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Mates Forever by ~Juggalette4Lyfe420~

Call Me Master (by: BoTDF)

I'm dominant by definition

I'm turned on by your submission

The dark side is how we've been living

Let me show you what you've been missing

You-you-you are, you are my slave

My little fucking disaster

I-I-I am, I am your god

Call me, call me, call me your master


The first thing she noticed as she came to was the ache in her body, it felt as though she had been stretched on one of those medieval torture devices.  As she slowly became more aware she noticed a chill along every inch of her body.  Eyes shooting open to look around she came to three realizations in that moment.  One she was naked as the day she was born, two her arms and legs were tied to bed posts with some sort of silky rope thing, and three she wasn't alone!


Sitting across the room red eyes blazing with some unknown emotion watched her every move, the eyes of a predator.  She could tell she was in some big trouble.  Obviously, she was missing something.  Why was she tied down and naked?  What was he doing here just gazing at her with those burning crimson eyes?  It was plain to see his demon was in control.  She trembled with terror.  What was he planning to do with her?  Was he going to try to get the Tessaiga by trading her?  But that wouldn't explain why she was naked...  Maybe to discourage escape attempts?  Her mind was in a  whirl of chaos.

A growl suddenly brought her out of her frantic musings.  Eyes swiftly swinging back in his direction, she gave a small "eep" when she noticed he was suddenly beside her.  Trembling she tried to speak, "L-lo-rd Sesshomaru, what is going on?  Why are you doing this?"

A more vicious growl emitted from his throat.  She whimpered quietly not having a clue as to what was going on.  His aura didn't indicate any malicious intent, but that didn't stop her from fearing him.  The Great Demon Lord of the West.

His voice came out as more of a growl but still, he spoke, "I thought you were educated little one.  Do you not know what happens between a man and a woman when they are nude in a room together with a bed?"  The smirk he gave was all fang and mockery.  No, he had no intention of raping her.  He just wanted to frighten her a bit.

It was then she noticed his state of dress or lack thereof.  She shook her head vigorously.  He had to be messing with her there was no way HE would want to do that with HER!  Goosebumps of fear rose across her skin at just the thought of what he was suggesting was going to occur.  "Please, you can't possibly mean what I think you mean!  I'm human.  You don't want to sully your good name by tainting yourself with the likes of me.  Please, I don't want this."  She begged softly.

She knew she had wanted him.  She had wanted him since she first met him in his father's tome.  But she didn't want him like this.  No, she knew if he did anything with her at this moment while his beast was free, he would regret it come morning.  She couldn't live like that, as a mistake.

He scuffed, obviously, she thought him to be a mindless beast who was going to ruin her terribly.  No, he had no plans for that.  He would ruin her alright but not how she feared, never how she feared.  He would ruin her by ruling her, she would be his one and only, his bitch, his mate.  He would let no other have her.  She was his.

"Where is Inuyasha?  How did I get here? Please, I need to know."

"You do not recall little one? Hn. I shall refresh your memory."



                                      *3 hours ago*

"Sesshomaru what the fuck are you doing here!?!" Inuyasha demanded as he drew his fang.

"Hn.  I am here to collect payment from you half-breed.  You have broken pack laws.  You knew very well not to take a mate before your Alpha. However, it seems you were too stupid to listen."

Kagome was confused, when did Inuyasha take a mate?  Wasn't that the demon equivalent of a wife?  "Inuyasha?  What is he talking about?"

"Priestess come here." As he said this his gaze burned through her as though he could see into her very soul.  She shook her head and made no move to follow the command.

"You can't boss me around, you don't own me!"


"Sesshomaru, no.  Okay, I'm sorry I took a mate before you, it was an accident.  Kikyo and I were rutting in the woods and my beast took over and marked her.  I swear I didn't intentionally break the rules."

"Inu-Inuyasha, you mated with, with Kikyo... "  She couldn't believe her ears.  What had she been thinking, of course, he would mate Kikyo he was obsessed with her.  Kikyo this, Kikyo that, blah, blah, blah.  She was so done, had been for months.  Ever since Sesshomaru had convinced her that Inuyasha was never going to mature, she had slowly gotten over her feelings for him.

"You know what, it doesn't even matter anymore.  Now that Naraku and the jewel are gone I guess I am no longer needed here.  I have no other reason for being here.  I'm going to go speak with Kaede about getting a hut built for me within the village.  I'll just take over as head priestess when she passes and stay in the village.  I don't need to be running around Japan for the rest of my life anyway."  With that, she turned to walk away.  Before anyone could blink Sesshomaru had knocked her out and lifted her into his arms.

