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The return of Anubis by Alanah


A/N: I do not own Inuyasha and I do not own YuGiOh! They are owned by their respective owners~

Hello readers!

Here is another piece that has been on my mind for a while now.

This story is a cross-over fic. It will follow the Canon Universe of Inuyasha and YuGiOh!, using the anime ending of Inuyasha and the Ancient Egypt time period of YuGiOh.

Do note that the time differences in this period do not match. The Warring states era of Inuyasha happens in the 15th – 17th century and Ancient Egypt happens in 1000 B.C. for the events in YuGiOh. So, what I’m going to do is extend the time period of Ancient Egypt another 1000 years so that Modern Day Egypt does not begin until the late 18th century and the events within YuGiOh will happen around this time.

(I thought I had also uploaded this onto Dokuga also but apparently, I did not. Took me this long to realize. Oops!)

Anyhow, here we go!



Six months.

It had been half a year since Naraku had been defeated, the jewel gone and Kagome starting her life anew within the Feudal Era of Japan.

It was early afternoon in that hot summer day; the very miko herself had long finished her training that morning and decided to busy herself with Sango and Miroku. She was on the way to the village they resided in, feeling the cool, summer breeze kiss her face, her hair flowing in the wind as she silently walked along that path to her friends. And not a moment too soon, Inuyasha would be catching up with her as he emerged from the forest not too far from her location, walking side by side his beloved wife.

Inuyasha was actually watching Kagome train with Kaede earlier, having not been able to actually leave her side since the two had been together. He swore he would protect Kagome with his life and so he would. But lately, Kagome found all of that was a bit too necessary. She’d often shoo him off sometimes since he would normally bother her with his banter and the like. She enjoyed this sometimes, regardless of the many times he bugged her.

Kagome’s hand would rise once Inuyasha was near and on cue he would take her hand in his, this bringing a smile upon the miko’s face.

“Hey, you.”

“Inuyasha… For once, you actually listened to me.”

Inuyasha blinked slowly and wrinkled his nose.

“Well, yeah! You were training and you seemed so into it today, so… I didn’t wanna bother ya.”  As much as he wanted to tease her.

And then came that boyish grin of his sent her way, Kagome shaking her head but she’d smile afterwards.

“Good boy! Now perhaps you can start doing that more often and I wouldn’t have to dread training in the morning.”

Inuyasha snorted at Kagome’s words, his eyes narrowing slightly at her face yet it was all playful banter of course.

“Hey! I said don’t call me that!”

“Please, you enjoy when I call you that. Your ears wiggle every time when I say it!”

And it did, as painfully as he wished not to admit. He blushed lightly and turned his gaze away from her, Kagome giggling lightly at her husband and offered his small hand a squeeze.


And the two would continue on their way to Kaede’s village, the pair stopping just at the top of the hill that overlooked the area. She took in a deep breath and air would gather in her lungs, exhaling heavily through parted lips. This was her life now and so far, she enjoyed every last bit of it. Yes she missed her mother, brother and grandfather a bit but with that well closed up, there’s no way she would be returning back to her time. But she had made her decision and knew this would all work out for her in the end.

Kagome would feel a light tug on her hand in which it roused her out of her thoughts and eyes took a look over towards Inuyasha who was leading her on to the village.

“Come on, let’s go.”

She smiled over towards Inuyasha and began her walk once more into the village where it all began.


There that same group would be just at the outskirts of the village, sitting around in a circle in an open field, currently in conversation and began to reminisce of their past adventures.

Kagome, Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, Shippou, Rin and Kohaku would all tell tales of their adventures, discussing the good, the bad and the ugly. However, laughs would be heard from the group, despite all the bad adventures they had. Sango’s children would currently be in the care of Kaede within the village, the girl not having to worry so much for the safety of her children since she knew they were in good hands.

They’d learn many more about others, including Kohaku’s adventures with Sesshoumaru and having visited his mother. Kagome couldn’t believe it that Sesshoumaru’s mother was still alive and had a castle in the sky! Each time it was mentioned, she would just be amazed every time. Speaking of that male…

“Where is Sesshoumaru, anyway?”

Inquired Kagome as curious glance was set to Inuyasha at her side.

“Beats me.” Inuyasha shrugged his shoulders. “He’s definitely somewhere around here, though.”

“Sesshoumaru-sama told Rin he will be returning later!” Quipped up the small girl who was placed beside Kohaku.

“Where did he go?” Kohaku would ask Rin beside him and she would shrug her shoulders.

“Probably doing youkai things.” Shippou laughing lightly as those words left him.

“Really? Maybe Inuyasha should do the same.” And that’s when Kagome laughed lightly, nudging the hanyou beside her. “With the amount of times he would bother me during my training in the mornings, he should learn a thing or two from Oni-san.

Inuyasha snorted. “Training? All you’re doing is just praying for hours. Anyone could do that.” He’d scoff and Kagome would pout, nudging Inuyasha even more, albeit, a bit harder this time.

Sango giggled lightly at the two before her, Miroku smirking afterwards.

“How goes your training, Kagome-sama?”

Blue eyes of the miko would now gaze towards Miroku and she gave a soft smile, nodding her head. “It goes well! I am now at the stage of learning the more advanced spiritual prayers and connecting with the spirits that may have lingered far too long within the spiritual realm… And guide them back to the afterlife.”

All of them except Inuyasha would gaze at her in awe when she had reached a stage that they hadn’t heard of before, well, Miroku knew exactly what she was talking about, though.

“Rin knows Kagome-sama is getting stronger.” The girl offering the miko one of her bright smiles in which Kagome would smile right back.

“Thank you, Rin.”

“Hey, maybe when you complete your training Kagome-chan, you can come along with me and Kirara as we could vanquish youkai together.”

Kohaku would offer a grin to Kagome after he spoke and Kagome would smile back with a slight nod of her head.

