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Blue and Yellow, Sapphire and Amber by Oki


Blue and Yellow, Sapphire and Amber




“Do you guys believe in fate?” Asked Kagome who looked to see her friends puzzled expressions.

“Fate?” They all chirped back.

“What brought this on?” Asked Sango with an arched brow.

“Eh, nevermind.” Kagome replied back as her eyes shifted somewhere passed Ayame’s shoulder. The group of girls followed her stare across the schoolyard. Kagura instantly snapped her head back with a hint of amusement in her eye.

“You- fated with Sesshomaru? Ha!” Kagura barked. “No offense Kagome, but you’re not even done blooming as a woman yet. Sesshomaru wouldn’t give two glances your way.” She chuckled, relaxing back on their blanket as to show off her ampled assets pushing through her crisp button down.

“Whatever Kagura.” Kagome muttered angrily into her lunch. Kagome didn’t care, her time was coming! She was just a bit of a late bloomer, as all.

Meanwhile across the school grounds, two brothers bickered.

“I’m gonna tell her.”

“I will break your jaw.”

“Keh! Why ya’ bein’ such a scardy cat? Just tell Kagome you like her!” InuYasha angrily spat.

“I will not openly confess on mere impulse.” Sesshomaru turned his nose up at the notion.

“Whatever Lord Asshole. She’s prolly not into you anyway.”


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