading a smooth warmth all over his Alexander Amosu-clad body. He then leaned back on his leather swivel and glared at the computer screen before him.

His eyes narrowed.

The Litigator pressed the intercom. “Jaken.” He waited for moments, listening to the tick of the clock that was sonorous in his large office suite. He turned his swivel away from the door, towards the floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked a great deal of the bustling city of Tokyo. Lights from further skyscrapers and establishments made for a magnificent view, but the president only chuckled in sarcasm when he realized there was one unwelcome sight coming down from the heavens: falling snow. His door creaked open and he did not even bother to turn around. He knew who it was.

Sesshomaru-sama,” his secretary's voice simpered, the footsteps from the small man entering the room. “You called?”

Sesshomaru laced his fingers together with his hands, a stern line crossing his lips. “You did not finish the depositions I tasked you with.”

A hesitant shuffling of feet followed, and timidly, the secretary found courage to answer. “I was going to finish it tomorrow... seeing the sudden heavy snowfall. I already went overtime, anyway, and it has been a long night-”

Finish it tonight.” Sesshomaru cut Jaken's sentence short.

But Sesshomaru-sama, the snow!” Jaken reasoned, “For sure there will be heavy traffic later, and I'll be late for our family's Christmas eve dinner-”

I did not pay you a six-figure check so you could go lax and spend 'Christmas dinner' with your family.” Sesshomaru turned around, his golden eyes burning. “Now go and finish your job. Enough with this seasonal madness.” He watched as Jaken politely bowed and exited the room. Sesshomaru took another generous chug of his whiskey and slammed the glass on his desk. It had been to his never-ending irritation, this abnormal 'happiness', the fake cheerful smiles, the displaced thankfulness. It was essentially any other day, he thought, and such shallow sentiments were reserved for gullible fools who let themselves be carried away by the placebo-effect euphoria that was brought by a simple number in the calendar: the 25th.

The president stood up and stood tall against the backdrop of the city of Tokyo, hands on his pockets, chin up in haughtiness and pride. He allowed himself an indulgent smirk at the thought of such fools. Where was he situated now?

Above them.

Because he did not allow such foolishness in his life. His laser-focus attention had brought him to the very top, earning praises and most of all, stability in this cut-throat legal battlefield. Sure he lost some emotional relationships here and there, but he knew that he could trust no one, and in the end it was only himself whom he could rely on.

Another knock on the door. He turned yet again, expecting his small secretary's head to slowly peep in as usual, but instead some other figure burst into the room, her strides as if she had been invited and her presence welcomed, which was actually not.

It was his sixteen year-old niece, Rin.

Merry Christmas, Uncle Sesshomaru!” She announced, and the litigator's brows met in consternation. With one huff she heaped herself to a seat before the desk, her back sliding down and she slumped on the chair as if she were homebound and sprawled on a couch. She reached out for the bowl of candy at the side and popped one in her mouth. The act itself reminded him of a certain white-haired individual that he was not in good terms with. His lips curled down in distaste.

What are you doing here, Rin.”

It was not stated as a question, but as a not-so-subtle hint to the infiltrator: her presence was unwelcome. The girl only laughed, already expecting such reaction. It was always this way when she came every year. “You know why I'm here. Father is inviting you for Christmas Dinner tomorrow, Uncle.”

I will be working.” His glance fell on her golden eyes, looking so much like her said father. He expected her to stand up, as usual, shrug her shoulders and saunter away. But this time she didn't. Her golden eyes only narrowed.

I hope you are aware that father still cares for you,” She straightened herself on the chair. “You don't know how much your cold treatment is devastating him and his health.”

Sesshomaru only chuckled. Sixteen years ago, Inuyasha, his youngest and only brother went against his advice and married that good-for-nothing shrine maiden named Kikyo. Inuyasha basically chose her over his only brother, and ever since then, Sesshomaru refused to be on speaking terms with him. Had he not learned from their life of poverty before? “I said I am not going. Can you remind him, had he not married that... country bumpkin, our relationship would not be as broken as it is.”

Rin shot up from her chair, her fists clenched, golden eyes flaring in restraint. “In case you forgot, Uncle, that the country bumpkin you are referring to is actually my mother.” She breathed deep, letting out a long exhale. “We may not own five cars, or live in a sprawling gated estate, but we love each other, and we make enough to afford a family eat-out at a nice restaurant once a week.” At this point, Rin tried her best to hold back the tears in her eyes. “I don't even know why father bothers with you anymore.” The teenager started her way out, but paused when she reached the door.

I would want to beg at you on bended knees just to see my father smile genuinely once again. But it always seems as if I am talking to a rock.” She turned to him. “And just to let you know, Kagome is back from Germany, and she will be present for dinner.” Her eyes connected to his. “Just in case that changes your mind. Our doors are always open for you, uncle.”

She slipped outside, leaving Sesshomaru alone in the silence of his large office suite. He took a seat at his swivel and pondered. He did not need them, he did not need anyone. He was at the peak of his life right now. When Naraku, his business partner passed away seven years ago, he single-handedly took over the lawfirm and made it as it is.

He chuckled yet again. A family eat-out once a week? What good would that be? Anytime, if he wanted to, he could easily board his private jet and set off to St. Croix. Love cannot pay for the fine luxuries in life.



A few hours later Sesshomaru finally finished reviewing the depositions Jaken had edited. His secretary had long left for the night, and being alone in the 22nd floor of their building did not even bother him. He would always stay late, he had gotten so used to it he might as well have converted the next-door suite into his bedroom.

I know what to get you next Christmas, Sesshomaru,” her voice teased, blue eyes twinkling. “I'll have a murphy bed installed on your wall! So by then I could barge in anytime and just bring my Pjs... and if ever you feel extra frisky,” her tone turned suggestive, and she gave him a tender kiss on his forehead, and she laughed that carefree, easy laugh that he always loved.

Sesshomaru shook his head in attempts to rid himself of her voice. It had been so long since he had seen her, and now was not the time to be remembering such useless flashbacks. They parted in the most miserable way, and it was through the parting he came to realize she never really cared for him and was only after his money. She broke his heart-

and he never loved another, the night she walked out of his office door, out of his life.

A loud bang from outside jarred him from his senses. Sesshomaru's golden eyes flew wide open, and his hand carefully reached down to the last drawer of his desk, to the revolver that he secretly prepared for times such as these.

The loud bang resounded again and he cocked the gun, mentally cursing the circumstances. He never expected to have the opportunity to use this, where the heck was security anyway? As he sat still in silence, another sound echoed through the empty hallways which caused a chill to run down his spine-

heavy, dragging chains.

The door suddenly flew open, and he swore his very blood left his entire person as he stared at the surrealistic vision that stood before him-

his long-dead business partner, Naraku.








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