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Entente by Maleficent Descent

The First Scent

Author’s Note: Hello Everyone! This is another multichapter fic I will be working on, the other being Arashinome and a light-hearted drabble with Canine Tendencies. This one will have more intimate scenes early on, but the romance element will be a slow burn. I am working on a few other AU fics (one Star Wars, one Hogwarts, and one Greek) but those won’t be published for a little while so stay tuned! I hope you enjoy, and remember reviews make my day!

UPDATE: This is the updated version, taking into consideration previous reviews, I've decided to make Sesshomaru a demon in this fic, and adjusted it accordingly.

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Kagome sighed as she walked her way out of the building to grab her lunch, rubbing the knotted muscles on her shoulders and neck. She had been feeling off all day, a small fever and achy muscles made focusing on writing reports far more tedious than usual. Brushing off the niggling feeling of worry, she walked into the small café, standing in line with all the other patrons during the lunch rush.  Briefly contemplating whether the chocolate cookies were worth the calories, she ordered a green tea and a chicken avocado sandwich, and moved over to the waiting area of the café. The overwhelming smell of Alphas dominated the small space, giving her a brief bout of nausea and causing her headache to steadily increase.

Despite prayers of being a Beta, Kagome was one of the rare few Omegas in an Alpha dominated society. Years of hunting and forced matings caused Omegas to become little more than prized pets, many of whom were basically bought by the Alphas in power. Despite the plethora of female alphas, the fertility rate of an Alpha-Alpha pairing was practically non-existent, and the dominate natures of both Alphas were constantly in conflict. It was Beta females that Kagome was jealous of, they didn't go into heats, could have children, and weren't treated like glass like Omegas were. When maturation hit in the form of a heat, Kagome swore to herself that she would not be bonded against her will, and drained money on suppressants, using special soaps to remove all evidence of the distinctly sweet omega scent. Mimicking her best friend Sango, she learned the mannerisms, posturing, and attitude that all Betas had that helped her blend in seamlessly. Unfortunately, every season she had to take a week for her heat—no number of suppressants would hide the dewy scent of arousal. And although Alphas could reason and think like any other normal human beings, many succumbed to their base instinct to rut, whether the omega was willing or not. Not that it made a difference, the heat taking away the right state of mind to consent, warping the omegas to only want to be knotted, bred, and nested with their Alpha. The unfortunate part of Omega biology was the loss of all inhibitions during the heat cycle, causing many an omega to end up bonded to an Alpha they didn't know or want.  It was even worse for demonic Alphas, the combination of human biology and animal instinct making them the most dangerous for Omegas to be around; often demonic Alphas would fall into the rut like an Omega, succumbing to their animalistic instincts and mating the Omega. Not that what the Omega wanted mattered at all--It was common knowledge that Omegas weren't safe when they walked the streets alone, many snatched up by families in power without a peep from the police.  Many were taken quickly after puberty, but Kagome was one of the odd celibate few who managed to last until she was 25, hiding away with other Omegas when her heat hit.

However, her current slave driver didn’t seem inclined to allow her the more than earned leave without a specific reason, so that celibacy could come into question if she couldn’t get the time off. Sesshomaru had been unusually stubborn about her taking leave, insisting that there was too much work to be done for the business merger coming up in two weeks. “You are needed here,” he said with finality that only came from being an Alpha, “any personal vacations or commitments can wait until this is done.”

Kagome left the office with no small amount of frustration, and she knew her heat was going to come up any day now. Picking up her order to return to her desk, lunch only lasted 30 minutes after all, she rushed out of the café, tea and sandwich in tow before her boss berated her on tardiness (as if being one minute late mattered at all). I really need to make sure I take the suppressants, she contemplated worriedly, the last thing I need is to go into heat in the middle of a meeting, Kagome thought, pushing the door into the Taisho Corp building, heels clacking as she rushed to the elevator. Raven hair that was braided back from her face shone blue in the fluorescent lighting, a small but curvy figure waited impatiently for the elevator to chime, cerulean blue eyes darting between her watch and the elevator panel. A merry chime signalled that she had reached her floor, and she rushed out of the elevator to make it to her desk before Sesshomaru noticed. "Whew, just made it!" she said, glancing at her watch. Now to address His Holiness, she groaned inwardly, slowly making her way to his office.

With a soft knock, she heard the smooth baritone voice of her boss, "Enter."

His eyes never looked up from his monitor, sending out emails and other information for the board of directors. When Kagome first started, his dismissive attitude infuriated her to no end--Sango getting many a call about her 'Asshole Boss'--but after years of working with the demon Alpha, she understood that it was just how he was. His current attitude would have made her reconsider her request, but taking leave from work wasn't going to be an option for him much longer.

"Mr. Taisho," she began calmly, "I will be taking my leave after today, I have finalized every document for the merger, all that’s needed is your signature."

