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Sandbox treasure chest by Natalia

Dissecting Jaken


Hi! I decided to try my hand at writing something funny, since my every work is too serious and I admit I have no experience whatsoever! Please let me know what you think! No offence to anyone, just abusing the clichés for comic relief! I myself am guilty of loving many such fics! I was thinking that Sesshoumaru or Rin is always hurt in many fics, so why not change it!

The lovely kb helped with this as well! I wouldn't have published it otherwise! So thank you for giving me confidence!



Kagome was busy with her role as a priestess. She was helping the villagers when a frantic Rin rushed towards her with tears streaming down her face.

“Kagome, please help! He's hurt!” She pleaded the miko.

Kagome stopped her work and wiped her hand on her robes.

“What is wrong? Who is hurt?” She asked the girl who continued sobbing.

“Please he…” she choked, “he's is dying!” Rin continued and Kagome paled.

Who was that Rin loved so much, but she already knew the answer to that. She herself had harbored a secret love for the daiyoukai. She was more than willing to nurse him to health and have to opportunity to ogle, touch caress… er care for him.

“Rin, where is Sesshoumaru? Show me,” she ordered, but Rin blinked in confusion.

“What does this have to do with Sesshomaru-sama?” She asked in a meek voice.

“Well isn't he who you’re talking about?” Kagome coaxed the girl only for Rin to gape at her.

“No, sesshoumaru Sama is fine, it's Jaken-sama who is hurt! Please this way!” She tugged at her sleeve and Kagome walked mechanically after her.

Soon they found a toad that was greener than usual with a violet hue around his eyes.

Inuyasha choose that moment to jump down beside Kagome from a tree where he had been napping. Meanwhile Rin ran towards her Jaken-sama.

“Inuyasha what do I do?” Kagome asked meekly and Inuyasha stared at her.

“Well duh, you treat him, like you always do,” he explained like she was the village idiot.

“But I don't know how!” Kagome said through her clenched teeth.

“You treat everyone else just fine. Didn't you learn in that school of yours how to treat a toad?” He asked and Kagome punched his arm in retaliation.

“You baka! We don't learn how to treat frogs, we dissect them!” She yelled then quickly covered her mouth with her hand hoping Rin hadn’t heard what she said.

“Well do something!” He insisted. Kagome nodded reluctantly.

Approaching the trembling frog she touched his slimy skin and jerked her hand aside.

“What? What is it!?” Asked Rin as Kagome giggled nervously.

“I have to take his temperature. Is he usually cold or …. hot?” She asked Rin to inform her of the symptoms. Rin proceeded to do just that.

The next few days were spent in caring for the sick toad. She gave him all the medicine she had and soon he started to feel better. With each day his green skin became… a different green. When he was finally healed he approached Kagome and took both her hands in his slimy ones.

“Miko Kagome!” his high pitched voice pierced her ears. “For the duration of the time you healed me, I admit I fell deeply and madly in love with you! You are the most amazing creature in the world and I want you to be my mate!”

“Mate?” Whispered Kagome trying to pry his fingers off her hands.

“Yes, mate! We will mate and have lots and lots of offsprings! My clan is very fertile and able to produce many children at once! The highest number was 234 offsprings in a single pregnancy. We will mate, have offsprings, and live happily ever after!” he insisted.

Kagome looked at him, blinked speechlessly before her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she collapsed to the ground. The miko had fainted.


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