“Maybe! But I may not be able to catch up with you, Kohaku-kun. You’re way too strong.”

Kohaku laughed. “Me? No way! I still have a long way to go. Isn’t that right Nee-san?”

Sango would glance over to Kohaku who had a grin upon his face, soon glancing over to Kagome by then and she would lightly shake her head with a small smile.

Before she could speak, Inuyasha just rolled his eyes, likely tired of it as they all began to appraise Kagome for her ‘efforts’.

“What’s so great about praying to some rock? Hell, I can do that just as easily.”

Kagome glared at Inuyasha then, quickly shoving him as hard as she could with her elbow.

“Can you stop knocking off my training like it’s nothing?!”

Anger rose within her voice but Inuyasha paid no heed as he enjoyed pushing Kagome near the edge, bit by bit. It was a bad habit of his. Sango noticed this as well and laughed nervously, Miroku sighing and shaking his head. Kohaku and Rin would just laugh at the two them, assuming it was another one of their little quarrels as usual but honestly, it wasn’t.

Inuyasha let her shove him but he didn’t move far from his spot, simply grinning at Kagome as he knew he was pushing far too many of her buttons. He had been doing that a lot lately, becoming a common thing for Kagome to endure for the past few months now. He was like an obnoxious kid who enjoyed nothing but annoying others.

“Keh! My definition of training counts as breaking a sweat and you have yet to do any of that.”

Kagome could feel a vein popping at the side of her head when anger was beginning to rise even more, now wanting to just strangle the hanyou. He was likely showing off in front of everyone there and embarrassing Kagome even more. Sango noticed this but the others didn’t as they had to stifle in their laughter.


Kagome would immediately stiffen when she felt a massive amount of youki heading their way. And not only would her, everyone there feel it. This did not belong to Sesshoumaru… Not ever had his youki flared so much! Then who was it? That’s when Sesshoumaru made his appearance, quickly appearing by both Rin and Kohaku’s side, the DaiYoukai having noticed the approaching entity that headed their way.

Rin was so scared! She felt like she was being held down by that approaching force, unable to even move. Kohaku as well but he would have that weapon drawn, perhaps ready to do battle.

An enemy so soon?

They all moved to stand and Sango was huddled close to Miroku when they sensed that incredible aura. Immediately her mother senses kicked in and wanted to go get her children far away from here but she found it hard to even move from her spot. Miroku had his staff in his hand and griped it tight while the other snaked around Sango, the hoshi very cautious.

Inuyasha had already withdrawn his weapon, the Tessaiga, sword taking its true form as it was held tight within his grip.

“Who the hell is it?!”

Shouted the hanyou as he was looking around for where this entity would appear.

Luckily Kagome had her bows and arrows with her and she would load one up without another word, now heightening her senses to locate the intruder. And with ease she found them, head tilting upwards to gaze at the clouds above. Eyes widened at what she saw.

“They are in the sky!”

The miko would shout and all of them would glance up at the sky, having seen something fly pass through the clouds. What the hell was that?

A roar was heard in the distance, Kagome gasping as this was a sound she had not heard from any creature before. It reminded her of something like a dinosaur. A reptile youkai of some sort? But it had wings… Wait a minute!

“It’s a dragon!”

And the miko was right.

The moment she guessed what it was, that dragon began its descent to the lands below, its form growing larger and larger as it looked to land. That dragon was huge. How could Kagome even fight that thing? They’d all watch as that dragon would make its landing not too far from the village they resided in and the moment it landed upon the ground, the very earth beneath their feet began to shake. Rin held onto Sesshoumaru’s leg for support when she almost lost her footing, Sesshoumaru growling low as eyes was set in the distance where the dragon had landed. Sango held onto Miroku and he would hold onto her, Inuyasha quickly moving to stand beside Kagome now as she had her bow ready, the lot of them gazing down that path where the dragon had landed.

They could see in the distance that the dragon had folded its large wings upon its back and to their horror, it was heading their way.

The large beast would turn at the spot, having landed upon a clearing but when it moved, its long, lengthy tail whipped about and knocked down all of the trees that stood behind it, now pacing its way for Kaede’s village. Again the earth would shake after each large step it took, the earth shaking more and more as it would approach the village rather slowly. Any minute now, it would be here.

“Uhh… Guys?! How are we going to stop that thing?!”

Shippou cried out from his spot and had already claimed Sango’s shoulder while he would stare in the distance. And the group could hear the commotions going on from within the village, the inhabitants stepping out from their homes, the farmers stopping what they were doing and took a look out in the distance. They’d all gasp in surprise when the large dragon would make its appearance in the distance, now standing just meters away from the village.

The dragon had to be no more than fifty… no… eighty meters… Kagome wasn’t so sure but it was a huge dragon. It towered over the very village and the moment it moved its head, all of the villagers began to scream and run for safety, quickly running for their lives.

But for some reason or another, Kagome sensed no hostility coming from the large scaled beast. The group wasn’t too far from that dragon, albeit, they were far closer than they had hoped but it seems they had no choice as they may be ready to do battle.

Inuyasha griped his weapon tightly and growled, already looking to rush in and slay the dragon. But Kagome sensed this and quickly grasped his shoulder before he would do anything rash and get himself killed.

“Wait, Inuyasha.”

Inuyasha grunted and turned his eyes to Kagome, staring at her hard.

“What?! Don’t you see it’s going to fucking kill us all?!”

Kagome narrowed her eyes at Inuyasha and was about ready to punch him but she held back as hard as she could.

“I said wait. It has yet to do anything. Perhaps it is in search for something?”

They all hoped so because they weren’t so sure they could take on an enemy of that size. There was no doubt that it was a youkai as they could feel the endless amounts of youki seeping from its large form.

That’s when the dragon would take another step closer to the village, Sango immediately taking off from Miroku and ran for the village. Miroku’s eyes widened and quickly went after Sango.

