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Taking It Back by Tilayha


Taking It Back

For my Shadow behind the Moon

                She sat in meditation in the dark common room. She was closest to him here, sitting on the raised platform that held his throne. She still could not bring herself to sit in it. Choosing instead to lean her head against it like she did when he was here but away.

                Purple tinted reiki sparked and crackled with her changing emotions. Another sigh, another deep breath, a shift in her body and she tried again to clear her mind and feel nothing. Drawing on her memory of that first day Kagome felt his fangs sink into her skin, heard his choking reaction to the purity in her blood. She recalled his cold touch when he tried to physically subdue her and the scent of his flesh burning when touched by her reiki. His eyes, red as the blood moon, boring into her.

Time stood still for an eternity in those few seconds, then only he mattered. Her quest for the jewel unimportant. Her loyalty to her pack forgotten. The love for her Inu Demon erased. All that was there was an overwhelming need to aid and protect him at all costs. There was no love, no hate, no fear or doubt. When he took her mind he freed her heart.

This was what she longed for. Why she continued to come back to this place. Yet, no matter how much time she spent in their sanctuary she could not replicate what he did to her. The self-righteous vomit they spewed about good and evil.  The sense of duty to her station, the guilt of living when her family and friends grew old and faded. The discontent of a life of lies and manipulation, of broken promises and dark hearts. None of it would leave her.

Then there was her biggest mistake…… She didn’t see it until it played over in her head as he faded from her sight. He cut himself on purpose. Spilled his own blood to show his feelings and she missed it because she wanted words instead. Now though, now she can go into the shadows and find him. Almost two months of research finally paid off. The castles library was a boon of information on portal rituals and locator spells. The next dark moon will be glorious. They will all pay for their sins and help her get back to the one who she truly mattered to.


“Where have you been?” The angry voice behind her made Kagome tense with irritation.

“Where I always am this time of day. You would know that if you paid more attention.” Her words matching her current mood. She did not turn around to acknowledge the demon lord, choosing to instead continue to her study chamber.

She felt his aura snapping at her back as she walked in front of him, once again braking protocol. “Onna you will stop and address me properly.” His tone was deceivingly calm but she knew he was a hairs breath away from grabbing her and pinning her to the wall in an effort to make her submit.

Sighing loudly the Lady of the West stopped and turned to her mate slowly. “Forgive me My Lord.” Her words oozed sarcasm and spite as she elegantly bowed to him. “Now if you will excuse me I need to finish my work. I know you detest it when things aren’t done on time and without errors.”  Standing from her bow Kagome turned and began to walk away again. His growl was her only warning before her books and scrolls went flying and she was against the wall by a very pissed demon with his claws on her throat and his eyes tinged red.

“Why must you be so defiant and disrespectful wench?” He growled as he let her go again.

“Because you lied to me.” She spit out as she bent down to pick up her work. “You told me we would be equals and I find I am only a pretty little doll for your council to sneer at. I am the Shikon Miko for Kami’s sake. I am your mate and you let them continuously berate and disrespect me. Had I known you would cow-tow to them I would never have agreed to be your mate.” Purple sparks began to show her agitation as she finished picking up her things. She stood and took a deep breath. “Don’t pretend you didn’t manipulate me into mating you for your own means. You promised me the sun and all I got was a life of perpetual clouds. I will not give you what you want. Now leave me be!” She again turned to walk away, her aura crackling around her singing the edges of his senses. This time he did not follow.

This is going to be a little different. It has a purpose to the one it is for. Tilayha



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