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Tea-House Moon by Lady Amalthea

1. Sol

Author: Lady Amalthea

Genre: Angst

Rating: M

Type: Dokuga Entry Weekly Snippet Category/ Capture/ Story Arc

Summary: Sesshomaru protects Kagome and Rin from the ravages of time by encasing them in their own realm.


Always watching, staring, gazing into the white pearl worn around his neck.  

Captured within, his most beautiful ally and most destructive asset. 

She knew when he was near, only the honeyed yellow fires of the sun blazed then. 

He spied on the two females locked within the realm of the Pearl's confines.  Rin never knew her Sesshomaru-sama and Jaken hadn't been seen in centuries.  The days were always warm and sunny, there were no winters here, only sunshine and warm flowers.  Ah-Un  and Shippo were the best of playmates.  

Rin's favorite day, for Rin, everyday was the same day. 

For Kagome, it was her own private , personal hell.  As time marched inexorably on, when the bond frayed, he would arrive like a thief in the night to strengthen her heart but he was always gone at daybreak.   

Knowing the world would one day swing back, her jailor kept her in this fantastic realm where time had no meaning, he told her so.  Humans, so fragile, so destructive, it was all a waiting a game. 

A/N  Never tried to write before but I'm willing to become a participant instead of being a"voracious reader."

Song title Tea-House Moon by Enya belongs to Enya.

All Characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi

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