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Canine Tendencies by Maleficent Descent

It wasn't me

He was a feared demon lord, the perfect assassin, and he most defnitiely wasn't intimidated by the tiny miko currently glaring at him while tapping her foot impatiently.

"I will ask one last time Sesshomaru-sama," she huffed, "'Where did the rest of the pocky go?"

Golden eyes stared at her blankly, revealing nothing. "I have said that this One did not eat the rest of your human confections. Perhaps the fox kit stole the treats when you weren't looking,"' he said.

Blue eyes stared at him flatly, Kagome looking more and more exasperated as the demon lord continued to try and convince her with innocent eyes.

"That would be believable Sesshomaru-sama," she began, "if there weren't chocolate crumbs stuck on your mouth." Her mouth quirking in a half smile, she reached up and wiped them away with her thumb, saying with an amused twinkle in her eye, "Just ask the next time you want some."

She turned to rejoin the group, and Sesshomaru broke out of his reverie as he felt his sleeve being tugged. Looking into emerald eyes that seemed to large for the small face, the fox kit gave him a bemused look. "You got off easy this time, ususally she sits Inuyasha if he steals her pocky,"'he said, and scampered away to perch onto the priestess' shoulder.

The demon lord would never admit to a living soul, but if that was Kagome letting him off easy, he wasn't so sure he wouldn't retreat from the priestess if she got truly angry.


Sesshomaru being curious pupper Sesshomaru

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