Sharp golden eyes pierced electric blue, a raised brow being the only response to her statement. In a bored tone, he spoke," Ms. Higurashi, we have already discussed this. You will not be able to take leave right now because of the merger—you will be needed for notes and other social functions. Now, do you have the reports I asked for before you were tardy from lunch?"

Kagome closed her eyes and took a deep breath, bolstering her patience. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, she chanted to herself, and spoke, "Mr. Taisho," she began again, "This is not a request. I need to take leave, and Kagura can fill in while I'm gone. It's only a week, sir, be reasonable."

Sesshomaru stood and walked over to wear Kagome was waiting with his files and for his answer, he crowded her space, using his overwhelming size and Prime Alpha presence to get her to submit, flaring his demonic aura outwards. I hate it when he does that, she thought, but that's not going to work today. Squaring her shoulders, she met the Alpha's stare head on, gold and blue clashing in a battle of wills, clashing her own holy aura against his.  Her status as a priestess also made her desirable as an Omega, but unlike the scent of Omega, her heritage as a priestess was something she took pride in, often using it to purify her Omega scent around demonic Alphas, who had sharper senses.

Striking silver hair bracketed his features, the growing scent of aggressive Alpha increasing her growing nausea and fever, causing her to feel slightly dizzy, but she kept her gaze steady. Gold eyes grew cold as he realized she wasn’t backing down. "Ms. Higurashi," he spoke lowly, "You will get your leave after the merger, and consider any more mention of vacation to be your resignation letter." He walked towards the door, and Kagome stifled a small growl.

"Then at least consider allowing me to telecommute to work," she reasoned, "This isn't rational Mr. Taishou, and if I need to resign to have a week then I will, I've been getting offers to work for your father for months."

He paused at the door, turning and glaring at her. With a calm that betrayed the anger in his scent, he closed the door and turned, the air ripe with Alpha aggression as he stalked towards her. Her stomach began to cramp slightly, her fever rising as she began to fidget. Placing a hand on her stomach she panicked inwardly as he approached, What the hell is wrong with me? Was the chicken undercooked, is that why I’m feeling ill? I'm not supposed to cycle for another three days. Looking up at the Alpha towering over her, she was surprised to see the depth of anger in his golden hues.

With a voice that could cut diamond, he growled, "When exactly did my father offer you a position in his firm? You are aware, Higurashi, that you are under contract and cannot accept job positions for another two years.” Ignoring the inner beast that growled at his father attempting to take away the Beta female, he found his anger was more directed at his father’s impetuous offer than Kagome herself.

He had gone through eight secretaries, all of whom tried to use his dick to access his bank account before he finally found a golden egg with Kagome.  Always on time, punctual, and more importantly, uninterested in him personally made her the perfect person to have working with him. Unlike the aggressive alpha females, the Beta female was rather petite and slender with a sweet disposition that was hard to stay angry with, one that would have screamed Omega if she weren’t so stubborn and fiery. He found a grudging respect for her no-nonsense nature, and appreciated her overall lack of interest in him as a potential mate. Recently, however, her lack of recognition of him as a male seemed to grate slightly, his posturing and behaviour indicating that his beast thought of her as his even though he never laid claim on the female. It was most troubling, especially with some of the more perverted board members excreting the slight musk of arousal when looking at her petite figure.

 As he waited for her answer, he noticed that she looked flushed, her brows slightly pinched as if in pain, her small hands holding her stomach, blue eyes hazing over in pain. Anger cooling slightly, eyes glinting in what could be concern, he saw the minute trembling of her frame and the shaking of her hands. “I’m aware Mr. Taisho,” she said.

With a shaky breath, she stepped out of his proximity, the scent of Alpha practically tangible in the air, “All I ask is that you consider my request to telecommute and have Kagura take notes and attend the functions.”

“Hn. I will consider your request.” He said, “Now come, we have another meeting with the board of directors and we’re already late.” With that, he opened the door and led the way to the office with long strides. Kagome puttered after him, her shorter legs meaning she had to walk twice as fast to keep up. As they entered the meeting room, Sesshomaru took his seat of honour at the head of the table, Kagome sitting near the door with a notepad in hand to take notes.

“Bout time you all arrived, I thought old Ruiko here was going to pass on before you made it.” Mr. Nimiya teased, glossy brown locks shining. The aforementioned old man looked affronted at his jest, but the twinkle of amusement in his eyes gave him away.

“My apologies,” Sesshomaru intoned, “My secretary and I had things to discuss about the upcoming merger. Let’s begin.”

Now the CEO of their company, Mr. Magatsuhi, has said that due to competition within the market, continuing to compete with one another would only lose profit for both companies. However, looking at recent reports, it seems that they are preparing for a hostile takeover of the company rather than a merger like we initially agreed. Now….”

