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Amperage by Ninetails

Death is only a mindstate.

Ive decided to give this writing thing another go, Im going to be having a lot of time in the near future to do absolutely i figured why not try this story thats been banging around in my head for a while now...? 

I hope you guys enjoy! Without much further ado...chapter 1 of amperage!

Death is only a mindstate:



It was like any sunny afternoon summer day, beautiful but hot. The clouds moved across the sky in a slow lazy march that would make anyone want to just lay down in the grass and take a long afternoon nap in the sun. But not her, she was dying, although she didn’t know this yet.

Her breathing was ragged, she had a killer headache, and her body ached in a way that signified her time was getting closer and closer to its end.

Her name was Kagome, and she had been dying slowly for around two months now. At first it creeped on. She had started coughing, and then she started coughing up blood. A couple of weeks after that the body aches came…soft ones that grew into intense waves of pain that made her bend over in agony.

She didn’t know why this was happening and tried to ignore it for a good long while…but on this morning, she had decided to take matters into her own hands and find out why she had been hurting. Except- she would likely not make it, her body too far gone for the journey.

Perhaps I waited too long, she thought, as she made her way across the field of tall grass that was waving gently in the warm wind. She took slow arduous steps towards the dry well, towards her answers.

You see, Kagome was from the future. And the well was magic, it allowed her to transverse time.  Currently, she was in feudal Japan. On an epic quest that she didn’t ask for, but bravely took up, fighting the good fight. It was her responsibility.

And all the while she was dying, she paid it no mind, because she didn’t think a 19-year-old girl from the future would be dying slowly in feudal japan from a cough. She had other things to worry about… Like the giant demons that tried to kill her daily. Not a small cough and some body aches.  So, she had written them off as the common cold and that she would get better in time.

Except she didn’t.

She wheezed, and stopped walking, trying to catch her breath.  ‘Breathe’, she told herself. That’s all you must do….in…out… in…. her mind trailed off.

After several minutes of her waiting to feel better, she realized it wasn’t going to happen.

“It’s now or never.” She spoke to herself softly. Gathering up the remainder of her strength she made a final push towards the well. She only had about 200 feet or so. She could do this. It was easy, she thought, pep talking in her mind.

Five minutes passed, she had done it, however slowly she had drug her feet to her destination. She had succeeded.

Then Kagome promptly fainted, falling into the dry well. Wind whistled past her ears as her unconscious form raced to the bottom which she never hit. It all happened so quickly, if someone had been watching, they wouldn’t have been able to tell what had happened.

Normally, the well would start glowing a soft blue light as she fell through time. However, this time it was different. There was no calming blue light, no twinkle to signify that she was traveling through the ages.  In this instance, merely one second had passed since she had fallen in and a violent loud bang resounded in the clearing the well sat in.

Lightning arched down from the sky, out of nowhere, and no storm clouds to tell you where it had come from. Just the soft puffy white marshmallows that continued to sluggishly move across the sky. The lightning caught her, before she hit the bottom, and the well activated in a blinding white hot light.

Kagome was gone, vanished from feudal Japan. The well did its duty, and took her home. 500 years into the future.

Her body landed with a soft thump, she was still unconscious on the ground in the well. Luckily, it was just loud enough that her brother could hear it. He looked over, raising his hand up quickly to shield the blinding light that continued through the doors of the well house.

“MOM!” he shouted. “Something is different! Hurry!” he screamed.  Mrs. Higurashi heard him and came running, passing him quickly, hoping her worst fears weren’t realized with her daughter dead.

She threw open the well house doors, the light had subsided leaving an eerie haze. Peering down into the darkness she saw the body of her daughter unmoving on the ground.

“Oh Kami, please no.” she begged. Turning to her son Souta, she told him to call an ambulance. He quickly left, not even nodding, in a rush to get the phone.

She climbed down the ladder, quickly but carefully. It wouldn’t be good to fall on her daughter when she didn’t even know what was wrong. Getting to the bottom seemed like an eternity to her, each step increasing her anxiety.

Reaching the bottom, she carefully stepped around her daughter, kneeling to check to see if she was breathing. It was hard to tell because Kagome was face down. Fearing moving her if she had any injuries she had to wait for the ambulance.

It seemed like a time without end. But it was around fifteen minutes when the lights from the ambulance could be seen in the darkness.

When the paramedics arrived, Souta pointed them to the well house. One came down the ladder, asking Mrs. Higurashi questions she couldn’t really answer as he checked her vitals. Two more quickly got their equipment to pull her out.

A long 10 minutes later they could pull her out stably. She was breathing on her own after 5 minutes of cpr. The paramedics assumed she had fallen in the well, checking for any bone breaks. Finding none, they moved her to inside the ambulance.

“Would you like to ride in the back, or meet us at the hospital?” One asked Mrs. Higurashi.

She dazedly looked at him, not really seeing where she was, in shock over her daughter. Souta jumped in, taking over when his mother needed it.

“We’ll both ride with you.” The paramedic nodded and He grabbed the bag of their things he had packed while they were pulling her out of the well. He had prepared for the worst. He nudged his mother to get into the back, then followed her in.

The paramedic climbed in after, and closed the door. He banged on the wall to signify to the driver they could leave.

The ambulance zoomed off into the evening, the dusk following it.

They got to the hospital quickly, careening into the emergency room overhang. The paramedics threw open the ambulance doors and made quick work of getting Kagome into the hospital. Kagome’s family followed them hurriedly through the sliding glass doors into the main emergency room area.

The emergency room workers took her on a gurney to the side, pulling a curtain around them. They checked her vitals, they were all sluggish.

A barrage of questions came at Mrs. Higurashi. She was out of it, unresponsive to their queries. Souta answered them the best that he could. They were then ushered into the waiting room while more tests were done.

They sat there in the uncomfortable chairs, anxiety growing for a long time. Hours later, a doctor came out.

“Higurashi?” He said grippingly.

They half stood up, the doctor seeing them walked over quickly, motioning them to sit back down.

“I have news.” He said, not meeting their eyes.

Mrs. Higurashi held her breathe, snapping out of her stupor. Souta waited patiently, turning his head, indicating the doctor to continue.

“Mrs. Higurashi, It might come as a shock to tell you, but it seems that  your daughter is dying. We’ve run some tests and it seems as if it’s an immune system matter. Her whole body is attacking itself. I’ve never seen anything like this in my whole career.” He said in hushed gentle tones.

He continued- “I’m sorry but, I don’t think there is much else we can do, but to make her comfortable at home and wait.”

“Wait for what?” Mrs. Higurashi said, snapping her eyes up to the doctors.

The Doctor looked at her hard, meeting her gaze. He shook his head back and forth sadly. He looked down, unable to look at her as he told her.

“Her passing away, I’m very sorry…if we had of found it sooner we may have been able to run tests and figure out what it is…but she is so far gone….” He trailed off.

Souta stood there mouth agape. His sister, dying…going…to die? Flustered he half yelled at the doctor. “Surely there is something we can do!?”

The doctor looked at them sadly.

“Im afraid not, I’ll start her discharge papers and instructions. The most we can do now is to keep her sedated.” He turned and left, leaving a shocked and grieving Higurashi family in his wake.




and that was chapter one! tell me what you think, if i should continue...or that im poop. eh whatever :(





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