"Now Inuyasha you have two choices.  One you can forfeit your life to me for this injustice or two you can release this girl into my care.  Which will you choose brother." He sneered the last word with venom.

Inuyasha stood there for what seemed like an eternity to the rest of the group as they held their collective breaths.  Which would he choose?  Would he sacrifice his life for Kagome's?  Or sacrifice her for his?

"What do you plan to do with her if I give her to you?"

"That half-breed should be clear even to you."

"Just... don't hurt her please."

With that one sentence, he sealed Kagome's fate.  Inuyasha watched as his brother flew away with the only woman who had ever accepted him for who and what he was.


"No, you must be lying.  He would never do that to me!  He is my protector, my friend."  Kagome whimpered out as tears fell from the corners of her eyes.

"He is a selfish bastard who cares nothing for you or your friends.  I have told you this many times over, have I not? I am your alpha now bitch.  And you will be respectful or you will be punished."

He leaned down towards her neck and gave a gentle inhale of her scent.  "I have a present for you bitch."  Standing straight once more he walked to a vanity table on one side of the room.  Opening a drawer he withdrew the item he desired.  Walking slowly towards his new slave, he brought the object into her view and smirked when she flinched at what she felt coming from the object.

"Do you know what this is for priestess?"  He taunted smugly knowing just from the fear in her scent that she very well did.

"Please, don't put that on me.  I'll behave I promise, there is no need for that.  I'll do whatever you want just please don't put that on me!"  She was frantic.  She knew that spell.  Naraku had tried to use a weaker version of it to cage her powers inside her.  Now Sesshomaru, who is far more powerful than Naraku could have ever hoped to be, had a stronger more potent spell.  The choker necklace that housed the spell was obviously made by a demon, she could tell that wasn't the only spell on it either.

"Hn.  On the contrary bitch, I believe it is absolutely necessary.  This little piece of jewelry not only has the spell to subdue your priestess energy but it also has a spell to make you my loyal slave.  Everything about you, your mind, your body, your heart and your very soul will belong to me for eternity as soon as I place this around your neck. You will irreversibly be mine."  As he spoke she could see some kind of emotion swirling in those red pools but she didn't know what it was.  Softer than the first emotion she had seen when she awoke but still just as possessive and heated.

Her only response was more tears and a softly whispered, "please" before the delicate silver black band was sealed around her neck, the medium sized pendant made out of Amythist and carved into the shape of the crescent moon glowed when it touched her skin, the spells activating instantly.  Her eyes opened once more and he was pleased to see the slight color change indicating the spells had been successful.  Her now lavender blue eyes directed at him as if to ask him what he needed of her.

His heart hammered in his chest as he bent down to nuzzle her with his nose.  She turned her head to the side in submission and he growled softly in approval.  So it had worked completely, she was finally his.  Reaching up he released her arms then he reached down to release the ties around her ankles.

He could control every aspect of her life even her heart.  It was not uncommon in demon practices to use this kind of spell on an unwilling mate.  The necklace would force the wearer to love and trust their intended mate so that when the time came for the mating it could be completed without complication.  The spell that binds her powers is to ensure the female's absolute submission.  Usually, this technique was used for political matings.

She might believe he was a monster and maybe he was.  She had believed he had planned to force himself on her when she first awoke.  But no he was honorable.  He would not break her like that.  No instead he would just control her.  He would be her master always.  And she would love every moment of their life together, she would want for nothing.

Once again leaning over her he breathed in her scent.  She had just started her heat when he had collected her from Inuyasha several hours ago.  The scent of her heat was what had his control slipping.  Now that he had the necklace on her though he would be able to take her without a fight.  Nuzzling his way up her neck he continued his trail of blazing kisses from her jaw to her lips, which he took in a bruising kiss filled with his passion.

He had wanted this woman from the first time he had laid eyes upon her supple, youthful body.  Her scent had enraptured him then just as it did at this moment.  His control had always been unstable when he was in her presence.  He couldn't seem to control his body whenever she was near.

His hands traveled down her arms to her hands, he wrapped his large hands around her more delicate ones and entwined their fingers together.  The words slipped from his mouth without his consent, "I have wanted you for so long.  You are the only one I desire.  You are the one my soul was destined for, I can feel it in my blood.  You are mine as I am yours."