“Sango, wait!”

Humans! I come to seek the one they call Kikyo.”

A loud, booming voice would be heard from the dragon up ahead, its voice deep and ethereal… As if it came from another world. Kagome did not see its jaws move either when it spoke. How was that possible? It was as if it was speaking through enlarged speakers that could be heard within the vicinity.

Sango halted right in her tracks and all of them would widen their eyes upon hearing the dragon speak. And even more so as it uttered out a name that they thought they wouldn’t ever hear again. Why was it searching for Kikyo?

Inuyasha was now staring at the creature in question, wondering why it was looking for his past lover.

“What do we do?” Shippou questioned the group and Kagome began to wonder if she should tell the dragon the truth. Perhaps it would leave once it knew that Kikyo was no longer living on these lands? Or would that only anger it further and proceed to destroy everything in its path?

The dragon remained patient from where it stood, seemingly waiting for a response from anyone. It did not bother attacking anything. It just remained there as regal and poise as can be.

“Let me talk to it.”

All eyes were on Kagome now and couldn’t believe what they just heard.

“No Kagome-sama! What if the dragon eats you?” Rin was highly concerned for Kagome’s well being should she decide to go talk to the dragon.

“Yeah, you should play it safe, Kagome-chan.” Kohaku quipping up after Rin’s words.

“Are you stupid or something?! You’ll get yourself killed!” Inuyasha growling lowly at Kagome who stared back with a deadly glare, gritting her teeth.

“No, I am not stupid Inuyasha but I think you might be.”

And here they went again. Arguing at a time like this, of all things!

Sesshoumaru would still keep his gaze on the dragon but eventually he’d turn back to the group behind him, setting his gaze upon Kagome.


Sesshoumaru’s voice nearly startled Kagome at the spot having not heard that male’s voice in quite some time. Both Inuyasha and Kagome would look at him in question, wondering what he had to say.

“Perhaps it is best that she handles this.”

Kagome’s brows rose just slightly upon hearing Sesshoumaru speak, the lord having taken Kagome’s side on the situation. She smiled lightly at her ‘big brother’ and then she would nudge Inuyasha.

“See, even your brother thinks it’s a good idea.”

Inuyasha growled lowly at Sesshoumaru, now pointing his sword at him. Sesshoumaru remained there unphazed, simply staring at Inuyasha with a deadpan expression.

“Maybe I should keep his mouth shut.”

Kagome shook her head at Inuyasha and would now leave the group as none other voiced their opinions about it all, whisking pass Sesshoumaru and quickly uttered out a ‘thank you’ to the male in which he would nod his head in return, now watching her approach the large dragon at the top of that hill.

“Whew, okay… Deep breaths, deep breaths.”

Kagome was about to talk to a fucking dragon. A huge fucking dragon! She was getting goose bumps. When she began to approach the dragon, she’d note its features off hand.

It was a large black dragon with a thick and massive scaled hide. It wasn’t an eastern dragon, either. Kagome knew this shape. It was a western dragon, meaning it had to come from far, far away to get here. It had thick arms and legs, a massive chest and a thick neck that held a large head with two pairs of horns that started just above its eyes and curled out and away from its face, with tips pointing forwards as the end of the horns leveled with his massive jaws. Sharp spines would align the dragons’ spine, starting atop its head and ended at the tip of its tail. It had a long snout with another horn found at the tip of its nose, resembling that of a rhinoceros horn. It had large, fin like ears and lastly those wings. Its wing span had to be over fifty foot long and… Were those a second pair of arms? The webbing of the wing were on its second pair of arms she’d assume as it folded neatly behind its back, giving off a look as if it were wearing a ‘cape’ of sorts.

Truly majestic!

She didn’t even notice how close she had become to the towering dragon before her, gawking at it with such awe. She flinched the moment the dragon moved its head as it saw her approach. Kagome stiffened at the spot, feeling her heartbeat race when the dragon’s neck craned down to tilt its head in her direction.

Are you the one called Kikyo?

Again its booming voice heard by all those near, Kagome’s companions approaching closer but remained their distance, likely ready to attack the dragon should anything happen. Sango and Miroku stayed back though, mostly because they weren’t as powerful as their youkai allies.

Kagome would shake her head to answer the dragon, her blue eyes gazing into its burning golden yellows. Wow, never in her life had she ever seen a dragon up close. Kagome had long put her bow and arrows away when she noted the dragon was definitely not hostile and only wished to seek information. The dragon peered closer at Kagome and she saw its nostrils flare and soon inhale. Did the dragon take in her scent?

“The woman you look for, Kikyo, she has long passed away… About three years ago.”

The dragon heard the tone in her voice, hearing the sadness laced within her words and had suspected for this to be true. The dragon’s eyes closed and would pull its head away from Kagome, shaking its head.

Then it seems I am too late.

Kagome could hear the hopelessness when it spoke, the girl frowning a bit. She wanted to help the beast seeing as it traveled all the way here to find nothing. That’s when she took a step closer now standing just inches away from the dragon’s massive hand.

“Why do you need Kikyo?”

It no longer matters not, human. If Kikyo is not here then I shall take my leave.

Before the dragon could leave, Kagome would quickly speak up.

“Perhaps I can help?”

The dragon blinked slowly, head turning once more to view the girl again with a powerful gaze. Its head tilted in question but again neck would crane and head bowed lowly, now letting its eyes stare hard onto the girl in which she gazed back into those golden eyes. The dragon saw no fear in the human girl before it in which they could only assume this human had long experienced many hardships in their life.

You wish to offer your help, human? Are you a miko by chance?

Could they not see her miko garb?! Then again, she was certain the dragon could not tell apart from her clothing compared to others… Understandable.

“Yes, I am. I am currently in training but I am confident in my abilities and I only wish to aid you seeing as you have come from so far away.”

