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The Devil In Me by Itoe

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Inuyasha doesn't belong to me and I do not earn any money with my fanfictions.

Authors note: This story is not beta'd. Please note, I am still learning English and trying to improve the feeling for it. Please, bear with me or let me know of mistakes, so I can learn and get better.

About the story: This is a dark fic. But not in the sense of rape and such. Just a paranormal, scary story. Also, this story is not something for readers under 18 years. There will be some horrible graphic scenes.

I hope, these warnings are enough. =)

For the cold blooded readers, please enjoy.

Chapter 1


Heavy breathing from several people could be heard close to the entrance of a cave. The cave itself was pitch black. It was in the middle of the night when a group of humans, hanyou and yokais tried to make camp.

Some of them ran around trying to find wood and another was trying to make fire to illuminate the pure darkness of the night of the new moon. And one person tried to hold another person down from lashing out and attacking the others.

„Damn, Kagome! What’s gotten into you?!“, cursed Inuyasha loudly as Kagome hit him with a fist and tried to get up and run away, „Oi Miroku! What’s taking so long! She is insane!“

„He is gathering fire wood!“, shouted Shippo who tried to illuminate the cave with several small blue fox fires. His small paws trembled like leaves on the wind when he threw the small light sources.

Instead of spending a bright light the fox fires only gave the cave a greyish blue hue which only had the effect of making the entire situation and surroundings more scary than it already was. The kit shuddered as he looked at Kagomes eyes which were for a moment fixated on him. It felt like he was looking at something that was not his motherfigure. Much darker. And incomparably evil. Even her face had changed a little. Her skin looked bluish like she was about to die. Her normally stormy blue eyes looked black in the dark of the cave. But the kit could have sworn that while they were travelling today her eyes had indeed turned to black. At least her pupils had considerably grown, barely allowing a very, very slim line of her normal eye color to be seen. Then, there was her voice. He could have sworn that he heard a man speak with her mouth. Just before she went insane and attacked Sango. But she was knocked down by Inuyasha before she could hurt the Taijiya.

„Go get him! Fast!“, ordered a human Inuyasha as he tried to bind the wild womans hands, „Damn!“

She fought. She screamed. She cursed worse than Inuyasha usually did. And she attacked with inhuman strength.

„What is it Inuyasha? Does it turn you on seeing me bound? Do you want to play a little game?“, Kagome laughed evilly as she also narrowed her eyes in dark amusement, ,,Oh, I am not dead enough for you?’’

She laughed hysterically and freed her right hand to punch Inuyashas left cheek. The hanyou flew back and tried to get up to see what the mad woman was going to do now. To his surprise, she suddenly sat down on his chest and stared him down. He could see the pure hatred in her black (!) eyes.

Then it clicked. Being human this night left him without his yokai powers. Also during the last few days, his senses were dulled. He didn’t notice it!

„Who are you?“, he asked but didn’t dare to move. And to his horror, Shippous fox fires slowly dimmed down and he could see the evil glint return to her eyes as she moved her face closer to the hanyous. Her breath tickling his face, as he noticed a terrible smell coming out of her mouth and fought back the gag.

„I am…“, the girl didn’t finish her sentence as she was flung from the hanyou to the ground by the Taijiya.

„Forgive me, Kagome!“, she screamed and punched the girl unconscious.

Sango then threw herself backwards and landed tiredly on her bottom. A heavy sigh escaped her lips as she looked at her hanyou friend.

„I am OK.“, he said, a bit shaken about the events today and turned to look at his best friend, „She is possessed and she was about to say who –she- is.“

The Taijiya could only nod. After all, they had a lot to do with yokai and evil spirits. But in all honesty, the Taijiya had never seen such a possession before. She couldn’t sense any yokai, or any sort of evil spirit within her sister. It was odd. And she was unsure what she could do to help.

They had tried to bring her to Kaede and see what was wrong with her. But the girl fought and bit and cursed. She did everything to hinder their way to Edo.

It had been a hot day and they thought that Kagome finally went nuts. But they all had realized that something was wrong. The thought that she might have been possessed came to all their minds, but they pushed that idea aside. Their miko friend was too pure to be so easily possessed. They thought it was impossible.

