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A Whole New World! by Sarah


Kagome woke to the light drifting into her hut. She yawned as she stretched in place on the futon. Today would be a day of confessions of what happened the previous night n her now non existent powers. She didn’t want to feel useless but what choice did she have. She would be now seen as an ordinary village woman. Taking in a deep shaky breath knowing that Inuyasha would most likely become upset, not out of jealousy but the fact the it was with his brother.

Standing up and patting down her miko garbs before she moved out of her small home. She needed to get it done sooner than later, that way she could find her role on the village. She even looked to her miko outfit knowing she would have to buy a kimono fitting of a village woman. She would miss her outfit deeply. As she walked her eyes caught a glimpse of silver. Her heart instantly jumped as she was startled. As she turned to fully look at the silver haired being, she release a deep breath.

‘Inuyasha!’ At least it hadn’t been her first thought. ‘For a moment I thought it had been Sesshomaru,’ Kagome smiled knowing she was safe from that kind of confrontation. But still she knew Inuyasha would smell his brother on her.

“Kagome,” he called out her name as he walked up to her but stopped quickly. “Why is Sesshomaru’s scent all over you?” he inhaled deeply. “Even more so down- there.” He pointed towards her lower area.

“I need to talk to you Inuyasha.” She hung her head low as she began knowing this wasn’t who she wanted to start with. “Last night I was bathing Sesshomaru had come, his demonic self had taken control.” She slowly looking into Inuyasha’s eyes. “He took my innocents from me.” She could see his eyes widen, hear the low growl rumble threw his chest yet he didn’t scream, he himself inhaled deeply before speaking.

“Does he know of what he did?” his voice was low, he watched her shake her head to him. “Considering his beast was in control, he must had pretty much ‘blacked out' as you would say.” Inuyasha shook his head in disbelief. Yet scent didn’t lie and neither did Kagome. “Stay away from Keade's today, Sesshomaru had arrived last night and is still here with Rin.” He explained seeing the frighten look in her eyes. “I’ll return soon, I originally came to let you know a village elder asked me for help with rampaging demon group, stay away from them and you’ll be fine.” He turned not allowing her to Beg to leave with him.

Kagome watched her best friend leave quickly, jumping away into the surrounding forest. She would need to be careful and keep clear of Sesshomaru as he visited his Ward. She would just need to stay away from Rin till he left. Yet as she rushed towards the opposite side of the village she hadn’t expected to literally trip over Jaken.

The toad Sat with his staff clutched in his hands as he stared at the groaning miko before him, there she was, as clumsy as ever and right before him. She rubbed her knees before looking in his direct her eyes grew wide as she looked upon him. “Jaken!” she squeal as she moved away from him.

“Lady Kagome!” he squealed, he was searching for her and finding her like he had was certainly different. Yet here she was, and he fully intended on letting her know of his findings. Reaching into his sleeve he pulled out her odd object.

“Huh!” Kagome knew instantly that Jaken had seen her, her face instantly went red with embarrassment. “M-My locket.” She place her hand near her neck as though searching for it there. Her mother had given it too her as a graduation gift. It was all she had.

“I seen you with my lord.” He lowly spoke. “I won’t tell anyone if you don’t, my lord was taken over by primal needs.” Jaken looked away reaching forward to hand her the locket. Kagome smiled as she grabbed it, Jaken had made her day with the simple locket containing her family within.

“Yes please Jaken, if Sesshomaru doesn’t know I would rather keep it like that, after all it was a mistake.” Her eyes soften with sadness, the first time with a male and it would be a mistake to him.

“Very well.” He stood up after her brushing off his clothing. Glancing at Kagome he had to admit he respected her highly, she was miraculous. Facing not only Naraku but his Lord and any other in her way. She was fierce and loyal to the end, never gave up on anything. He respected her highly, just under his Lord. Not many gained that type of respect from him yet she had. “Lady Kagome, as a respected miko I know it better protects you from threats and remarks of the village and enemies of my Lords.” He spoke calmly, surprising Kagome even further.

“Jaken, thank you, but I’m no longer a miko. As I lost the pureness in my body I lost the pure powers that made me a miko.” She smiled sadly. Jaken snorted loudly at her.

“Well that is plain stupid, you still have your spiritual power, it surrounds you even now, you're perhaps the most powerful I’ve ever known, and certainly I can feel it push out at me,.” He spoke out to her, “Don’t forget how powerful you are.” He spoke lowly before turning and quickly rushing away.

Had Jaken complimented her? That was certainly the first he had ever said anything nice to her. In all honesty she highly enjoyed the compliment. Kagome walked back towards the opposite side of the village this time slowly. She had her powers, she wasn't useless! And Jaken had given her a compliment on herself and abilities, perhaps this day wasn’t so bad. Just maybe kami was on her side, was granting her a blessing beyond anything she could ever dream of.


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