Ah, quite perceptive you are, human. Perhaps you may be able to help me… But it is quite a difficult task at hand.

Difficult? Kagome was quite curious now and wondered what possibly could be difficult that had this dragon travel far and wide in search for a miko in these lands…

Before Kagome could say anything else, the dragon’s head had pulled away again and she’d step back a few spaces when an ominous dark light began to envelop the beast entirely. A black spherical aura would encircle at the dragon’s feet and soon the aura would scale upwards to cover up the dragon. A towering black orb of darkness would now be seen then as it enveloped the dragon but seconds afterwards, it began to shrink. Smaller and smaller that orb shrunk until it was just only a few feet higher than Kagome herself. Then that ball of darkness would immediately dissipate into nothingness, Kagome’s eyes widening at what was revealed.

Kagome gasped out in surprise when the dragon had reverted back into its human form.

There stood just a few feet away from Kagome was a female. That dragon was a she?!

And soon Kagome’s companions came running over, the group of them now staring at the dragon’s human form once they caught up with Kagome.

She stood about exactly Inuyasha’s height if she were to guess, her skin tone a far darker shade than anyone she had seen upon these lands. She had a lovely shade of brown, rich mocha to be precise, with a heart shaped face with long, black hair that stopped just pass her shoulders. It would be in a side part with the rest of her hair folded over on the other side of her head, leaving a small bang in front. She had strong cheek bones, puckered lips that looked to have gloss upon them with a beauty mark found at the left side of her bottom lip. Her eyebrows were thin and arched, coupled with long eyelashes and there were her eyes that held the same color when she was in dragon form—a burning, golden yellow that reminded her of the Inu brothers.

She had markings upon her face, mostly over her left eye. It was a tattoo of some sort, done in dark black ink that was permanently done over her dark colored flesh, its significance unknown.

And lastly, the attire she wore was definitely not of the area. Expensive silks would grace her body, sheer white in color with gold embroidery, and it hugged her form tight. It was a dress of some sort that had no sleeves, like a tube top, wrapping around her chest and stop just mid-thigh. Fastened around her waist would be a golden sash as it fell in front and stopped just above her knees, her feet graced by sandals that also looked quite expensive. And not only that, she wore expensive looking jewelry--a thick golden bracelet around her left wrist, many words carved upon it in the language of the gods, a thick beaded necklace that was held together by golden string with a single jewel in the middle that matched the color of her eyes and lastly there was a band of gold found around her right bicep in the shape of a snake.

A buxom beauty no doubt. An average sized bust, slight curvy form with thick thighs and voluptuous backside… Damn, that was too much of a woman in one place!

Kagome stared her down as if she was meeting with a celebrity of great status and that dragoness would gaze back with a smile and Kagome instantly blushed.

“Aha sorry! I did not mean to stare, it’s just…”

“It is alright, girl. A normal expression I have experienced in my time.”

Kagome blinked and gazed at her again with amazement, surprised to find that she could speak in Japanese!

“You… You can speak Japanese?”

“Of course! That is the language you humans and youkai speak here on these lands, yes?”

“Yes, it is.” Kagome offering the lady a nod of her head.

Proper use of grammar, too.

Then the dragoness’ eyes would raise as she saw more of those humans approach, however, she could tell the youkai apart easily from the others. Kagome noticed her gaze raising and she would turn now glancing behind her to find Inuyasha and the others near, the hanyou returning by Kagome’s side and gazed at her if she was okay. Kagome saw that look and she’d nod her head to her husband now the other of them would now gaze at the newcomer before them.

The dragoness saw them hold hands and she’d assume these two were mates.

“So, why is it that you needed to see Kikyo?”

Kagome speaking up once more to the dark skinned beauty before her.

“First, let me introduce myself.”

A hand would be placed upon her chest and gave a bow before the group.

“I am called Aria, one of the four dragons who protect and serve under the Pharaoh, Atem.”

Inuyasha blinked. “Pha…raoh?” He had no clue what that was.

Kagome gasped again. “You are from Egypt?!”

Aria leaned back upright and gazed at Kagome with a wondrous expression, her face lighting up yet she was slightly surprised to find that she knew of her land.

“Indeed I am. You know of Egypt?”

They all stared at Kagome now and she noticed this, laughing lightly in nervousness with a wave of her hand.

“Come on guys, really! I am from the future so of course I know other areas besides Japan.”

But it was no surprise that they would look at her, mostly because she knew that none of them had even left Japan and explored the vast world out there.

Aria’s head tilted questioningly at Kagome, golden hues meeting with those blues as she searched her face.

“You are from the future?”

“It is… A very long story. But that is something that is not important right now, Aria-chan. Tell me, why have you gathered here?”

Ah, yes, there was a tale to tell.

Aria had assumed the youkai and humans here knew of the now deceased Kikyo but what caught her eyes was the slight pained expression upon the hanyou’s face. Did this miko have some sort of connection with this male?

“The other three dragons and I were given an order by our Pharaoh, Atem, to find powerful shrine maidens across the globe. I was given the task to find Kikyo who lived on these lands. With the possible help of her and the other shrine maidens my brethren are in search for, we would be able to stop the resurrection of the God of Death… Anubis.”

Kagome’s companions listened to the dragoness speak of her mission to find Kikyo, more so Kagome interested in it mostly because of her history studies back in high school. She knew of Anubis having read it up once before in her text books. She also knew that some Egyptians had served under that god who would guide their souls into the afterlife. But from the way Aria spoke, it seems like there was a problem her people could not handle by themselves. Was the situation that dire?

And to think Kikyo’s name had spread that far out onto other countries…

Aria could see the look in Kagome’s face as she somewhat seemed to understand where she was coming from. So, the girl truly was from the future… But how far ahead? And has Anubis already ruled the world by then?