Kagome tuned out of the meeting, seeing as this one wouldn’t require any notes, understanding that her presence now was just a formality and close attention wasn’t needed. As the meeting dragged on, Mr. Nimiya and Mr. Ruiko seemed to get more agitated with each other (as often happened when the room was full of Alphas), and the scent of aggressive Alpha began to clog her senses. A cold sweat started to break on her brows, hands twisting in her lap in discomfort.

Sesshomaru periodically glanced at her, noticing her pale profile and the fidgeting that was uncommon for the well put together woman. Kagome was aware of everyone in that room, their voices beginning to rise as the topic became heated, the smell of Alpha permeating the small space as they tried to show dominance, making her feel scared and intrigued at the same time.

Taking in short breaths, she felt her blood freeze as she felt the first trickle of slick begin to leave her womanhood. Oh, god oh god not now, she thought frantically. It was too many alphas in one room, too much aggression in the air. Gasping, the Omega clutched her stomach, pupils dilating. The angered shouting in the room suddenly became eerily quiet as the scent of an Omega in heat laced the air. Liquid arousal began to trickle from her womanhood, nipples hardening as she breathed in the scent of Alpha, and the strongest of them all was looking at her now, his golden eyes darkening to amber with lust. Inwardly, Kagome screamed at the unfairness of it all, how she didn’t want to fuck any of the men in that room, cursing the gods for making her an Omega. Walking slowly to the door, she stammered, “I-I…I’m gonna go ahead and go home now.” As she reached for the door handle, she shrieked when all the men sprang into action at once. Rough hands reached for her, growls and snarls filling the air, terrifying and arousing her at the same time. It wouldn’t matter, she thought frantically, it wouldn’t matter that I don’t want this. A deafening snarl ripped the air, sounding oddly like a dog, and the growls of anger soon turned into pain as strong arms pried her from the mass of men. Eyes shut tight, Kagome didn’t see who grabbed her from the fray, hoisting her over their shoulder like a prize. Which, she thought bitterly, I guess I am.

Eyes slitting open, she saw the back of her captor, the silky silver strands tickling her cheek. Relief hit her for a moment before panic set in. Would he be able to resist the call of an Omega in heat? Would he even want to? They were so rare, and a demonic Alpha like Sesshomaru might not be able to win the fight with his inner beast. He moved inhumanly fast, running toward the stairs and taking them two at a time with an Omega in tow. Bursting into the upper floors, he unlocked the door in to an empty bachelor suite, locking it behind him while kicking heavy furniture in front of the doors. Striding through the apartment, Omega still in hand, he placed her on the bedspread, eyes still amber with lust, turning away from her and leaving the room.

He saved me, she thought, he’s not going to take me, he’s letting me choose. A part of her, the rational part, was touched by his consideration for her and her wants, but the primal part was growling for him to fill her, to feel the large, strong Alpha rut against her in a frenzy of need. The heat was growing, her panties soaked with slick and skin oversensitive with need. She rubbed against herself with her hands, and Sesshomaru re-entered the room.

“Thank you Sesshomaru,” she said softly, and blue eyes met amber. Looking into his eyes, Kagome saw lust etched into his features, his pupils dilating at the scent of an Omega in heat, demonic markings starting to look jagged in the dim lighting.

“How long?” he asked huskily, eyeing her form spread on the bed. Kagome tilted her head in question, a feeling of foreboding encroaching the safe feeling the Alpha gave her.

“How long what? she asked, edging away as he began to advance towards her, red tinging in his eyes, claws and fangs sharpening.

“How long has it been since an Alpha tamed your heat, little one?” Kneeling before the Omega on the foot of the bed, the Alpha tried to calm her by lowering himself, attempting to earn her trust, Blue eyes widened, then narrowed, cheeks flushed with more than arousal.

“Never. I choose.”

His brows raised. It was unheard of that an Omega reached her age and was not pair bonded, or a virgin to boot. Despite her arousal, she glared as if she could sense his incredulity, and his eyes were tinged with amusement. “Well then,” he purred, “I will make your first heat with an Alpha be a memorable experience.” Leaning in, he nuzzled under the Omega’s chin, petting her hips when she shifted nervously. “Sesshomaru—what—?” Surging upwards from his position on the floor, the Alpha pinned the Omega in place, the hard swell of his manhood cradled in her hips, lips placed at her ear. “You didn’t honestly think,” he taunted, “that I wouldn’t tame an Omega’s heat if given the chance? I thought you were smarter than that Kagome.”

She craned her neck to look at him, red tinged golden eyes full of carnal promise meeting hesitant blue, and the rational part of Kagome that was still present only had one thing to say: Well, shit.

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Author’s End Note: So, what do you think? Please let me know in the comments! Let me know what you think of the update!

Also, thank you to everyone who reviewed on the previous version, your comments helped me improve the story much more :D


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