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Captured by bastyn


Prologue: 6 months before

As she relaxed more into his embrace, Kikyo began to pet the clawed hand that was placed on her thigh. The forest surrounding the couple was quiet and still. There wasn’t even a breeze to ruffle the leaves of the tree they were perched in.

They stayed silent, just enjoying each others closeness as they watched the sun slowly peak the horizon; each one knowing their time together was nearing the end. Then Kikyo took an audible breath and  sighed dramatically. .

  “What’s wrong Kikyo?” Worry lacing his curious words. . 

Several minutes passed as she stayed silent and let his curiosity build. Just when he was about to break the silence she began to move. Kikyo removed his hand from her thigh and slowly separated her back from his chest and turned to face him. After a few moments she had settled on the tree branch they occupied and looked into the face of her lover. . 

"You care for me Inuyasha, do you not?” She whispered with uncertainty; even widening her eyes for emphasis. . 

“Of course I do! I love you Kikyo, why would you ask that?” He straightened his back from the bark of the tree and reached for her hands. . 

She held a hand up, palm out, to indicate she wanted him to stop moving and took another heavy laden breath before replying. “I ask because you spend more time with my copy than you do me.” . 

For a split second he looked taken aback. Then he crossed his arms and looked off to the right. . 

“Keh. Its not like that at all.” Embarrassment stained his cheeks.  .

  "What is she to you?” She asked coldly. . 

"Wha-what do you mean? She’s not anything!” He exclaimed looking back at Kikyo. She remained silent and raised an eyebrow; giving him the indication that she wished him to elaborate. “She’s a shard detector. Nothing else!” . 

"I can sense the shards as well.” . 

"uh…” . 

“You protect her like she’s your whore.” She said angrily looking off to the side. . 

“What?! Kikyo its not anything like that! She needs me because she is so weak. She would die if I didn’t protect her. Shes not anywhere near as strong as you. She cant even control her powers. And we need her around. I have a pack now and Sango would kill me if I let her die.” . 

“I need you…” . 

Silence . . .

“I need protection.” She whispered and pointed her gaze towards her lap.

“ As long as my reincarnation is still breathing I wont have access to my full power. Naraku has most of the Shikon no Tama now. I need more power or I wont survive the final battle. Do you wish to lose me again? Naraku aided in my death once before. Please don’t let him tear us apart again.” . 

Inuyasha put his hands on her shoulders and turned her towards him, pulling her closer. “Join our group and I can protect you.” . 

"I couldn’t stay. My soul is pained and wishes to become whole when I’m around my copy. Do you wish to see me in pain?” . 

"Of course not! Please Kikyo there’s got to be a way. Tell me, what can I do?” .

  She took a moment to gather her thoughts. “I can only think of one way you could help me, but you don’t love me enough to do it.” When she finished she slid from the tree branch. Landing on her feet she then began to walk north, away from Edo. Inuyasha cursed and then chased after her. . 

“Kikyo stop!” He stated as he grabbed her hand to stop her retreat. She was still facing away from him when he spoke again. “I love you more than anything and I will do anything I can to protect you. What is it you need from me? . 

Taking a moment to wipe the smirk off her face she turned to face him.

“There is an ancient spell that I can use to protect me when your not around….it requires the blood freely given of someone who loves the one it is to protect..” .

  “Thats all you need is my blood? Take as much as you need. Here!” .

He pulled his sleeve back to his elbow and slashed into his wrist. She stopped him by placing her hands on his just as his clawed nails bit into his skin.

“Inuyasha, I only need a small amount of  your blood.” She removed her hands and dug through her haori, fishing out a glass bottle she then uncorked it. Placing it benieth his bleeding wrist she waited until it was filled to the brim with his blood. She then recapped it and placed the bottle back where she had pulled it from. She then turned and continued to walk away. .

"That’s it? That’s all you need? Where are you going?” He started after her. .

"Your pack will be wondering where you are.” Her soul collectors swirled around her and he watched her disappear through the forest. .

"Keh.” With that said he turned back south and headed towards Edo. .


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