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Death's Decadence by Adelle

The Beginning

A/N: Inuyasha is not owned by me. I claim no rights to that anime/manga and anything else thereafter.

This fic will be anything BUT Romance. So if you are looking for such, it won’t be here.

Nothing but pain, agony and anguish… Implied rape. But no actual rape happens, though. So you can expect lots of sexual scenes, manipulation, humiliation, all sorts of stuff.

Alternate universe, Sesshoumaru/Kagome pairing.

You’ve been warned.



Kagome sighed.

She was currently heading ‘home’.

Yes, her new home that was far, far away from her now old hometown she had come to grow in when she was just a wee little child. Now at the budding age of eighteen she would be starting her new life elsewhere. The moment she finished high school, her mother let her in on some troubling news. At first Kagome was thrilled to hear that their current financial problems would be saved and so would her home but the condition was to now forever live within the Inu Taisho household, home to the Great Inu Clan.

Kagome was devastated. She couldn’t believe that her mother actually agreed to those terms. Well, what other choice did she have? She couldn’t blame her much about it… Not after Grandpa passed away a year ago. Kagome’s mother had been an emotional wreck ever since, forever locked up within her room at home and had not dared to venture out. And even if she did, it was only brief, just to see how her children were doing. At least that motherly part of her remained…

In truth, the shrine they had owned was beginning to run down over the last few years. It was old, frankly put. But it amazed Kagome how much it managed to hold itself together during her childhood. All the days she’d help her mother and grandfather clean up the place, leaving it spotless. She even had dreams of becoming a miko but that went down the drain the moment their financial problems started to pile up.

Her mother tried her hardest to keep the shrine as long as she could but all the repair expenses, the maintenance and the upkeep… It was just too much. They were nearly on the verge of becoming bankrupt and just weeks away from being evicted out of their own home. But an opportunity came to her one day in the form of a letter. It nearly frightened her because it was almost mistaken for the eviction notice. But instead, what was in the letter was a marriage proposal from none other than the leader of the Great Inu clan.

It told of her that if she wished to save her home and her shrine, she would have to take ‘Mr. Taisho’s’ hand in marriage. The male had taken note of Reiko’s disappearance as of late from the small little bakery she worked at as it was a location that he had always passed by to and from work. And this male had a sweet tooth, unfortunately. A particular pasty this woman made had him interested in her at the start until one day she had stopped making them out of the blue. She no longer came to work and was found to be locked up inside her home for long periods of time.

That’s when that youkai went to work, using his status to find more about the situation. She was on the verge from losing her home and her shrine and that was going to pose a problem as she had two kids—Kagome and Souta. Should she lose her home, there was a chance she would lose her children, too.

In reality, the main reason that great youkai was doing this was because he was also having problems within his own home. He was without a mate, wife or what have you. It was law within the youkai world to have a mate in order to keep your lands, property… Everything that you’ve owned must be shared between your mate in order to keep balance. It was customary. And since his first wife no longer shared the same goals as him, she left without a word. His second wife died due to an illness that was common in young women at the time, so… He was back to square one.

To think this had happened to him twice.

Third time’s the charm, right?

He would have been saved if his eldest son, Sesshoumaru, managed to find a mate and took his place as the leader of the clan but it seems this problem of his held no interest to Sesshoumaru at all. In fact, Sesshoumaru loathed the idea of mating anyone. None seemed worthy to his eye. Inuyasha was in the same boat—not only did he not care of his father’s problem, he… Was still a kid. The hanyou would do nothing but fool around and play when it came down to it. There was no way he’d actually take this situation seriously.

Both of his sons, useless!

And that’s why he had set out for Kagome’s mother, Reiko Higurashi. Effectively, he had killed two birds with one stone. And he was certain that woman would take the bait.

And so she did.

A letter would be replied to ‘Mr. Taisho’ within that same week Reiko got hers and…

Here we are.

Again, a soft sigh left the lips of that girl who stared out of that window within the limousine, watching as the many trees would pass by for long, long hours.

Kagome was leaving everything behind her. All her friends, her home, the shrine… And worst of all, her boyfriend—Houjou.

She had plans on spending time with him this summer before she went to uni but that also was ruined. However, on the plus side, the university she wished to attend to was actually near the new location she would be heading to soon. So, the two promised to call each other every week and video call through skype on the weekends. It was a tough decision for the both of them but they wanted to continue this relationship they had going for the past four months now, so, why not? A long-distance relationship? Was it possible?

Her brother, Souta, was also in that limousine with her but he was asleep, lying upon his sisters’ lap. The trip was quite long. Even she forgot how long they were traveling in that car. She eventually grew tired from the whole car ride and dozed right off to sleep in silence.

After some hours of driving, the limousine came to a stop and that motion was enough to have Kagome wake from her slumber, those eyes opening up slowly to gaze outside her window. And what she saw was the biggest mansion ever. This was going to be her new home?! The limousine stopped right in front of the mansion, the driveway so huge, it had a running fountain in the middle, completely decorated with flowers all around and the garage was on the far north end of the main entrance into the large home.

