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The Predator by Evellin

The Predator

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The Predator
Author: Evellin
Genre: Romance, Angst
Rating: MA
Type: One Shot snippet (100 words)
Theme: Delicate
Summary: (Weekly Dokuga_Official Snippet) Only the foolish would bring harm to the Lord of the West, and his Mate. -A continuation of 'The Pyre' by Evellin.

She remained unconscious within his embrace. Even as his hand delicately cradled her head, Kagome's eyes refused to open. It was an alarming situation. None the less, he was grateful; he didn't want Kagome aware of the impending danger.

Sesshomaru growled threateningly toward the encompassing ningen. His flesh ached from the flames which once licked his naked flesh. His reiki was slow to return, despite the removal of the holy binds. Whats more, the ningen priest remained alive.

The Inu Lord smirked as his red eyes fixated upon his prey. “You should have killed this Sesshomaru when given the chance.”


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