Now, that Inuyasha confirmed what they all denied in thought, they couldn’t try to forget that crazy idea.

„We should at least bind her hands.“, the Taijiya suggested and got up to get some new cord from Kagomes huge yellow bag by the entrance of the cave, „Maybe we should also bind her feet.“

„This is crazy.“, murmured the disurbed hanyou and went to bind her hands behind her back while Sango bound the girls feet.

The two sat down not so close by Kagome and waited for Shippou to return with the monk. Their thoughts heavily filled with their priestesses possible possession by an evil spirit. The air surrounding them was colder than usual. Like a blanket made of darkness was thrown on them and forgotten to be removed. How hadn’t they noticed that Kagome was possessed before? They couldn’t think of a time when she could have been in contact with an evil spirit. Even if there was a time, she was never alone anywhere.

It was most curious, indeed. No one had noticed anything. It was like it just happened and she went nuts.

When Miroku entered the cave with a tired look in his eyes and his arms filled with fire wood, the Taijiya slowly got up to help him with the wood and fire. The small blue fires levitating in the air suddenly dimmed completely, rendering the humans blind. In that moment Shippou said that they should try to help his mother and he would take care of the fire. In order to push things, Shippou threw some fox fires anew to illuminate, even if only a little bit, the cave.

The grown ups nodded and sat around Kagome for a crisis discussion.

„Obviously she is possessed. But it would seem that it is not a normal yokai.“, said the hanyou turned human who put his hands into his sleeves and looked for once thoughtful at the sleeping girl in their middle, „I have no idea when or what happened. All I can say is that she has become too strong. I with my human MANs strength can’t do much to her. She beats me like I am a punching bag.“

The last sentence was murmured in an annoyed tone and the black haired young man turned his face away.

Miroku looked thoughtful at the sleeping girl as well. „I have not noticed any changes within her either. That is until today, when her voice changed. And her eyes somehow looked black. Other than that, I did not notice anything. Even now, her aura looks to be the same as usual. No changes at all.“

„To be honest, I did.“, this came from Sango who looked away, ashamed, „She was very depressed a few days ago. She said she wanted to see her family. So we let her go to see her family. Whatever happened, it must have happened there. She has become silent since she returned. That she was thinking about something. I am sure, there must have happened something.“, said Sango, „Maybe we should go and you can see her family?“

„I didn’t notice anything.“, said Inuyasha who stood up to pace in the small viccinity of the small and wet cave, „No smell or anything when she returned. My senses were not dulled then.“

In that moment, the Kitsune had the fire going and he threw silently some wood to warm the cave a bit more. The darkness and evil blanket surrounding them had them all shivering in the middle of a hot night.

The monk massaged in that moment his forehead in a desperate attempt to fight the building headache and tiredness from his eyes. They had to hurry. Time was not on their side, he just felt it in his gut. And his gut was always right.

„I suggest we try to sleep a little and return by tomorrow to Kaedes. Inuyasha can go and look at Kagomes house, while we try to find out what’s wrong with Kagome here.“, he suggested.

He needed sleep. Just like everyone else here did. Even Inuyasha. But he knew his friend would never sleep during his human nights and would keep watch while they did sleep.

Inuyasha, who usually wouldn’t waste a minute to save his friend only nodded in approval. This situation was very dangerous. He didn’t know how strong the evil in her was or what it was capable of. As the Alpha of their small group, he had the job to protect his pack. A defeated look entered his face as he realized how powerless he truly was. The strongest miko ever was possessed by a much more powerful evil than they had ever encountered. This much was obvious. And they needed every bit of strength to face this foe.

„You  guys go and sleep by the fire while I will keep watch. Tomorrow, my powers will return and I will be able to hold her down better than today.“, he said and sat in saiza right beside the unconscious girl.

The other humans agreed and went to lay down beside the fire. They didn’t need any blankets or any other comforts. They were too tired for anything. Dragging Kagome like that for countless hours had cost all of them their physical power. It didn’t take long until sleep took the two humans and the two little yokai over.

Only Inuyasha sat in vigil. Even though he was tired as hell, he had to protect his pack. There were sacrifices to be made if one wanted to stay as Alpha.

He patiently waited for the sun and with it his powers to rise. His only hope was that the night would be over soon.


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