And there she saw her mother just some feet above the large double doors, standing out on the balcony and was currently in conversation with Mr. Taisho—The Great Inu Youkai. He was a very tall man with long, silver hair that would be tied up into a high ponytail, wearing one expensive looking suit and he looked like he was ready to head off.

Kagome leaned upright within her seat when she saw her door being opened by the driver and he bowed his head, offering his hand afterwards for her to take to help her out of the car. Kagome frowned. Oh dear. She was not ready for this.

Free hand would reach down to pat Souta’s back, the boy waking up from the light contact and yawned out sleepily as he moved to sit up. Were they here already?

Once Souta woke, Kagome would place her hand in the driver’s gloved one and with gentle grasp, she’d be assisted out of the car with ease and so would Souta as he slid over the leather seats. Once they stood upon the perfectly paved driveway, her head raised to find a bright smile on her mother’s face and wondered if that was fake or not. She couldn’t tell, given how gloomy the day was today. Nothing but grey clouds up above and looked like it was about to rain.

But where was Mr. Taisho?

Kagome gazed downwards and there that youkai man would be, already staring at her at the top of those steps. Kagome nearly had a heart attack from that intense gaze he gave her, heartbeat picking up a tad. She managed to keep her cool as the seconds went, now seeing that sharply dressed man walk down those stairs with an impressive gait, it nearly had her gawking. But she refrained from such, keeping a small smile placed upon her lips and the man would smile back once he’d reach the foot of those stairs. He’d approach the girl and she gave a bow of her head in greeting.

“Kagome, yes?”

Holy shit. His voice was so smooth. Like butter. She would have melted if it wasn’t for Souta coming up beside her. Kagome offered a nod of her head when eyes returned to him, Mr. Taisho now dropping his gaze to the smaller boy beside her.

“And… Souta.”

Her brother nodded his head as well in greeting.

“Welcome. Please, make yourself at home. There are servants here at your aid and should you need anything, don’t hesitate to call. I have to head off to work now and your mother will fill you in on the other details.”

Again, another small smile would be seen there upon his face and both of the Higurashi siblings bowed their head before him in thanks.

“Thank you, Taisho-san.”

The youkai gave a nod and he was off, stepping into the limousine they had just came out from and once the driver closed the door, he would step back into the driver’s seat and now that leader was off, heading back to work.

Kagome now watched as some of the butlers had taken up their belongings with ease, carrying those immensely heavy suitcases that belonged to the both of them like it was nothing. Wow, was the strength difference really that much?

Once those servants headed inside, it was now their turn to head in and Kagome gulped slowly. This was it. Her new home. What would be in store for her?

“You ready, Souta?”

“Only if you are nee-chan.”

Was she ready? Well, it was all or nothing.

Kagome took one step forwards and another and another and another… Then she was already climbing up those stairs to the top, the doors held open for the two of them by servants with their heads bowed low and they would step inside to grace the building. Once inside, doors were closed behind them and they were looking at one beautiful decorative house with so much furniture all around… It definitely brought life to the place.

The main room looked like a ball room, almost, still small but it could pass off as one if there wasn’t a small dog fountain in the middle of the room. Just ahead would be one large painting of Mr. Taisho himself, a portrait of him in his earlier days she would have to assume.

Before she could ogle anywhere else, her mother came in down the stairs that was to the left of that Portrait, finding her mother’s gaze and again she would smile at the two of them when she came near. Her mother instantly knew that her daughter wasn’t going to like this new lifestyle since it changed so abruptly after high school but it was the only choice she had to make. She did not want to lose her children. Anything but that.

“I hope the trip wasn’t too long for you, was it dear?”

Kagome shook her head. “It was fine.”

Her mother gave a small smile and looked to Souta as well; reaching out to pat atop his head lightly and he would smile happily at his mother.

“If you are hungry, dinner will be ready within the hour. You won’t have to wait for Taisho or his sons—“

“Wait… He has children?!”

Reiko blinked, looking at her daughter when she seemed quite surprised to hear that Mr. Taisho had children but soon a confused look had washed her features, “Did I not tell you that he has children? Two sons, to be exact.”

She looked to her daughter’s face and Kagome still held that same surprised look. She rubbed her chin in thought and tried to remember if she told her daughter or not.

“Hmm… I suppose it may have slipped my mind. But yes, he has two sons. Sesshoumaru, the eldest, and Inuyasha, the youngest. Your new stepbrothers! Isn’t that exciting?”

Kagome wasn’t so sure that was anything to be excited over. So no longer she was within a family that had one brother but two more? Sure, they were not related by blood but they were a part of her family now, right? What the hell kind of family was this going to turn out to be?

Lips pursed together and said no more, the girl really tired now all of a sudden. Her mother saw this and now she would motion for them to follow and lead them both to their rooms they’ll be staying in for the remainder of their lives or however long for them it took to get their own lives started.



A short start but it is what I got so far. Just so you all know, this won’t be a long story. It will probably last for about 10-15 chapters or so, maybe less.

Reviews are most welcomed.


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