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How to Improve Your Test Score by Lucy Morningstar

How to: Improve Your Test Score

Disclaimer: Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and its respective owners.

"Sesshoumaru-sensei…! Don't stop, just touch me there, yes please, please...!"

Sesshoumaru stood rigid behind his student's bedroom door. He had only opened it a few inches but her high-pitched cries had stopped him in this tracks. His hand clutched the metal doorknob in shock. She was calling his name, wasn't she? And what her intonations suggested...but it was impossible.

He blinked, quickly regaining his senses and strode into the room.

Kagome gasped in her chair. Her hand flew out from beneath her skirt and she froze upon seeing his figure. She looked exactly like a cat that had been caught red-handed stealing fish in its mouth.

Sesshoumaru kept his composure, although he knew what exactly had transpired. He had walked into his student masturbating, in his name. It definitely warranted a good explanation.

He set his duffel bag onto her study desk and sat beside her. Kagome remained stoic in her seat. She hid her hand behind her back, avoiding eye contact with him, staring straight at her open textbooks.

Holy moly! her thoughts cried. He didn't see me, did he? God, please tell me he didn't! She wanted to die in shame right then, wanted the floor to open up and swallow her whole.

An incredible silence suffocated the room. At last Sesshoumaru cleared his throat.

"Perhaps I should have knocked first…"

"I-I was just highlighting some important formulas…"

"Really," said Sesshoumaru, frowning at the open page. "I can see that you highlighted Newton's first law, but what about his second and third? Are they not equally important?"

"Of-of course, they are."

"Then highlight them," he said, and his voice was cold and assertive.

Kagome bit her lips. She couldn't use her usual right hand to highlight the laws, because her fingers were sticky with her arousal.

Sesshoumaru would see…and he could probably smell it too. She brought out her left hand and shakily used her highlighter.

"Hmm? I didn't know you were left-handed." Suddenly he sent her a dark glare. "Why is your right arm bent behind your back? Are you trying to hide something?"

Kagome's heart was palpitating so hard in her chest that it hurt. Oh God, it was all Yuka's fault. If only her friend didn't suggest that idea… She wouldn't be in this awkward spot with her strict tuition teacher!

She knew she was beaten. There was no running away from it now. She was sure Sesshoumaru had seen her fingering herself silly, which was why he was acting peculiar then.

Her body began to wrack with sobs. "I'm so sorryyyy! I was just trying out a studying tip my friend shared! I know I shouldn't have done it, but I was so curious to see if it worked."

Sesshoumaru tilted his head. "A studying tip?" He had not expected that.

"My friend says…diddling before you set to study or take an exam actually clears your mind, and makes you focus better. She says something about the chemicals being released in the brain. Oh God, I know this is so wrong. You won't tell my mom, won't you Sesshoumaru-sensei?"

"Diddling? Is that you girls call it?"

Kagome covered her face with her other hand. She didn't want to talk about it anymore.

Sesshoumaru shifted in his seat, facing the table. How should he handle this matter? He could have easily pretended he witnessed nothing and get right back to coaching her studies…but she had called his name. He couldn't let that slide under the rug. When was the last time a woman cried out his name in such a sexual fervour?

"Alright," he spoke at last. "Let's deal with this like adults. You're at that age where it's natural to be inquisitive for such matters. The fact that I had interrupted you in your..warming-up session, it must be greatly frustrating, no?"

Kagome peered at him, uncertain. Was he trying to be considerate for her sake? That was really unlike him-Sesshoumaru-sensei was one of the most unreasonable and demanding teachers she ever had the luck to work with. She remembered when he had rapped her head with a wooden ruler once. If her final exams weren't coming, she wouldn't have to cram like this.

The only thing frustrating thing was having a private tutor like him.

"Sesshoumaru-sensei, I'm not sure what you mean…"

"What I mean is, you did not reach your climax." He reclined in his chair and began to study her in a strange fashion. His hands arranged themselves into a steeple against the arm rests. "I'm actually interested to know if this technique really works."


"It does make sense. During an orgasm, chemicals such as endorphins are released by the brain. These same chemicals have been known to relieve stress and even alleviate pain."

Kagome couldn't believe he was actually talking about sex with her, albeit in scientific terms. Did it mean he was actually okay with her actions earlier? Maybe he wasn't so bad after all.

"My friend says she actually feels more confident in her tests after doing it."

He nodded. "So have you tried this prior today?"

Kagome shook her head. Well not for this particular reason though, she mentally corrected herself.

"Let's do it together, then. I shall assist you."

Kagome almost jumped in her seat. "But that's-"

"I won't tell your mom, if that's what you're worried about. As a teacher, it's only right that I investigate if such studying tips work, no? Let's say it works, and you're able to digest information better. That makes you a better student, and me a more effective teacher. The point of getting a private tutor is to find someone that can tune to your personal studying needs. Agree or disagree?"

Kagome nodded-however strange it sounded, it kinda made sense. The only thing it mattered to both of them was that she would get good grades for her papers, so she could go to a university of her choice.

Slowly she brought out her right hand onto her lap. Her juices had dried but they still felt a tad sticky.

"Is that your diddling hand?" he asked, almost teasing her. Kagome was flamed with embarrassment.

