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The Dragon Chronicles by LightoftheWest

Moon Ball

Bold= Past 

Italic bold= speech in the past

Regular= In the present

I know some of you are confused as to why my story starts off as bold type but I do it for a reason so that way it breaks of the paragraphs from past to present. 

Also if you see any writing errors or mispelling especially with the names blame auto correct it can be sneaky and I won't noticed it till I hae submitted it. 

Thank you! 

Reincarnation- the belief that the soul, upon the death of the body, comes back to earth in another body or form. As the impending battle with Naraku draws near the truth about the past and a betrayal will rock the so- called group of friends. How will they move on from the tragedy that they felt the need to bury deep inside their memories? 


The West was a place known for its beauty and of its ruler’s, they would look over its people and lands with grace and cruelty. It was time for the moon ball and all the Western palace was a buzz as it was the most favorite festivity of the year. As the Western palace was getting ready on the other side of the country the Eastern palace was also.

The princess of the East became excited she was finally going leave the palace, she rarely left the palace’s walls she was forbidden to leave the grounds. She looked at the stars and wondered when she would be free to swim in the darkness as her wings spread for the first time escaping the cage that she was in. 

“Aiko, we must leave now for the western palace” her father spoke as he eyed her looking for anything that was out-of-place to ridicule her. She was perfect as always, she knew that if she wasn’t he would punish her she held her head down as they walked to the awaiting carriages that held the Eastern symbol as they rode off Aiko felt something terrible was about to happen.

He walked down the familiar halls of the Western palace he watched as maids ready for the celebration this was the time of year that he loathed. His mother always pressuring him to find a mate so that he would have an heir. Lady Kimi was someone you did not want to disappoint, although she was no longer the lady of the West she was well-respected in the realm.

The prince of the west was no fool he stopped and entered his quarters and sat as his desk he looked over hundreds of marriage proposals and he didn’t want anything to do with them. His beast was restless and in heat. He needed to satisfy his need something that had no strings attached this was possibly the worst time to hold a ball with many potential mates.

The ball was just about to start when the Eastern carriage came to a screeching halt as the door to the carriage opened Aiko’s aura spread. She was trying to detect any threats and Aiko nodded to her father there was nothing there. The Eastern clan was of black Inu descendants as its ruler's and the rest of the lands were of other pure bred demons. 

The northern clan was of wolf's they were similar to the Inu-Youkai clan the northern prince Koga was the most powerful in the clan he was in the search for a mate and one that can produce a full-blooded youkai. As he watched others come into the room he felt something powerful and it licked at his own aura as if searching. 

“Thank you for coming all of you,” A soft but powerful voice said as the last remaining royalty entered the extravagant ballroom. The room bowed to her to show respect as she was about to speak the doors opened and their Eastern guards bowed.  Aiko stood behind her father and the room fell silent as they entered the bells that were tied to her feet rang her feet were bare. Showing bare feet was a taboo only those who were deemed slaved had bare feet. 

She narrowed her eyes as she felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up something dark was coming but how did she miss it?  her aura spread again all she felt was the mass of demons in the room. “My lady may I have this dance?” a male voice said she wasn’t paying attention only concerned about the missing aura.  She felt the tap once again on her shoulder and rolled her eyes as she said nothing. 

“Do you not have a voice?” His red eyes bored into her cerulean ones she was interesting her power was well hidden but as soon as he felt her aura he knew that she was powerful. She just ignored his question she wasn’t interested in conversing with anyone. She just wanted to escape and she felt that this would be the perfect night to do so she looked for potential exits. 

Eiji glared at his daughter as she ignored one of the most powerful demons in the realm she felt her father's glare and rolled her eyes. “I do have a voice I just don’t feel much like talking MY LORD,” she said her voice sarcastic. She heard the bells ring as she danced and all the memories came back to her as she was condemned to this life. 

After her birth her mother had died her father only saw death as he looked at his daughter she took the love of his life and so as she grew up and turned the tender age of 13 he deemed her a slave. Although she's the true heir to the Eastern throne she was nothing in his eyes.

So I am leaving that for right now and I hope you enjoyed this chapter! I do not own any characters so please don’t hurt me.


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