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Avadrea's answer to the Dokuga Offical Snippet Challenge by Avadrea

Tea And Honey

She tried not to fidget.  It was so difficult with him standing so close to her.  Kagome swore she could feel the heat radiating off his body.

‘Just ignore him.  He’s not a threat. ‘she reminded herself silently as she stoked the fire.  ‘Just focus on making him tea.  That’s why he keeps stopping by when he visits Rin after all.’  At least that was what she supposed.  What other reason would the deadly demon have to keep wandering silently into her hut, if not for the promise of the best tea in… well all of feudal Japan. 

“It’s almost ready Sesshoumaru-sama.” She breathed as she felt him shift even close.  Really what was with dogs and invading people’s personal space?  Another one of those unfathomable mysterious of the universe she assumed.

“Would you like honey…” she stopped with a squeak as white silk draped around her.  Careful claws closed around her ribs and gently drew her backwards.

 A warm breath chuffed over her neck.  “I like honey.”

Trapped in his embrace she was captured.    

Prompt: Capture

Word Count: 175

AN: I am thinking about attempting to expand this into a full story...


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