“There has been word from our oracle that Anubis plans to break free from the seal we have upon the door to the underworld when the planets align in two months from now. That is when the planet is at its weakest and doors to the spiritual realm would open for all those that have passed on and wish to cross it. We would need the help of the shrine maidens to keep the doors closed while the planetary alignment happens so that Anubis cannot break free. Only the maidens can keep the doors sealed seeing as they have been finely tuned in with the spiritual realm. A fitting job only they can complete.”

Kagome understood now.

So Aria needed Kikyo’s help and other shrine maidens to keep the doors to the underworld sealed and prevent from Anubis coming through. She knew exactly what she needed to do and Kagome was confident in her abilities to get the job done.

“I’ll do it.”

Inuyasha stared at her with the most quizzical expression on his face and that had everyone but Sesshoumaru gasping at her at her sudden decision in agreeing to help with Aria’s quest.

“Wh-what are you saying, Kagome-chan? You are willing to leave?”

Sango was the first one to speak up then; having rushed to Kagome’s other side and gave a worried look to her dear ‘sister’. Kagome saw this look and she smiled softly at Sango, shaking her head lightly.

“Do not worry Sango, I’ll be fine! If anything, this is just another part of my training I am sure I can accomplish.”

Sango frowned upon hearing those words, knowing Kagome had full well made her decision as she could see the determined look upon her face. Once she had that look, there was no stopping her.

And there came Kagome’s companions crowding around her, likely worried for her being should she go on this adventure of hers. Aria would not interrupt their conversation since she knew that this was something the miko would have to think over. But the dragoness was ultimately surprised that she agreed so easily to help her with her task.

“Then I’ll be going with you, Kagome.”

Inuyasha speaking up after some moments of her companions discussing about the whole thing, still, most of them were not sure she should go. Kagome would look over at Inuyasha with a small smile, grasping his hand and gave a light squeeze.

“Thank you, Inuyasha.”

“So… You are called Kagome?”

Aria had spoke up then, her golden hues viewing the miko before her and Kagome would turn to face Aria again and nodded her head.

“Yes, my name is Kagome. Kagome Higurashi. And these people behind me are my great friends.” Her free hand gesturing to those behind her, introducing each one.

Sango, Miroku, Shippou, Rin, Kohaku and Sesshoumaru. Said Western Lord kept his distance yet he was close enough to listen in on the current conversation. Aria’s eyes went to each one and gave a smile along with a bow of her head, lastly ending on the DaiYoukai who stood not too far from them all. And there their gazes would meet—Gold and Amber. Immediately she could tell that he was quite a powerful youkai, perhaps just as strong as her should he give it his all. The sudden spark lit up between the two and there was no doubt they could sense it.

Aria’s lips would tug into a smirk when gaze lingered on Sesshoumaru for a second longer, the DaiYoukai catching that flash of amusement within her eyes but soon her sights would turn to Kagome once more.

“And this is my husband, Inuyasha.”

Aria would look to Inuyasha then and he would grin back but she’d blink slowly once the dragoness caught wind of his scent. It was strangely familiar.

“You carry the same smell as that youkai over there… Are you two brothers?”

Inuyasha immediately gritted his teeth tight and snorted.

“He’s my fuckin’ deadbeat half-brother.”

Upon hearing that title, Sesshoumaru immediately growled and glared daggers at the back of Inuyasha’s head who was now pointing his nose high with a satisfactory grin upon his face, knowing full well he had pushed those buttons on his elder sibling. Kagome just shook her head whilst Aria giggled lightly. They were quite a lovely bunch she knew she could get along with. All the better to get to know them all more.

“Kagome-sama.” The dragoness speaking up to get the miko’s attention once more. Kagome had immediately shaken her head, waving her hand as a light blush crept up her cheeks.

“Just Kagome is fine! No need for any honorifics. We are all friends here, right?”

“Kagome.”  Aria would nod her head and continue. “I must also tell you that this journey may be a dangerous one.”

“Dangerous... Why?”

“Because Atem believes that there is a possibility of a coup d’état. There are a small group of followers who blindly follow Anubis in the shadows and they would do anything to revive their god without knowing the consequences. And should he be revived… Then the world as we know it may perish.”

Kagome’s eyes widened slightly upon hearing those words from the dragoness. Damn, if only Kagome had her textbooks… She read about this somewhere but could not remember the exact events. And since she could not return back to her time, this was something she would have to face. Was it possible that she and other shrine maidens had stopped Anubis’ revival so that her world in the future would survive? And if she did not go, would everything still turn out right?

But this meant that she would have the chance in seeing the world in the past! How cool was that? And seeing Egypt in its prime?! She’d have to be crazy to pass up this chance.

“I had not expected your answer so quick, Kagome. But you have my gratitude. The plan was to originally have the shrine maidens think it over and make our reports to the Pharaoh in order to prepare for the planetary alignment. You still have time to discuss with your friends and family should you choose to do so.”

“How much time would I have?”

Aria would glance up at the sky for the moment, single finger tapping her chin in thought.

“Mm, I believe you have one whole month of preparation.”

Tilting her head back down to look upon Kagome and her companions once more.

“Tomorrow I shall return to my homeland and give word to Atem about your decision. Then one month from today, I will return one last time and ask for your decision once more.”

Kagome shook her head.

“I have made my decision, Aria. I will accompany you to Egypt in one month’s time. This will give me time to prepare for such a long journey.”

Upon hearing those words, another smile would grace the lips of the dark skinned woman, bowing her head before Kagome and her companions once more.

Thank you, my lady. I am eternally grateful to you.”

Those words... What did she just say? It sounded very foreign, an ancient, lost language from many, many years ago.

“Is that the language of Ancient Egypt?”

Aria’s brows rose in surprise upon heard Kagome’s words, steeping closer to the female and grasped both her hands when they were both free.