"Don't feel insecure. There's only the two of us here. The walls may have ears, but not tongues." He edged towards her and took her hand, bringing it towards his lips. One by one, he suckled on each cum-laced finger. Kagome watched him in awe, held captive by his riveting stare.

Afterwards he smoothed his palm against his lap. "Come."

Kagome felt herself leaving her seat on her own. Her mind was a complete blank-rational thought had abandoned her. In that fragile, fleeting moment she couldn't afford to delve further into her decisions. She trusted him, trusted Sesshoumaru-sensei. As intimidating as he was, he would never try to harm her.

She climbed into his lap carefully, her thighs perpendicular against his. She had never entered this level of proximity with him before. Up close, Sesshoumaru was more handsome than she allowed herself to admit. A sharp nose, determined jawline. Thick silver hair grazing his defined cheekbones. A faint smell of aftershave lingered from him, and she liked it. It made her feel strangely secure for some reason.

Kagome grabbed his arm from the back. "Have you ever had another boy do this to you?" he asked. She shook her head. She knew nothing about boys and what they were capable of. She only knew of clumsy attempts of self-induced pleasure.

"I require you to relax your muscles. Are you relaxed, Higurashi?" Kagome nodded, and his hand wandered between the apex of her thighs. He felt her wet panties, and slowly massaged her slit. Her clit was still engorged in arousal, and he rubbed it with the cottony texture of her panties. Kagome tried to stifle a whimper. She didn't want her teacher to know how loud she could be when stimulated.

"No, Higurashi. Don't contain yourself. I need you to express yourself as much as possible. That way you will feel the effects of the orgasm much better."

"But it'll be loud…"

"All the more I want to hear it."

His fingers massaged her mound, circling around her clit in a languid manner. The fact that he was touching her indirectly made it a sweet, subtle kind of pleasure. Her arousal knotted in her stomach, causing a dull but deep ache radiating within her womb. He was good, Sesshoumaru-sensei was good.

"Tell me Higurashi," he spoke, and his voice had descended into a husky low whisper. His long fingers had slithered into her panties like a snake. "I was sure I distinctly heard you calling out my name when I entered your room. I want to know, has my image been aiding you in your masturbatory fantasies?"

He plunged a finger into her hole and she yelped, gripping onto his arm like a vice.

"Do you envision me in other ways not as a teacher, but someone who seduces you from your innocence, until you weep down here?"

Another finger joined to explore inside her, curled, as they seeked her sweet spot. His movements were slow; the intention to torture. Kagome bucked, grinding her hips tight against his hand. She wanted more, more of that indiscernable pleasure, and she was reduced to simply panting and writhing on his lap.

"Sesshoumaru-sensei," she moaned. "Please, I want it."

"What do you want Higurashi? Do you want release? I can give you the best, mind-blowing climax you've ever experienced. But not until you answer my question. I want to know if my student has been bad behind my back."

"Yes…" she finally cried in confession. "I did think of you. I wanted you to do all those naughty things to me."

"What naughty things, Higurashi? Do explain."

"Naughty things…like kissing…"

"Kissing? That's not naughty enough. Perhaps something like, fingering your pussy as you beg for more?"

She nodded, her eyes shut with tears. "Yes, Sesshoumaru-sensei. All of those things. The truth is I always felt a confusing attraction towards you…"

She was too innocent and naive, he decided. Casually he let his thumb brush her throbbing clit ever so lightly. It was more than enough for Kagome. Her mind exploded into a white plane of oblivion, flung over its edge as her back arched, her delightful moans fuelling his strained erection.

"Sesshoumaru-sensei! Ahhh ahhhh…so good, so good!"

She sat limp afterwards in his lap, like a ragdoll against his shoulder. Her powerful orgasm had consumed almost all of her energy and for a moment she felt as if she had died and gone to heaven.


"Sesshoumaru-sensei, you've...made me come so quickly," she admitted quietly.

"Indeed. You can return to your chair once you're ready. I'm going to give you a pop quiz after that."

Kagome nodded her head. After awhile her strength returned to her legs and she sat back in her chair, her panties sopping wet.

"I'm going to give you ten minutes to revise this chapter. Will that be fair?"

Kagome agreed, and he excused himself to the washroom. Once inside, he released his long-suffering erection, of which pre-cum collected from his bulbous red head.

Sesshoumaru stroked himself with a familiar urgent pace. Rushing thoughts of fucking his own student, her legs spread out for him in wanton need, her hips rocking to receive his pulsing cock. He would shoot a huge load into the girl's tight, hot pussy as she cried over how much she wanted him. He would overfill her with his juices.

He ejaculated, hard and satisfyingly so. He washed his cock and his hands thoroughly with soap. Then he returned to her room to give her a pop quiz.

"How do you think you performed, Higurashi?" Sesshoumaru asked after he had marked the mock test. Kagome wore a hopeful smile on her face.

"It felt like a breeze doing it, but I don't want to be overconfident."

"You should be proud of yourself. You scored a 97%."

"No way, Jose! So it really works after all?"

Sesshoumaru shrugged. "Perhaps. Hard to say from a one-time event."

"How many times before you're really convinced, sensei?"

"I say, about 2 to 3 times. We can always try again in our next lesson."

Sesshoumaru smiled, but ever so slightly so that she didn't notice. For the time ever, he was looking forward to their lessons.

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