He raised her hands above her head, "Do not move."  He released both of her hands so he could let his roam her perfectly soft skin.  She was perfect in his mind.  Her humanity meant nothing to him.  She was powerful, she was beautiful, she was nurturing, she was made for him.

One clawed hand grasped a breast gently as the other breast was taken into his warm wet mouth.  A gasp ripped from her throat.  What was he doing?  What was this feeling?  She could barely think.

Claws from his other hand gently scrapped across the smooth skin of her flat belly.  She heard a growl when she squirmed and her leg rubbed against something hard yet soft at the same time.  She stilled when she realized exactly what it was.  She looked up at the male that was about to make her his.  He was perfection.  Sculpted body pressed along hers.  His large erection pressed into her thigh.

She had always had a thing for this male, but she had done her best not to allow those things to interfere with her mission.  That and the fact she figured he would never feel the same attraction for her as she did for him.  He was a demon after all.  She recognized the second spell now, a spell to control an unruly mate, Sango had told her about it.  She knew what it was supposed to do.  It wasn't necessary.  She had already fallen for him during their travels together.  

During the last few months of the search for Naraku they had, had plenty of time to associate.  It wasn't hard to fall for him once she had gotten to know him.  But she had learned how to control what emotions she let demons with sensitive noses pick up.  She couldn't let that secret out.  She loved him but she knew that if he had known of her feelings he would cut her down.

A delicate pinch to her nipple brought her back to the moment as a moan escaped her.  God that felt amazing.  

"Sesshomaru... wait please."

His movements halted.  She was fighting against her arousal.  She was still in control of herself, how?  She never ceased to amaze him.  Lifting his head he looked at his perfect little mate.

"What is it little one?"

"This necklace may hold back my powers for you to mate me, but it has no control over my mind, body, soul or heart.  You can't force something to be yours if it already belonged to you.  I've loved you for months,  I just never thought you would feel the same for me.  I won't fight you, if this is really what you want, you can have me.  However, I will not be a mistake, if you are not absolutely certain you want me then do not take me."

"Hn."  The smile that stretched across his face was dazzling.  "I will keep that in mind, however, there is no such need to worry.  If this Sesshomaru had not been certain, he would not have collected you."

With that said he went back to work playing with her body.  Hours passed as he made her his in every way possible.  She never resisted never complained when he was just a little too rough.  Only begged for more.  Pleaded for the release only he would ever gift to her.  He would not stop until she was completely saturated in his scent, his pups growing steadily inside her young womb.

As the sun rose in the sky he gently got out of his bed and dressed.  Looking at her and remembering her words he decided that he would release her from the spells to see if what she said had been true.  Removing the spells from the choker was easier than having placed them.  Her eyes fluttered softly open and he leaned down for a kiss.

She didn't hesitate in returning the gesture.  She could feel he had released the spells.  She was no fool, she knew he was testing her but she would give him no reason to put the spells back on.  He had marked her, so even if she wanted to use her powers against him he would be immune, not that she would.  She was so happy suddenly.  She had thought for sure she would be alone in this time forever.  Never knowing mutual love, never raising her own children.

Wait, would he even let her bare his children?  Suddenly fearful, she sat up frantically, practically pushing him off her causing him to growl.

"Sesshomaru, I need to know something please."

He cocked his head to the side wondering what she could possibly be thinking now.

"Will we ever have children?  Or will you go to someone else to carry your heir since I am a lowly human and can only give you half-breeds..."

Smirking he felt his beast calm.  So she thought he would not allow her to bare his pups, how humorous.  "You are my mate, only you will be the one carrying this Sesshomaru's seed within your womb.  I am proud to say that it will be sooner rather than later.  And as this one's mate, you will not speak poorly of yourself."

"I'm pregnant already?"

"Yes." He smiled and kissed her again. "Come let us get cleaned up mate."

"Yes, Master." She said with a wink as she stood from the bed.

"Hnnn, I am quite fond of how that sounds.  Perhaps I shall have you refer to me as such on a regular." He smirked as he lead the way to his personal spring, his lovely mate following closely behind with a pretty little blush on her face.



Author's Note:  I wasn't too sure how I was going to end this, so I figured I would leave it here and if any of you have any suggestions on a better ending just let me know in a review.  Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed this little one shot of mine!



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