“You truly are from the future! I am amazed that you know of this language that has been passed down from my family for generations. Not many adapted to this language though as some find it far too ancient to even speak. Some have moved on and found another language that was simple to understand.”

Kagome laughed lightly by then, allowing Aria to take a hold of her hands when she drew close but before she could reply, Inuyasha growled lowly and glared at both Kagome and Aria when this lady just went and touched his woman!

“Hey! Hands off my wife!”

He’d even grit his teeth at the dragoness and Kagome’s face contorted in that of annoyance, clasping Aria hands still while it was her turn to narrow her gaze upon Inuyasha.


And then that rosary around the hanyou’s neck glowed and immediately he would be plummeted into the ground beneath his feet hard. Aria saw this and she found this highly amusing to see with her brows rising slightly, now gazing at the hanyou who now had his face planted hard into the ground. This had her giggling as she attempted to stiffen it but failed miserably.

“Ohh… An enchantment spell, yes?” Inquired Aria when she took a look upon Kagome. The miko would nod her head yet a sigh left her lips.

“He just doesn’t listen.”

Rin would approach Inuyasha’s body that had been implanted on the floor, giggling at how silly he looked and began poking the back of his head. Sango just shook her head once more; the hanyou made a fool out of himself and likely embarrassed Kagome in front of their new guest.

The taijiya would watch Kagome take her leave with Aria beside her, the two currently conversing about history in which Aria seemed to have quite a high interest in, as well the future where she came from. And just like that, they clicked! There was no doubt that the two women would become the best of friends in the time to come and as such, Kagome found herself liking the dragoness more and more.



As the day drew to the late afternoon, Kagome had spent much of her time with Aria within the village, having to explain why she was here and meant no harm to the villagers. Aria was given praise and many lecherous looks from the men who lived in the village, Kagome having to set them straight in which Aria had laughed all the while. It was rather amusing, honestly. But it was to be expected. She was a foreigner and a dragon.

Kagome had also introduced Aria to Kaede and told her of Aria’s story of why she was here. Kaede thought of it as a very dangerous quest as well but Kagome had long made her decision and only thought of this as another way to becoming a true miko like her incarnate, if not more. Anyhow, Aria had got herself acquainted with the villagers and Kagome’s companions as well as being offered to stay the night before she returned to Egypt tomorrow morning.

Aria humbly accepted their hospitality.

All the while Kagome busied herself with Aria, Inuyasha was highly annoyed. Kagome was giving the newcomer far too much attention than he liked, hell, he never got that kind of attention for himself and he was nearly fuming. The nerve of her!

Kagome knew that Inuyasha must have been annoyed with her and she was deliberately ignoring the hanyou most of this day, using Aria as a scapegoat from being near him entirely. It was starting to bother her a great deal, honestly. They have been married for six months and yes, they loved each other greatly but Inuyasha never seemed to put up with what Kagome wanted. He annoyed her far more than the norm when it came to her training each day, pushing her buttons when she warned him not to do so. And then there were times he would constantly crave for her attention, acting like he did nothing wrong that day and only offer her affection through closed doors.

He was like a damn child.

Those last three years she spent in her time made her realize so many things she had and it was only until now that she was now figuring it out. She could have had a more mature man than… this. But this was normal for couples to do, right? They’ve had their share of arguments and Inuyasha made it up to her each time and so would she but sometimes she wished he would grow up. Maybe this was just all a phase she had to go through. Perhaps that plan of starting a family should be done…


The soft voice of Aria roused her out form her thoughts, blinking slowly and looked around quickly regaining her senses. Ocean blues would now find the face of Aria who gazed at her with curious golden hues.

“Is something the matter?”

The dragoness noticed she was staring off into space some moments ago and could tell there was a slight pained yet annoyed expression upon her face. Was something troubling her? Kagome shook her head though and offered the female a small smile.

“I am fine, don’t worry about me.”

Aria continued to gaze at her with a curious stare but soon she’d turn her head and gaze off into the distance. There she could find Inuyasha just some few feet away, keeping his distance but she could tell he was annoyed as he stood there with arms folded into his sleeves of his haori.

“Your husband has been trailing us for the past few hours now. Are you sure there is nothing wrong?”

Returning golden gaze to Kagome who did not bother looking back to the hanyou. Instead, Aria would hear her sign and gaze out down the path that led to the hill where Aria’s dragon form stood some hour’s prior.

“Aria-chan, do you have a husband? Or a mate?”

Aria would blink slowly with a brow arching in question upon hearing Kagome’s words, wondering what she was getting at. She took another brief glance over to Inuyasha in the distance but she’d shake her head once she returned to look upon Kagome.

“No, I do not. We dragons who serve under Atem are not allowed to have mates. When we swore our loyalty to him, this was one of the conditions.”

Kagome’s eyes widened just slightly.

“O-oh…! I’m sorry, I did not mean to…”

Aria shook her head.

“It is alright, Kagome. You did not know but why is it you ask me this?”

Kagome would once again take a walk along that dirt path, Aria following the miko as she strode right beside her and again, Inuyasha would follow them. Then the dragoness could sense the anger coming from Kagome with her hands balling into tiny fists at her sides.

“I am having trouble with him.” Likely referring to the hanyou in the distance. “Yes, he is my husband and I love him so but there are times where I need space, you know?”

Kagome glancing up at Aria as she could still see the anger in those blues.

“Have you not told him this?”

“Unfortunately, yes. I haven’t told him yet. But I am afraid he won’t listen and just brush it off as nothing.”

“You have to treat him like an adult, like yourself, Kagome. I can see that anger in you and you need to show it so he knows that you mean it.”

“But… I don’t want to get him angry at me.”

“If you are truly husband and wife, then he would understand your wishes and give you the space you are asking for. He shouldn’t be getting angry. If anything, he should be happy that he has a lovely woman in his life as his wife.”

