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Bones and Lavender by LightoftheWest


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Kagome/ Sesshomaru 


Her scent was something not of this world it was of lavender and held a touch of lightning to it as she washed her wounded form in the river. Her black inky hair sprawled in the water as she sunk herself low into the stream. She sucked in her breath wanting to forget everything that had happened the days before. She held her head under the water until she couldn’t breathe anymore. She was lonely spending her days collecting herbs for future use and stayed on the outskirts of the village. 

She lived in a modest hut made by the villagers for the wondering priestess, she had many huts' but this one was her favorite. She was close to a hot spring she would visit as often as she could as she came back from the hot spring she felt a powerful aura. Her skin bubbled with goosebumps from the impending cold that winter brought. As she turned around she felt something familiar and she smirked as she dropped what was in her hands. She took out her bow that she hid in her supplies. She loved a good fight she took out her bow and as she did a bright light had erupted from the bow’s wood. 

The demon chuckled as it came from the shadows his white hair standing out from the darkness of the forest. “You have been practicing,” the shadow said as it took another swipe at her and she expertly blocked his attack again. She smirked every few months he would come and spar with her just to see how she improved but over the course of a few years, they became close. He enjoyed her company and wanted to learn more about her he was a prince from the South but what she didn’t know was that he was of demon royalty. 

Demons have existed for centuries but only recently have they mingled with the human population he had witnessed their growth and its slowing turning into the new century. Long ago he had met a human priestess he had visited his favorite hot spring in the Northern territory he loved that hot spring it took all of his princely duties away. He had then spotted the young priestess as she too headed towards the spring. She was a fascinating creature she was stubborn to a point and was educated which he found amusing since a lot of women of this time were not allowed to read or thought that women were inferior. 

He found her untying her hair from the bun that sat on top of her head and let it un curl itself as it swayed against her back. She had grabbed something interesting from her bag it was something mechanical but it spurts out ink. He found that her frustrated face looked beautiful it was full of concentration as he then found she was studying some sort of equation. He had stolen her book when she went to go grab something that she had forgotten. Then out of know where a light struck him and it was powerful. 

“Who are you?” the priestess asked he his a sly smirk hidden. 

“Excuse me but I found this place first!” she said as she then took out her bow and his eyes held even more interest. 

He just chuckled “I will let you stay at my favorite place if you do something for me,” the man said as he held the book but walked behind her. “ Would you read me one of your fascinating scrolls,” he said and her body tingled from the baritone of his voice. She saw the man and felt for his aura she thought it was interesting. His aura made up of blue’s and greens which were made up of the earth. 

The people who lived in the village who were mostly over worked and were no more than slaves to their time, their aura was mostly dull and had no personality to them like they were puppets following through life with no passion for what they truly wanted to do they simply lived. 

"Why would I do that?" she said not letting her out of his sight as he appeared before her again. 

"This is my hot spring I had bought it from the Prince of the North," he said smugly. 

"How could you afford such a thing and how the earth is not property," she said as she then walked past him and towards the hot spring. 

"I see that you are a stubborn one" he walked quickly to her side then turned her around. 

"I will not listen to some smug man who doesn't even tell me his name;" she said and poked his chest as she then tried to escape his hold. 

"My name is Hiro;" he said and then bowed after he let her go. 

 He lied. 

"You have not introduced yourself either;" he said as he then looked down at the book he still held. 

"My name is Mizuki," she said and then tended to grab the book from his hands. 

  She lied.  

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