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Veracity of Events by xoMIA ;)



“I could write about you tying me up and spanking me until I run away.” She snickered, knowing that genre was not his taste at all.

“And what? Make it look like I abuse you? I don’t understand why people find such unhealthy relationships so erotic.” He replied with a sneer.

“Well, I could write about some weird timeline where we meet up in the future and do it like rabbits constantly.” She said glancing over her shoulder at him.

“Why is everything always about sex when it comes to these stories?” He asked in reply.

“Really? What’s better than reading about someone’s sexual appetite? It doesn’t have to be all about sex.” She said with a pout on her face.

“Why don’t you just write what really happened?” He asked coming up and placing a kiss on her cheek.

“Really? You would be okay with having what really happened between us be out there?” She asked with skepticism in her voice.

“Why not? No one is ever going to know it’s us. There are so many stories about us out there. Not to mention all those stories about my brother and I…” He let his sentence trail off with a shudder.

Kagome let out a fit of giggles, memories flooding her mind of when they had run across stories where Sesshomaru and InuYasha were intimate. He had not been impressed by those at all. She had been surprised that he hadn't run his poisonous claws through the screen when she had read one about InuYasha being the alpha in the story.

“You’re sure you’re okay with this?” She asked, turning to face him.

“Yes, my love. We can each write about our lives together.” He said while kissing her nose softly, then traveled down to kiss her lips.

Her lips spread wide in a smile as the kiss ended and she turned back to the computer and began to type away. 

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