Aria grinned at the female by then in which Kagome would frown slightly, tilting her head to gaze over at Inuyasha in the distance. He met her gaze and eyes narrowed but again, Kagome was convinced she was staring at nothing but a child.

“I’ll be right back.”

And that was all Kagome would say as she would turn to pace towards Inuyasha in the distance, Aria’s eyes following the girl and brows raised in curiosity as Kagome was going to have the talk with her husband, right in the open.

Woo, this was going to be interesting.

Arms crossed beneath bust and stood at her spot as she watched Kagome argue with Inuyasha and voice everything on her mind. She chided him for his immaturity and all Inuyasha would do is mock her as well as making fun of her training, again, and this was enough to teeter Kagome right off of the edge. Kagome held in a breath and the word that shot right out of her mouth was heard in a crackling boom that was none other than an angered yell.


A giant crafter had formed beneath Inuyasha’s feet when his face planted so hard in the dirt, Aria wincing just slightly when the hanyou went down hard.


Kagome also continued to give him even more words, berating him while he laid there and requested the space she was asking for, too. She wasn’t going to take no for an answer, either. She heeded Aria’s words and would treat Inuyasha like an adult, just as she was. Inuyasha should be one too, considering how old he was. Kagome reminded that to him as well but the hanyou remained silent from his spot upon the dirt and with that, Kagome stormed away from him. Kagome was now approaching Aria and when she stood beside her, she gave an apologetic smile, blushing lightly in embarrassment.

“Aha, sorry you had to see and hear all that.”

Aria shook her head. “It is quite alright, Kagome. You put your foot down and hopefully he will get the message, ne?”

Kagome sure hoped he would because she wasn’t having anymore of his shenanigans today or for the next few days to come.

And the day would eventually turn to night, the moon high above in the clouds. Aria and Kagome were still together, mostly because Kagome was now asking Aria questions about Egypt. And she would tell her everything she had asked for, Kagome wanting nothing more than to visit and see for herself. Only one month away!

The two had ventured not too far from the village that night, the pair sitting upon a large rock that was placed over field grass within a small clearing, Aria asking the questions now of the future Kagome came from.

But! Before that could even happen…


Aria would speak and this had Kagome blinking at her in confusion then soon looking around, having not seen that youkai anywhere. He was here? Where?

Sesshoumaru was indeed near. In fact, he would make his appearance as he’d emerge out from the forest behind them, Kagome turning her head when she caught movements of his figure. And there he would be, slowly pacing his way towards the pair of women before him upon that rock. Aria, too, would turn her head to glance at the DaiYoukai and she grinned.

“Kagome, did I tell you that I know Sesshoumaru?”

She turned back around and looked to Aria again with her eyes widening in surprise upon hearing this information.

“Do you really?”

Sesshoumaru would stand a few feet away from the pair with his gaze narrowing hard upon the back of Aria’s head, suppressing a growl that dared to come forth.

“Indeed. There was a time where the two of us knew each other as children and this Sesshoumaru you see now? He was not like this back then.”

Kagome was immediately interested now because she had to wonder what the cause was for the DaiYoukai to be so self-absorbed in his own pride. Was he truly different when he was younger? Kagome blinked slowly when she heard a sound coming from Sesshoumaru in which she turned her head to gaze upon the male in the distance. Was he growling?

Aria loved to gossip! Especially with someone like Kagome who knew a bit about Sesshoumaru, Aria’s current target. She’d grin once more and saw that angered look Sesshoumaru gave her and she would just keep on grinning!

“Tell me, what was he like?”

Kagome speaking up then, likely curious to know more about Sesshoumaru’s past and this surprised him somewhat. Why did she wish to know? She didn’t need to know. Actually, he was hoping Aria would keep that secret.

Too bad!

“He was the cutest little youkai you would ever know. We used to play together a lot when my father visited his father—“

“Your father knew Sesshoumaru’s father?!”

Kagome unable to hold back that outburst and gasp with her eyes widened upon hearing such information. Aria nodded her head again and Sesshoumaru gritted his teeth tightly. Again, another growl heard but Aria would ignore him and continue.

“And he would follow me around like a lost puppy! Whenever I came to visit the Inu no Taisho household, Sesshoumaru was quick to ask for me and to play with him each and every time.”

Kagome was giggling so much after hearing Aria mention about Sesshoumaru’s younger days, the miko having a hard time trying to envision it but when she did, all she could imagine is a chibi Sesshoumaru following a chibi Aria around and wanted nothing more than to play. Aria, too, would giggle along with Kagome and Sesshoumaru stormed right up to them with teeth gritted tight.

“And you have not changed since.” His eyes narrowed hard upon Aria now as the two giggling girls now turned their gazes to Sesshoumaru himself. Kagome had the brightest smile on her face and again she would giggle, Sesshoumaru staring at her and he could feel his eyebrow twitch.

“Indeed I haven’t!”

Both of the girls had then shifted from their spot upon stone to face Sesshoumaru who was slightly embarrassed that Kagome had to hear all that.


Kagome’s eyes blinked open and looked over to Sesshoumaru when she was addressed, gazing at his face but she was having a hard time in taking this serious because that was too damn funny. Aria grinned widely then as she nudged Kagome playfully.

None of this will be said to my idiot of a brother.” Leaning over just slightly to stare hard into Kagome’s face even as she still giggled whilst trying to keep a straight face. “Do you understand?” His tone was that of a serious one and all Kagome would do is nod her head and bite her lip.

She had some juicy gossip at her disposal!

“And you.”

Sesshoumaru growled lowly at Aria but she would quickly slide off of that rock and place herself behind Kagome and use her as a ‘shield’ of some sort when her hands grasped her shoulders gently. Kagome didn’t even notice how close Sesshoumaru was right then and there, seeing the glare and annoyance in his eyes when he stared hard at the both of them. He was so pretty up close! Kagome blushed lightly and tried to play it off as if it was nothing and not put too much attention on the male.

“Not my fault you’ve changed in the last four hundred years I have last seen you.”

Kagome had almost forgotten that youkai can live quite long but this had her wondering Aria’s age.

“Are you… older than Sesshoumaru?”

Kagome inquiring Aria when Kagome stood and Aria would stand beside the miko while Sesshoumaru stood upright. He was still quite annoyed at them both, actually hoping Aria wouldn’t tell any more stories.

“Yes, I am. But only about a hundred years or so give or take.”

Then she’d grin at Sesshoumaru once more, Kagome following her gaze to the DaiYoukai.

“But I see he still has his old habits. Look, he’s already here and probably wants to play.”

Sesshoumaru growled out again and that hand shot out so fast to grasp for Aria’s neck but she leapt away from him in time before he could even touch her. Kagome gasped at all the sudden movements. They were so fast!

“Maybe I should tell Kagome that one time we had in the baths…”

Sesshoumaru’s eyes nearly widened and so did Kagome’s, her face lightning up and she could only imagine what had happened between the two. Kagome then heard a very deep growl from Sesshoumaru with her eyes going to him as he stared hard at Aria. Whatever story Aria was going to tell, Kagome knew it would be quite embarrassing for Sesshoumaru.

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh, I would! But I think I have a better idea in mind.”

And that’s when Sesshoumaru knew that Aria was up to no good. Every time he saw that grin of hers that began to form upon her lips, something bad would always happen. Shit. Maybe he shouldn’t have come here… But he was actually curious since both women he knew for quite a bit and wondered what the hell were they up to. Hell, he was there when Kagome vented out her anger upon Inuyasha some hours ago and it was possible she could have ventured off into the forest without knowing it.

She had done it a lot before because of all the arguments she was having with Inuyasha lately. It was not his business and he shouldn’t even bother with her or his brother but Rin cared for them both and she grew to like Kagome quite a lot. Sesshoumaru knew Rin would be quite saddened should anything happen to Kagome.

Kagome was standing there quite perplexed about it all, her gaze switching from Aria to Sesshoumaru and to Aria again but when she glanced back at the dragoness, she had her golden gaze on her and Kagome would just blink back in return, looking quite confused.

“How about a dare, Sesshoumaru? In exchange for not telling Kagome about your… past.”

His brow rose slightly in question, the DaiYoukai not one for games but if this meant his pride was at stake then so be it. Kagome looking confused all the while but she was actually interested in what Aria was thinking. Aria had Sesshoumaru in her trap and she knew she was going to enjoy this. But the question remained… Would he do it? Kagome frowned afterwards because this meant that she won’t be hearing that tale from Aria should Sesshoumaru follow through on that dare of hers. Damn it! She really wanted to hear that story! Who knows what had happened to Western Lord when he was just a wee little child?

“What is it?” Came Sesshoumaru’s voice after he had made his decision to fulfill whatever dare she had in mind.

Hah, so much for a prideful being.

Aria rubbed her hands together with that grin still there upon her lips.

“I dare you to kiss Kagome.”

Kagome’s eyes widened at hearing those words, feeling a heavy blush creep up on her cheeks and her face growing red.


Aria knew Kagome would be as equally surprised considering she was married and that miko just stared at Aria in disbelief. What was she thinking?! She couldn’t do that! She was married to Inuyasha and that would only complicate things—

Kagome’s thought process was immediately interrupted when her wrist was seized by a strong, firm grip. Before she could even tell what was happening, she was turned around and pulled in close towards Sesshoumaru and he would lean down just slightly to capture Kagome’s lips in his own in a tender and soft kiss. Kagome’s eyes widened immensely when she felt Sesshoumaru’s warm lips press against hers but for some reason, it felt nice. Something had sparked between the two, something Kagome had long since forgotten months ago and there it was again, this time brought by someone else other than Inuyasha.

Both of their eyes drifted close when some seconds would pass, Kagome actually kissing him back to her surprise but before that kiss went anywhere, the two would pull away slowly, her eyes fluttering open and looked up at Sesshoumaru who gazed back at her with a rare look she had not ever seen before.

And damn, did her heart skip a beat.

She stood there stunned when Sesshoumaru peeled away from her, releasing the hold around her wrist and stepped around Kagome to set his gaze upon Aria with narrowed eyes. He knew this was what Aria wanted and he gave it, just to appease to her entertainment.

“Is this satisfactory?”


Aria on the other hand was gushing like mad throughout the whole thing and couldn’t believe Sesshoumaru kissed Kagome without question. That dragoness had a feeling Sesshoumaru had liked Kagome to some extent but this much? Wow, why didn’t she think of this sooner? Aria was practically beaming at the two, more so at Kagome who stood there touching her lips lightly and couldn’t believe what just happened.


She blushed heavily and hands clasped her face but soon Aria would pass right by her, ocean blues glancing up to look up at the golden gaze of the dragoness and all she would do is send a wink her way.

“You feel better now, don’t you?”

Whispered words sent to the miko and off that dragoness went, now heading back to the village and get her much needed rest. And not only Kagome heard those words but so did the DaiYoukai himself.

She deliberately left Kagome there with Sesshoumaru alone in that clearing and all Kagome could hear was her massive pounding heart in her chest. Why the hell was she feeling this way? It’s just a damn kiss, it’s nothing! Sesshoumaru watched as Aria would disappear in the distance but with her gone, he’d turn to glance curiously over towards Kagome who was standing there, still in disbelief.

Woo, what a day.

“…Not a word of this to Inuyasha.”

Kagome uttering out those words so quietly but he heard her loud and clear. Seems like there were many things to be kept from that hanyou!


But this only made things worse for her because she was now heading back to the village with Sesshoumaru walking right beside her.

Oh how her heart had raced this evening!

And what a night she would remember.





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